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Equity Fundraising Script

Equity crowdfunding is the method in which a large number of interested people invest their money in a business in return for shares of the company. In addition to this, crowdfunding also provides one of the easiest ways to raise funds for many purposes such as any charitable cause. Although fundraising can be done in many ways, equity fundraising is the most widely popular amongst all of them. In equity crowdfunding, individuals can invest money to support the company and get a fair share of equity, profit as well as loss. In this type of fundraising, investors generally invest large amounts of money.

Equity crowdfunding invariably deals with the money as people come up here for economic orientation. It is a method adapted slowly by the startup industry and is similar to any other kind of investment in shares of a company. The main striking thing in this fundraising type is that it can be done online without much hassle. The equity crowdfunding goes by different names some of the widely used names are Investment Crowdfunding, Crowd Investing or Crowd Equity.

Equity investing itself has been around for years but in the present time, with the growing number of investors and increase in the invested amount, it has become important to use a software that ensures the safety and security of the money invested, have a transparency to the fundraising process and do much more. Full-fledged equity crowdfunding software is basically a script that enables you to set up a platform, say a portal or a website where the entrepreneurs/ business person/ equity fundraisers can invite the people interested in investing money in their startups through and can keep each and every donation they receive.

However, creating such meaningful equity based fundraising software is not an easy task. Only with the right kind of developers and development script, it can be possible to develop this software. Using this software, you can develop your own crowdfunding website, or a clone of any other popular crowdfunding sites.

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How do we make fundraising different?

The equity fundraising software that we develop provides a platform that optimizes the productivity of fundraising, deal management, accounting, and investor relations teams. This software also aids you in reaching your fundraising goals in time, invest your money in the best deals, organize your business and make your investors happy and their money secure. This platform also helps in publishing quality investor details onto your website and allows investors to login and see the deals available.

In this way, the software offers an easy platform that helps your investors understand your policies easily and clearly, which makes them invest more and more in your business. This fundraising software has easy installation on your website and requires no technical skills to operate. In addition to this, we provide you software that provides a rich experience with its advanced fundraising and investor management technology.

Our fundraising platform is compliant with any fundraising structure and thus by using it you will be able to take the trouble out of capital raising and capitalist management and concentrate totally on your business. It centralizes all fundraising management workflows and activities into your own administrative platform that is easy for your team and insightful for the investors that work with you. We provide you the software that delights your investors and they keep coming back to invest more and more in your business. Each investor has an access to personalized and secure login and permits them to view and manage their investment activities, receive updates & communications, statements, etc.

Certain other attractive attributes of our equity fundraising script are highlighted below:

  • It enables the creation of mobile friendly campaigns with much ease.
  • You can easily share the project with your family and friends.
  • There is no need of keeping fixed goals and deadlines.
  • Even if you are not able to reach your goals, you do not have to pay any penalty.
  • You can raise funds for personalized projects and campaigns.
  • The software also has a simple installation process which enables you to start a project without any programming or coding expertise.
  • You can earn commission from the investors when they make any kind of investment into your projects.
  • You can also earn money when a third-party advertiser posts their promotional advertisements in your equity crowdfunding business.
  • It also allows tracking of the different activities of the users such as comments, updates, etc.
  • Allows you to create riveting project categories based on the listed projects.
  • Allows users to manage a large number of currency options for the fundraising business and permit the investors to invest in different possible ways.
  • It has a secure payment gateway to ensure smooth working of payment process.
  • It ensures your solid presence in the global business market.