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Creating social networks incorporating similar functionality or concepts as Facebook is an excellent idea to market your business towards a particular niche. If you wish to have such a powerful and competitive tool in hand, we present you with the best Facebook clone script. At AIS Technolabs, we offer an efficient and flawless Facebook clone script app that helps you save lots of energy, time, and financial investment needed to create a reliable and robust social network for the users. Though it is not possible to create a replica of Facebook, and one must avoid doing so, but our Facebook clone script can assist you in creating a similar strong online community that your users will love. We are among the leading Facebook clone apps and scripts provider that offers you with user-friendly and customizable solutions beyond the basic functionality provided by Facebook.

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How to create your own Facebook with facebook clone script?

1. Purchase ready-made script

If you are looking to purchase a ready-made facebook clone script for desired solutions, you should purchase it from AIS Technolabs who would add your company’s logo to it and would even be cost-effective.

2. Customize the script

You can customize and modify the facebook clone script as per your requirements and preferences. The script developed by us is completely customizable.

3. Hire developers

You can hire a team of developers from AIS Technolabs, if you are looking to develop your own facebook script from scratch. Our developers are experienced in developing such clone scripts.


Facebook Clone Comprising

Innumerable Awesome Features

Connect with Friends
In-built Chat Systems
Advanced Search Options
User-friendly Dashboard
Admin Managed Blogs
Feature-Rich Admin Panel
Responsive Design
CSV and XLS Export
News Feeds
Manage Profiles
Get In Touch
Get In Touch
get in touch!
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Automate Your
Social Networking Business
with the Best Facebook Clone Script

Facebook Clone is a beautiful social networking script that allows you to begin with the social media website similar to other social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Social media sites are like social utilities, which connect people with friends and others who study, work and know them by allowing them to send an innumerable number of accept requests, friend requests, videos, links, posting unlimited blogs, and more.

The Facebook clone script offered by us is integrated and power-packed with awesome features, which fulfill the booming demand of social network site among entrepreneurs, business organizations, and start-ups.

One of the most promising social networking websites is Facebook. It is a platform for people to connect and interact with family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and colleagues. As well it is the perfect platform to meet new people.

facebook clone script

The Facebook clone script offered by AIS Technolabs is used by millions of individuals and has become an enduring part of daily life. It is a powerful social networking script that creates a dynamic and promising social networking platform such as Facebook. It generates revenue through targeted advertisements based on the profiles of users. Also, it generates revenue from varying applications developed by third-party providers. Using our script, you can help spread the group buying deals to more number of users in less time.

Get Custom Facebook
Clone Script
for a Successful
Social Networking Business

We believe that the requirement of every business is unique. Every business has specific needs and would serve varying niche industries. At AIS Technolabs, we offer tailor-made and custom solutions for all our clone products. With our custom Facebook clone script, you can avail precisely the features that you desire. Whether you are a startup or render industry-specific offerings, we can help you in all contexts.

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facebook clone php script

Our Facebook clone scripts are pristinely designed and developed by tech aficionados, which enable startups to shine with fast website solutions. With the use of our skills, we put you in the driver’s seat and let you have complete control over your social networking website. We provide complete support to make sure your social networking business is a huge success.

Build a Huge Fan Base
and Prosper in Social Media with the
Best Facebook Clone Script

facebook clone app

With the help of our Facebook clone script and app, you can gather your crowd and develop a strong fan base. Even, you can advertise on social media and become the owner of a flourishing business. Your users will enjoy groups, profiles, friends, chat, journals, and many more in social media, which makes our Facebook clone script an ultimate solution. Using our script, you can conveniently manage content, style, themes, and a lot more to adapt to the unique requirement of your customers and the vision of your business.

Our Facebook clone script can let you quickly launch a website similar to Facebook at a comparatively lesser price. You can provide many unique features to your clients. Our script is ready for you and lets you run a highly customizable and expandable networking business. It comes with a rich user interface and is completely responsive. Undoubtedly, our Facebook clone script is a 360-degree solution for your startup business!

Why Choose
Our Facebook Clone Script Service?

Dedicated Workforce

Dedicated Workforce

We have a team of expert developers that thrive to offer you new ideas for tailoring your business precisely as per market demand and preferences of your customers.

Tech Savvy Solutions

Tech Savvy Solutions
We use the best and most advanced ingenious technologies to provide you excellent solutions that are incomparable and can successfully meet the need of time.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

We hold rich experience of working on a varying set of industry ideas. We offer tech-driven and result-oriented solutions to let you become a successful social networking entrepreneur in the globe.

Revenue Model

Revenue Model
In addition to the default revenue model, our Facebook Clone is integrated with membership plans, banner advertisements, or commission-based revenue models to maximize the profit. Our impeccable model ensures you can go ahead in the market with full confidence.


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There are various ways to develop a Facebook website. You can go for a Facebook Clone application which has all the features similar to that of Facebook, or you can go for social media development. Clone app development is cost-effective, and offers you benefits of owning the source code, customization and more. Depending on the need of your project you can go for unique code development or readymade products as AIS Technolabs provides you both solutions.

Cost of developing a social media application like Facebook depends on various factors. First, if you are going for custom app development, you would be required to hire developers, designers, managers, testers for the development work. But you purchase a facebook clone script product, you can make customizations to the existing product and achieve a very close product to a fully customized application.

A website like Facebook is a fully-functional social media application. It allows users to sign up for free profiles, connect with friends, work colleagues or people. It also comes with sharing capabilities allowing users to exchange pictures, music, video, and articles in personal or group chats or on their profile wall.

There are various social media applications available online. More or less, they function on very similar ground which is offering high-end networking between various groups on online platforms. To create a Facebook like application you would be required to have some common features in the application with some degree of customization, depending on customization, cost of the clone app facebook, the cost of Facebook-like product of your is decided.

A facebook clone script works as an alternate code architecture for the existing Facebook application. It helps you in developing your social media application faster as most of the application is already built. It comes with all the necessary features and functionalities required in a social media app like Facebook. It can be customized and rebranded to instate your unique position in the market.

Source code a facebook clone application refers to the fundamental components of the software product. It contains an easy to understand code repository, and is used by the developers to make customizations into the product. At AIS technolabs we provide you the source code of facebook clone script.

Facebook clone software is a facebook like application that runs on various platforms. The software product mimics the features and functionalities of the world-wide known social media application Facebook. Using the Facebook clone app you can make customizations to the existing product.

Readymade Facebook clone software are fully functional software products. They have all the necessary features required in a social media application and allow you to make end-to-end customizations to it. You can rebrand it, or use the source code for making more scalable application as per your vision.

Facebook Clone app Development refers to developing Facebook like application for various platforms including desktop, smartphones, and web. You can use the application to launch a rebranded version of the social media application to offer similar networking experience as Facebook.

Facebook clone website development refers to facebook clone php script which allows you to build web applications that functions like Facebook. It is a good solution if you are looking to develop a social media application as most of the components are pre-built and highly customizable, which can reduce the time and cost of development significantly.

Facebook clone script, or Facebook software development allows you to create a feature-rich social networking site with all the basic features of Facebook. The product is highly customizable and it costs you less as all the basic features are already available in the product. You can hire dedicated developers to rebrand and customize the white-labeled application to meet your unique needs.

To buy clone app facebook, contact us through chat, call, mail. Once we receive your query, we would conduct a consultation with our technology experts, and tell you about the pricing structure, once we receive the payment, the Facebook Clone Script would be provided to you. You can also hire dedicated developers to make customizations to the product.

AIS Technolabs is a globally trusted clone app development company. We have provided our Facebook clone script to more than 50+ clients, some of them are leaders in the domain. You can trust our code quality, post-purchase support and hire resources to customize the product.

Starting your own social networking site would mean a lot of investment. Applications such as Facebook are built for thousands of dollars from scratch for any given platform. But by buying a ready-made Facebook Clone app you would able to reduce the development time and cost as all the necessary components of the Facebook are pre-built in the product. Using it as a base, you can make customization to it, or rebrand the product to start your own business.

At AIS technolabs we provide you a very flexible engagement model for hiring developers. You can hire developers on full-time, part-time and hourly basis, based on the needs of the project. Also, you can upscale and downscale your team anytime during the contract.

After you make the purchase from us, our dedicated customer service team would help you in the process of downloading. You can rest assured of everything from start to finish with AIS as we provide you end to end guidance.

There are many trusted companies in the clone app development domain, of which AIS Technolabs has emerged as a leader. We are a team of experts with end to end knowledge of development. We provide you consultation, support, and customization services. Our solutions are also very cost-effective as compared to our competitors. Also, we follow the modern-day development practices such as code architecture, advanced solution, clean code practices for improved performance of the product.

With AIS Technolabs you can own the source code of the Facebook clone application. We believe in keeping things fair during our business with you. With ownership of the source code you can govern all the important decisions taking place for your business, such as selling, mergers, acquisitions, customizations, etc.

You can own the Facebook clone PHP script for $70- $99 with 6 to 1 year support from AIS Technolabs. Depending on the customization, the cost may vary along with the terms of support. Consult our efficient customer executive team today for more information.

A facebook clone mobile application can cost you around $50 – $150 for native and cross applications, depending on the product you choose to go with.

There are various ways to ensure that a Facebook clone app development company is worth our time and money. Go by this criteria:

  • Check out their reviews and ratings
  • Read client testimonials
  • Check if they give you source code of the application
  • Discuss the terms of support.
  • Look for omni channels support and 24*7 services.

Connect with AIS technolabs customer support team through mail, calls or chat. Share with us your project. We would schedule a meeting with our technology expert. Once you have the clarity about what needs to be done, you can hire dedicated resources from us on hourly, full-time and part-time basis.

To build your own Facebook clone, you can connect with our resources where we provide you unique code script development services. You can share your project details with us today, and get consultation from our tech experts to know more about our services.

Once you make the purchase, we would align a customer care executive to help you in the download of the Facebook clone, along with all the necessary details you should know about the product for further development and customization.

The time taken to build a Facebook clone is between 2- 4 weeks, depending on the needs of project.

Depending on the needs of the project, the cost of Facebook clone development is determined. The factors that influence the cost of development are:

  • Technology in use
  • Number of platforms
  • Complexities of the app features
  • Inclusion of advanced solutions such as AR, VR, AI, etc.
  • Number of resource required on the project
  • Experience of the resource required.

Yes, we highly recommend you to go for Facebook Clone applications as they offer you great scalability to build a fully-customized facebook-like application at low cost. It doesn’t take much time and resources to customize a pre-built product and the quality of experience is worthwhile.

The best way to buy a Facebook clone app is to look for a trusted app provider. The quality of the application is very necessary to build a feature-rich application, and a trusted service provider would always make sure that the experience is great on the product. You can consider AIS Technolabs for Facebook clone app purchase and development as we follow all the norms that would benefit you in the short-term and long-term.