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Ecommerce App Development

The internet has changed the way humans interact, transact and perform business. With smartphones becoming a daily part of our lives, traditional computing tasks which require desktops or laptops, can be performed anywhere and at any time. Nothing is more true than the world of retail; with smartphones allowing consumers to buy goods and services from wherever they are located. To cater to this rising demand, organizations have shifted from the traditional brick-and-mortar retail models towards online retail channels.

AIS Technolabs is an ecommerce application development company that provides mobile e-commerce apps to cater to the growing demand of companies, from large organizations to small and medium-sized businesses to cater to ecommerce solutions. Our company provides ecommerce app development and e-commerce mobile app development services to a wide range of industries including fashion, accessories, groceries and electronic goods.

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What is Ecommerce
Mobile App Development?

An ecommerce mobile app allows consumers to buy goods and services directly from their mobile phones. A typical e-commerce app has two distinct components and our ecommerce application development company delivers the full package.

Consumer App

The consumer app is the mobile app downloaded on the consumer’s mobile device. It allows consumers to browse through the various products on offer; including their prices and the discounts offered as well as testimonials and reviews from other consumers to make an informed purchasing decision. The app also has cart functionality, letting the user store their selections of choice in a shopping cart as well as a payment gateway function to purchase those items in the cart.

Seller System

The seller system is a CRM solution which processes the orders from the consumer app for the seller to dispatch them. The seller app collects all of the requisite information provided by the consumer and can also automate a large number of tasks such as packslip generation; bar-code and QR-code generation, approximating the fastest delivery channels and providing analytical information about the sales and dispatch routes. Such systems are usually web-based in nature; and the consumer is oblivious to the functioning of the system.

AIS Technolabs is a premium
ecommerce app developer

Our ecommerce app development company provides organizations with tailor-made solutions for their goods and services. Our ecommerce app developer creates mobile apps for the two dominant platforms, Android and iOS; ensuring that organizations have the best of both worlds at their fingertips.

ecommerce app development
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Benefits of

Mobile Ecommerce App Development

The benefits of having an e-commerce application far outweighs the costs associated with hiring an ecommerce app developer. With the ubiquity of smartphones, it is imperative for organizations to reach out to their consumers through mobile devices and our ecommerce mobile app developer is ready to make it a reality.

Greater Choice

A mobile e-commerce app lets users browse through all of the offerings of the seller at their own convenience. This allows organizations to present their entire catalogue of products to the consumer without the need to display items on shelves which can be damaged due to rough handling or can become stale or out-dated. With greater choice, the probability of consumers purchasing an item increases manifold which improves revenue for the organization.

Greater Reach

By hiring an ecommerce app development company that develops ecommerce software and applications, you can provide your goods and services to far-flung areas outside the reach of nominal travelling. While traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores could target consumer within their nearest vicinity; e-commerce stores can target consumers according to their requirements. A deli or a grocer, whose usual target market would be the surrounding neighbourhood can target the entire city; while a shoe store can target an entire country with their offerings.

Instant Transactions

The internet works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An e-commerce store is therefore not limited to a store’s opening and closing times, with consumers who can transact with the store throughout the day. In addition, due to the nature of online banking solutions, monetary transactions can be recorded at any time of the day.

Superior Branding

An e-commerce mobile app is a superior branding solution as well, requiring almost no marketing expenditure. An e-commerce app is usually installed on a smartphone; and therefore, every time the consumer uses the phone, he or she can view the app icon – a marketing tactic known as ‘hammering’, where the brand identity is hammered into the consumer’s psyche. A mobile application gives organizations a first-mover advantage into the consumer psyche and by analysing buying patterns, superior customer experiences can be tailor-made.

Ecommerce Mobile App Developer

The world of Ecommerce is undergoing a huge transformation as more and more people use their mobile phones, to browse through shopping stores without actually visiting one. Gradually the eCommerce industry is shifting to the world of smartphones. In such a scenario, ecommerce app development becomes an absolute necessity. Today every eCommerce company relies on the mobile platform to earn a share of their profits along with the websites which they keep as a backup, which in turn increase the demand for a good ecommerce application development company. AIS Technolabs is a leading mobile eCommerce app development company in India that has better end-to-end functionality. We have been in this field for quite sometime now and help integrate your business with the mobile platform by providing mobile eCommerce app development services. The apps created by our ecommerce mobile app developer possess all the beneficial marketing strategies that are needed to provide the most engaging digital experience to your customers to maintain the highest possible eCommerce standards.

Our professional ecommerce mobile app developer incorporates all the advanced functionalities in your retail app that is needed to grow your business. Our ecommerce app development company ensures that your trade gets multiplied by increased traffic, higher customer retention and increased return-of-investment.

As a premium mobile ecommerce application development company, AIS Technolabs provides organizations with superior mobile commerce technologies to enhance their business and improve their revenues.

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