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With growing online purchases and our ecommerce application development services, we help you collect massive revenues through ecommerce apps. According to the survey, the sales through ecommerce apps will surpass 400 billion USD in the upcoming 5 years. Our app developers focus on building cutting-edge features with engaging front-end accessibility on the app.

AIS Technolabs offers you the ecommerce app development service with top-notch features and deep customization scope. Our developer team frames the app with functionalized and customized features with robust processing and smooth operations.

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Features We Offer in Our ecommerce application development for Customers

AIS Technolabs offers you plenty of features integrated into the ecommerce app, which smoothens the overall functionality. We provide ecommerce app development services with high-end UI integration and backend support. Our team develops high-end features that support app functionality and upgrade engagement. We create supportive front-end navigation features with exciting and trendy UI features. According to the current reports and statistics with the engaging features, mobile usage time has increased by 234 minutes, increasing users by 5.22 billion. Because of these features, ecommerce apps are pretty popular with the constant increase in in-app download ratio.

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Easy Onboarding

We are the leading ecommerce app development company that offers easy onboarding within the ecommerce application. It upgrades the hassle-free onboarding features, which help quick log in within the app. It provides quick tips to users to get started.

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Native App

Our team develops the native app, which provides upgraded functioning and services of the ecommerce app. Our team builds the native app with robust integrated features that perform well on all platforms irrespective of OS, software, and hardware.

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Product Categories

Our expert and experienced team conduct the ecommerce app development with engaging product categories and synchronized navigation features. It is developed to smoothen the user interface and quick sorting during online shopping, bringing more convenience throughout the purchasing process.

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Product Navigation

The team of AIS Technolabs develops the simple product navigation feature in the ecommerce mobile app development. We create the navigation feature with a simplified interface through the personalized search bar and customized and categorized product range.

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Multiple Payment Modes

We develop the ecommerce app integrating multiple payment methods for customer comfort and convenience. Our expert team develops and links the merchant sites compatible with several credit cards, debit cards, online payments, UPI, etc.

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Multilingual Support

Our team develops multilingual support for customer assistance and support. Our team integrates multiple languages in the app to facilitate better communication and interaction channels, which help customers to have a smooth shopping experience.

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Shopping Cart

We design a customizable shopping cart as it is an essential requirement. We develop the shopping cart with customized and categorized features to add and remove products, and we create the shopping cart with direct and quick checkout features.

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Add To Favourites

AIS Technolabs provides you assistance by developing a feature to add favorite products with a listing or marking the products. Consumers can link the notification alert for a price drop or availability, which provides an upgraded shopping experience.

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AIS Technolabs provides customized banners which offer an engaging and interactive experience for the users. It instantly attracts the user’s attention and encourages them to tap on it. With banners, consumers get to know about the latest updates.

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Ad Section

We integrate ads in the e-commerce app that draws users’ attention to increase the consumer base. All ads target particular consumers as per their interests, and we help you retarget the customers who have shown interest to create an upper funnel.

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Review & Ratings

We allow customers to provide ratings and reviews about specific products. Consumers can easily add ratings and reviews on purchased products as it helps new customers make purchase decisions quickly. It also allows making particular changes in in-app functionality.

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Profile Settings

In our ecommerce application, we provide the scope to create your profiles as per your preferences. Our ecommerce app builder frames the app where profiles can be created as per your requirement for simplified usage of the ecommerce app.

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Push Notifications

AIS Technolabs creates the ecommerce application with upgraded push notifications to intimate with the user regarding certain information about purchased products. The notification category relates to intimations like order status, cancellation, order delay, and confirmation.

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Discount Coupons And Promo Codes

Our team builds the ecommerce application with information with specific discount coupons and promotional codes to increase engagement. Our teams build the direct link action on the coupons so that users can easily apply and avail of the benefits during purchases.

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Social Media Login

We provide a seamless login process through social media accounts so that end users can access your application quickly. It notifies users about searching for specific products through your profile and getting notifications about the trending and best-rated products.

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Filter Option

The ecommerce apps we build have an advanced filter option to search and sort specific products according to certain categories and parameters. We help your consumers direct towards app areas swiftly through the fitter option.

Features of Our eCommerce App Admin Panel

Advanced Features of Our eCommerce App

Our skilled app developers offer you advanced and top-rated features in your ecommerce app. With these applications, our team simplifies the day-to-day operation. We integrate advanced and latest app building technologies with a futuristic approach ensuring user engagement for a long time. At AIS Technolabs we provide Shopify ecommerce solutions via an experienced team of app developers and technical experts who frame the app according to the latest trends, target customers, and client customization. These features simplify the app operations and increase the customer’s interest with an impressive user interface.

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Seller App

We develop a top-notch seller app where easy login support and product listing is available for local vendors and retailers. Local vendors can manage their daily operations swiftly. They can check the current and previous order status within a few taps.

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Multi-Vendor App

Customers need a variety of products on a single ecommerce application. The team of AIS Technolabs builds an intelligent and customized multi-vendor app where multiple retailers and vendors can list their products.

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E-Wallet Options

In our ecommerce apps, we provide an e-wallet option where consumers can store money for their upcoming purchases. Any discount and refund amounts are also credited to the e-wallet account of customers.

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AI & ML Integration

Our ecommerce app builder integrates cutting-edge technology like AI/ML. It helps to sort the customer preference and choices according to their in-app activities, cart management, wish list, sorted products, and purchasing trends. We help you to target particular customers.

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Customer Service

AIS Techniolabs provides customer support, ensuring your app runs smoothly. Our support team is bilingual and assists at your convenience. Our customer service professionals are available 24X7 for our clients to provide all types of guidance.

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Customizable User Dashboard

Our team offers you a customized and fully functional user dashboard with flexible functions and operations. The integrated features are pretty easy and accessible to search, list, and purchase products seamlessly.

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Daily Deals

We regularly update the daily deals and offers to keep the consumers’ interest intact and encourage them to purchase. These offers change automatically according to the seller updating the prices and recommendations.

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We help you in managing the wish list with a specific product. The alert notification will be intimated at the price drop, availability, or any offers. The wish list can easily be managed and monitored from the admin panel.

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Store Pickup

Store pickup is a feature where the customer can schedule the pickup according to local delivery and set time and date preferences. Store pick facility enhances the convenience and builds the trust with consumers significantly.

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Credit Option

We integrate the ecommerce application with credit options. Credits and redemption are deposited in the e-wallet or linked bank account of the customer. The consumer can easily set these preferences within the app, securing their bank and other payment-related details.

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EMI Facility

Our ecommerce application development service offers flexible EMI options on specific products. These EMI offers are smart EMI with no cost and cashback offers. The seller can customize these offers according to the bank and personalized preferences.

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Live Location

It is the most advanced and preferred feature built by our ecommerce app builders. Customers can easily track and monitor the live location of their purchased orders, and location can be managed and monitored from the admin panel also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Ecommerce apps enhance the customer experience by providing a personalized experience at their convenience. It gives your brand much-needed recognition, and it also helps you collect insightful data to make data-driven decisions to increase consumer reach. Therefore, having an ecommerce app is beneficial for growing business.

A. According to the requirements and preferences in the ecommerce app development services, the average cost of app development is around $30,000 to $50,000. With essential features, the ecommerce app can cost about $3000 to $5000.

A. The precise time for ecommerce application development depends on the aim and requirements of the application. The average time to develop an ecommerce app is around 3 to 4 months.

A. Yes, we will appoint a dedicated and experienced developer to handle your app development project so that your app should have the latest technological support and innovative front-end features.

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