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EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is growing fast in popularity. It is used by organizations to let employees use mobile devices and applications securely. This software helps employees become more productive and also addresses the security concerns of the organization. By providing employees with EMM solutions, companies enable them to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices with much more comfort. This saves time and increases productivity as well.

The type of EMM system that works best for a company depends on the specifics of a company and its mobile needs because what works for one enterprise might not for others. Some organizations lock down employee devices completely; others focus on securing specific apps. Many companies now see enterprise mobility services as a way of enabling their workers to do more while being on their mobile phones.

The Need for Enterprise Mobility Management Services

  • EMM provides all capabilities required for mobile deployment, including device-, application-, and content-level control, collaborated in a single platform.
  • Enterprise mobility management services provided by us, AIS Technolabs, helps to moderate what devices are allowed on the network according to their security posture.It provides support for all operating systems and devices, including laptops as well as new devices as they come onto the market.
  • EMM technology promises to improve capabilities of managing the entire mobile ecosystem and enabling organizations to have better control of the network and what applications, data, and services employees consume.
  • EMM platforms have one central management console that accomplishes maintenance tasks, enforce policies and track integrated reporting and analytics.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management technology separates work and personal data.
  • It connects to an enterprise app store from where users can pull pre-approved programs as per the internal policies.
The Major Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions
Implementing enterprise application development offers organizations distinct advantages in the areas of Security, Productivity, and Cost.
Enterprises have successfully driven innovation when it comes to technology adoption in the recent years. Consumers of technology have become the driving force for IT advancements to meet the demand for adoption of collaboration tools. Implementing technologies such as EMM to support a mobile infrastructure have proven to increase productivity by a great margin and has also generated good employee morale. EMM’s role in improving productivity has impacted employees as well as the IT department of organizations.
Businesses of all sizes regularly exchange sales information, client lists, accounting data and more sensitive information. This information often leaves the confined boundaries of the office via employee devices. While BYOD (bring your own device) is an excellent benefit for employees, if not adequately looked upon, it can potentially give unauthorized access to data in uncalled for events like a device being lost or stolen. This can lead to the information being at risk of manipulation by mobile malware.
Therefore, an EMM solution has much more to give than just authorizing a list of devices – it also makes every mobile device aggregate its resources, applications, data, and other capabilities – with an oversight control. Organizations benefit hugely from EMM solutions features by separating work and personal apps/data. The availability of secure communications and remote wipe capabilities helps to secure data by removing information from all mobile devices.
With the introduction of EMM, there is an emergence of tangible as well as intangible costs for organizations, this includes the purchasing price, professional services, implementation fee, etc. of this software. Hence, it is important for organizations to review the short-term and long-term cost savings before considering Enterprise mobility management solutions services. Although implementing an EMM solution is costly, the results it brings in the overall effectiveness and productivity of an employee is beyond comparison. Companies therefore have indicated to achieve a positive ROI as a result of implementing EMM to support their mobile infrastructure.
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Advantage of choosing AIS Technolabs
AIS Technolabs delivers complete enterprise mobility management solutions. Our comprehensive platform for enterprise mobility management (EMM) allows for the implementation of systematic as well as wide-scale enterprise mobility that is mission-focused. We understand that there is single or ideal enterprise mobility management mechanism for each organization and hence we keep in mind the varying issues between businesses and adhere to utterly different enterprise mobility management needs of organizations as compared to others
Our center of excellence continually tries to achieve the best through our deliveries to the clients. We believe to be an extension of our client’s team and become their long-term strategic partners, helping them grow their business, solve real problems and achieve goals through our long nailed enterprise mobility management services. Our services are cost-effective, and we take pride in providing the right deliverable after a thorough understanding of the requirements of the business.