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Creating social networks incorporating similar functionality or concepts as Facebook is an excellent idea to market your business towards a particular niche. If you wish to have such a powerful and competitive tool in hand, we present you with the best Facebook clone script. At AIS Technolabs, we offer an efficient and flawless Facebook clone script app that helps you save lots of energy, time, and financial investment needed to create a reliable and robust social network for the users. Though it is not possible to create a replica of Facebook, and one must avoid doing so, but our Facebook clone script can assist you in creating a similar strong online community that your users will love. We are among the leading Facebook clone apps and scripts provider that offers you with user-friendly and customizable solutions beyond the basic functionality provided by Facebook.


Facebook Clone Comprising

Innumerable Awesome Features

Connect with Friends

It’s easier to connect with your friends all across the globe. Just search them and send them a message just like Facebook. Connecting with people around the world is easy, and the job of a single click.

In-built Chat Systems

With in-built chat systems in our Facebook clone script, you can interact well and hassle-free with all your connections. The chat systems send instant messages and help users to have a convenient interaction session.

Advanced Search Options

With the advanced search option, members can search for new friends and connect with them. Also, use other features and functionalities to create a strong network and have rich interactive experience.

User-friendly Dashboard

Have complete control over your social networking business. Make changes and introduce new elements to enhance the overall experience and make your service better for customers every day.

Admin Managed Blogs

Let the members can post articles on their Facebook clone script, including social media account links and URLs of a fan page on their websites and blogs. So, those who visit your blog and website must click on the link and follow them on social media websites.

Feature-Rich Admin Panel

Offer users with many amazing features. Make the experience more interactive and appealing to them. Develop a successful social networking business like Facebook, which is robust and scalable.

Responsive Design

Avail a responsive design for your social networking website or app so that your users can use the app conveniently on mobiles as well. Offer them with a rich experience of using apps on different platforms.

CSV and XLS Export

Let members share their photos and videos. They can take photos from their mobile phones or other devices and upload the same on their social network profile.

News Feeds

Store and share important news and updates. Let users stay in touch with the updates and feel connected. Offer them all vital communication in just a few clicks.

Manage Profiles

Efficiently manage the profiles of all your members. Maintain complete security of your members and let them enjoy a safe and secure platform for social networking.


Notify users about upcoming events, functions, or other vital details regarding profiles to offer them a more personalized approach.


Let members select their banners so that they can make a constant amount of regular income as soon as users click on the advertising banners.

Automate Your
Social Networking Business
with the Best Facebook Clone Script

Facebook Clone is a beautiful social networking script that allows you to begin with the social media website similar to other social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Social media sites are like social utilities, which connect people with friends and others who study, work and know them by allowing them to send an innumerable number of accept requests, friend requests, videos, links, posting unlimited blogs, and more.

The Facebook clone script offered by us is integrated and power-packed with awesome features, which fulfill the booming demand of social network site among entrepreneurs, business organizations, and start-ups.

One of the most promising social networking websites is Facebook. It is a platform for people to connect and interact with family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and colleagues. As well it is the perfect platform to meet new people.

The Facebook clone script offered by AIS Technolabs is used by millions of individuals and has become an enduring part of daily life. It is a powerful social networking script that creates a dynamic and promising social networking platform such as Facebook. It generates revenue through targeted advertisements based on the profiles of users. Also, it generates revenue from varying applications developed by third-party providers. Using our script, you can help spread the group buying deals to more number of users in less time.

Get Custom Facebook
Clone Script
for a Successful
Social Networking Business

We believe that the requirement of every business is unique. Every business has specific needs and would serve varying niche industries. At AIS Technolabs, we offer tailor-made and custom solutions for all our clone products. With our custom Facebook clone script, you can avail precisely the features that you desire. Whether you are a startup or render industry-specific offerings, we can help you in all contexts.

Our Facebook clone scripts are pristinely designed and developed by tech aficionados, which enable startups to shine with fast website solutions. With the use of our skills, we put you in the driver’s seat and let you have complete control over your social networking website. We provide complete support to make sure your social networking business is a huge success.

Build a Huge Fan Base
and Prosper in Social Media with the
Best Facebook Clone Script

With the help of our Facebook clone script and app, you can gather your crowd and develop a strong fan base. Even, you can advertise on social media and become the owner of a flourishing business. Your users will enjoy groups, profiles, friends, chat, journals, and many more in social media, which makes our Facebook clone script an ultimate solution. Using our script, you can conveniently manage content, style, themes, and a lot more to adapt to the unique requirement of your customers and the vision of your business.

Our Facebook clone script can let you quickly launch a website similar to Facebook at a comparatively lesser price. You can provide many unique features to your clients. Our script is ready for you and lets you run a highly customizable and expandable networking business. It comes with a rich user interface and is completely responsive. Undoubtedly, our Facebook clone script is a 360-degree solution for your startup business!

Why Choose
Our Facebook Clone Script Service?

Dedicated Workforce
We have a team of expert developers that thrive to offer you new ideas for tailoring your business precisely as per market demand and preferences of your customers.

Tech Savvy Solutions
We use the best and most advanced ingenious technologies to provide you excellent solutions that are incomparable and can successfully meet the need of time.

Industry Expertise
We hold rich experience of working on a varying set of industry ideas. We offer tech-driven and result-oriented solutions to let you become a successful social networking entrepreneur in the globe.

Revenue Model
In addition to the default revenue model, our Facebook Clone is integrated with membership plans, banner advertisements, or commission-based revenue models to maximize the profit. Our impeccable model ensures you can go ahead in the market with full confidence.


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