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Facebook Ads For Hotels

Get More Conversion From Our Facebook Ad Solutions

A large number of people are now using Facebook to study and book their hotels. It has become a valuable platform for the promotion of hotels of all sizes. With very innovative offerings and a visual display to share online, there are plenty of opportunities for your hotel to get high levels of interaction and thus low CPCs.

Facebook makes spending money on advertising convenient, but what do you get from your dollar? We take over the guesswork and drive deals and Facebook marketing for hotels that are intended for profits, not experiences. Get a solid ROI with our innovative Facebook ads for hotels.

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Facebook Ads For Hotels

Facebook Marketing For Hotels

AIS Technolabs is a leading Facebook advertising agency that regularly turns total strangers into regular visitors for your hotel. In order to produce successful online marketing campaigns, we use all the latest tools and technologies for Facebook marketing for hotels. With us, it’s time for your hotel to eliminate the uncertain sales and create a stable monthly income stream.

For every dollar invested, our Facebook advertising agency services make sure that you get the best return on investment. Our full-service Facebook marketing agency will indulge in the best practices for Facebook that your hotel needs to succeed in the social media space.

Why Use Facebook Ads For Your Hotel?

The value of social media channels for attracting new visitors and engaging pre-existing customers has been realized by major hotels across the globe. Nearly all international and local hotels & resorts currently use Facebook ads for hotels in some or other way. Facebook is one of the most commonly used platforms for digital advertising and has many advantages over other platforms for online advertising. Facebook helps you to create highly targeted advertising for your hotel that will only be displayed to the people that are more likely to purchase your goods or services.

Another frequently overlooked benefit of Facebook Advertising is the fact that you can also cross-promote your hotel to Instagram followers as this site is owned by Facebook. Today, and for the future, Facebook is a unique and powerful alternative, not just another marketing medium, and has its effectiveness in several key areas.

Connect Larger Group

By using Facebook marketing for hotels, you will be able to reach out to a larger group. On Facebook, the targeting features are arguably much more advanced than any other social media site. Facebook helps hotels to get in front of their ideal audience on a daily basis.

Get Cost-Effective CPC

With Facebook ads for hotels, you will get the most effective CPC in the market. Facebook Advertising will allow you to increase your traffic and leads for a nominal price, depending on the type of advertisement chosen.

Get Qualified Leads

Facebook ads for hotels are very effective in getting qualified leads. There are various targeting strategies on Facebook and one needs to find the ones that better fit the demographics of your hotel, to create effective campaigns for your hotels.

Remarketing Ads

Facebook also allows you to run a remarketing campaign for hotels. This will help you to target all the past visitors to your website.

Get Insight of Competitor Knowledge

As part of Facebook marketing, you can also get detailed insights into the competitors’ strategy. The analytics and reports will help you to understand your standing in comparison with others.

Actionable Reporting

Online activity tells social media platforms a lot about purchasing behavior. Facebook is able to tell which people are in the process of searching for a hotel by integrating data from various sources.

AI Technology

Facebook uses advanced AI technology. You may target individuals on Facebook who have expressed interest towards a page related to your business or similar to your hotel.

Grow Brand Awareness

There is a range of channels of marketing that can help hotel brands achieve targets of either branding or direct response. What makes Facebook special is that for both, it’s highly effective. Facebook marketing for hotels is highly effective for creating huge brand awareness.

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Our Facebook Marketing Solution For Hotels

We are helping you put an end to the guessing games campaign and sales volatility. We begin by structuring a plan created specifically for your hotel that fits with and stage of the purchase journey of your customer. We put a copy and creativity together to make the best advertisement for your hotel that can easily entice the target customer. When it really comes to research and knowing your ideal customer, we are the best in the market.

We ensure that our clients get the maximum ROI that delivers growth for our customers. For your campaign, we give detailed reports and keep you posted about the progress. Your post-conversions are the only metric we care about and we stop at nothing to ensure that we produce results out of the Facebook marketing for hotels.

Create Unique ads for Hotel

As an experienced Facebook ad agency for hotels, we create unique advertisements for your hotels. We make a detailed study of your brand and market to produce the best advertisement for your hotel.

Ads Landing Page Creation for Hotel

As part of our Facebook marketing for hotels, we create an attractive landing page for your hotels. Our landing page is developed by keeping in mind maximum conversion for your business.

Create FB Advertising Campaigns for Hotel

We create a comprehensive Facebook advertising campaign for hotels. Our Facebook marketing team, keep track of the campaign on a daily basis and modify it as and when required for the best results.

Personal consultation

We provide a dedicated account manager for the Facebook marketing campaign for your hotel. They will indulge in personal consultation with you for a better understanding.

Audience Targeting

Facebook enables you to target your ideal audience with advanced audience targeting tools. Our experienced team ensures to use these tools and advanced technologies to do advanced audience targeting.

Hotel Specific Custom FB Advertising Strategy

We are the expert in running Facebook ads for hotels. We produce custom Facebook advertising strategies for your hotels based on our experience and detailed study.

Mobile-Friendly Ads

In today’s world, the majority of people use Facebook from mobile. We optimize your Facebook ads for hotels for mobile screens to provide a seamless experience.

Facebook Pixel installation

To track the output of your Facebook ad campaign, we install Facebook pixels on your landing page. This enables you to study the actual results of your ad campaign.

Advertising Account Setup and Optimization

As a full-service Facebook ad agency for hotels, we do provide complete advertising account setup and optimization services. With us, you will get an end to end Facebook advertisement solution for your hotel.

Why Select Us For Facebook Marketing For Hotels?

We are a renowned Facebook marketing agency for hotels. Our social media experts help set your business goals and define your target audience and produce engaging and shared content. We eventually connect your Facebook marketing for hotels with all other promotional campaigns of your hotel.

We will specifically tailor your Facebook marketing strategy for your hotel and your audience. With us, you will get fully supported and managed Facebook marketing and advertising solutions aimed at attracting new visitors and increasing your revenue. Our Facebook ad services for hotels provide you with the opportunity to present information about your hotel which leads to an increase in the profitability of your hotel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Facebook ads depends on many factors Dlike location of your hotel and target market. Get in touch with us a custom Facebook marketing proposal for your hotel.

Yes. We do provide service for already created Facebook ads. We just need admin control to make any changes as and when it deemed necessary.

We will have daily updates on your campaign’s status. We can also provide you access to the ad campaign account from where you can see the exact progress of your campaign.

We can start running the ad campaign for your hotel within the shortest possible time. We do a basic study of your hotel and your requirements and created the best campaign based on the same.