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Fantasy Cricket App Development

A great opportunity for businesses worldwide

The demand for fantasy cricket software is growing day by day and that’s because of the growing number of cricket enthusiasts all over the world. Fantasy cricket gaming apps are a virtual platform where users create their own teams and join free or paid contests to test their skills and knowledge. The industry has shown exponential growth worldwide and businesses are willing to penetrate into the market with some innovative ideas to capture more and more user base. As a fantasy cricket app development company, we can help you grow in this huge potential industry with your very own white-labeled fantasy app.

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Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy Cricket App Development Company

There are on an average more than a billion viewers around the world that watch cricket matches. With this amount of viewership, fantasy cricket gaming businesses have a great chance to spread their message to a large audience while also generating a lot of interest from a target market. With the availability of free and paid contests users can enjoy their favorite matches with their own set of expertise involved with the live match.

As a renowned fantasy cricket app development company, we have created an array of cricket fantasy apps that are being used efficiently by both beginners and experts equally. We have helped startups and small and large businesses to enter the gaming industry with their own set of gaming platforms and generate some serious revenue from this skill-dominant virtual game.

Features to look out for in our fantasy cricket app source code

Most sports-related sites and apps have great tools for tracking match scores, but many lag behind in providing useful information about specific players or teams. Several other interesting features have made this game popular. We can develop such an app for you from scratch, with your ownership over all of the fantasy cricket app source code written by us. Have a look at some of the features that we have planned for your fantasy cricket app:

Real-time analytics

Our cricket fantasy gaming software will provide real-time Live Scores, Live Match Predictions, Live Scorecards across all major platforms including, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Tablet Devices. Also, real-time analytics of user data to know their investment patterns, favorite leagues, and a lot more.

Modern technologies

Our methods for fantasy cricket app development are based upon the latest trends and security features. With our safe and advanced outcomes, your users can have seamless and unhindered enjoyment. Agile development methodologies have helped us deliver the best apps to our clients within a reasonable time and budget.

Dedicated developers

We believe in long-term growth, and that’s why we are always in touch with you. From start to end, our team of dedicated fantasy cricket app developers will be always ready to solve your questions, queries, and doubts. Moreover, you do not need to worry about software upgrades and maintenance at any point in time.

Reasonable pricing

Our gaming solutions will not be a burden on your pocket. We charge a reasonable sum for our efficient software. It depends upon the level of features and certain other key factors to decide the exact pricing. Also, we have all major payment processors that allow flexible payments for our services.

Regular updates

We regularly update the software and promise to deliver new updates for free. We take user feedback seriously and will address any issue or concern raised by your users in a timely manner. As a fantasy cricket app development company, we know how important it is to keep your software upgraded all the time.

Chatbot integration

Users are often confused about playing and starting with teams creation to win big with the platform. With the help of a chatbot, they can be guided automatically to their answers with a pre-framed set of questions and answers.

Benefits of Fantasy Cricket App Development

Many experts have suggested that the virtual cricket gaming industry in the world will continue to rise for many upcoming years. The revenue can be achieved from the app through multiple ways that include platform fees, sponsored ads, etc. With the high-end potential of the market, it is the right time for businesses to take a leap forward and enter the industry with their own white-labeled fantasy cricket software.

Earning side income

Considering the growth rate of the industry, the amount invested in the development of the platform can be easily recovered in a few months or less. Once the break-even point is reached your fantasy cricket software is ready to fetch you some serious profits in the longer run. If constant updates, offers, discount coupon codes are brought into action for better user engagement then it can do miracles for your fantasy gaming business.

Third-party advertisements

Sponsored ads are a great way to earn some lucrative and easy money. If your app gains popularity in the masses, you will be approached by many companies and startups for their business promotion. The important consideration you must take care of is not to promote products and software that can negatively impact your audience or have the potential to snatch away your user base.

Increased social skills

Our fantasy cricket app developers know the importance of a social circle. Therefore, recently, we have included some special features, where your users can interact and chat with each other for a better knowledge of the game. Social interaction will allow users to get involved in the game for more than just earning quick cash or real money.

Develops strategic risk-taking

Fantasy gaming is based on the combination of your knowledge, skills, luck, and risk-taking capabilities. The more you play, the more you learn. Winning and losing is a part of the game but, gaining experiences through learning stays longer with the users. Also, social circles or groups can help develop a winning strategic plan.

Our Fantasy Cricket App Features

Picking up the perfect playing 11 among the 22 players playing live on the field is not an easy task. It makes fantasy gaming fun. Perfect playing 11 players include best-performing wicket-keepers, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders with the right captain and vice-captain. Our fantasy cricket software is a complete all-in-one solution package. It has every feature that can entertain cricket fans from all over the world.

Signup Bonus

It is one of the best tactics to attract more and more users to the platform. Our app provides a small amount to the users that directly get deposited into their app account once they sign up with all their relevant details. It helps users to join leagues immediately and start their journey without any hassles.

Refer and earn

Once users sign up, they can refer their friends and family members on the app to earn some more bonus amount. We have witnessed an exponential growth of our platforms with this refer and earn feature. This feature has a potential to make it big for even the new users without investing a large chunk of real money.

Free contests

In the beginning, it is important to learn the basics about how to play the game. We can host some video tutorials and some free contests to give a better understanding of the game. It helps especially new users learn and test their skills. A solid foundation from the start will enable them to take their experience a step ahead.

Deposit offers

You can advertise your deposit offers directly on the app dashboard for all users or some specific category of users at any given point in time. The deposit offer is a bonus added to the user’s wallet to avail the offer as per the given terms and conditions.

Easy withdrawals

Our strategies for fantasy cricket app development promote unique identity development and trust-building factors for businesses. The users can withdraw the winning amount in multiple ways. It can be a bank account or a digital wallet. Our payment processors are totally encrypted and secured to safeguard all payments of users.

24/7 Customer support

At Aistechnolabs, we strive to provide the best services in the industry. We have a dedicated customer support team that works 24/7 to resolve your queries and issues related to our products. Just pick up the phone or open an online ticket and we will be there at your service within no time.

Cost of Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing exponentially every year. A fantasy cricket app helps you create a mobile platform where users can compete with each other to win real cash or rewards based on the virtual performance of their favorite cricketers. According to a latest report from businesswire.com, the global fantasy sports market is expected to grow from $20.36 billion in 2020 to $22.31 billion in 2021 with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5%.

If you are planning to enter this gaming arena then look further than us. We have the best team of fantasy cricket app developers to help you out in your whole journey. The cost of such fantasy cricket software developed by our team may cost you between 5,000 USD to 10,000 USD, depending upon the various functionalities and other features as demanded from your end.

Why Choose Us for Fantasy Cricket App Development?

Cricket fans are rapidly growing across the world, including countries where they haven’t had much exposure to cricket. With cricket being so popular across the world, many platforms have emerged to cater to the needs of cricket fans. Though, unfortunately, not all of them offer a seamless experience to delight the users.

If you are looking for an Android and ios application development company that can build custom fantasy cricket software then it is the right time to hire the expert developers at Ais Technolabs. We have developed such type of apps in the past and we know what is required to make a successful mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. A fantasy cricket app is a mobile application that allows you to participate in a fantasy cricket tournament. It is an online game where the participants create virtual teams by drafting real-life cricketers and earn points based on their performance.

A. Of course yes, once the app is ready, you will get to have the documented ownership of all the source codes written by our expert team.

A. Yes, we can redesign any existing fantasy gaming app hosted on any major platform. Kindly share the in-depth details of your project with our support team, and we will get back to you quickly.

A. We can clone any existing fantasy cricket app in the digital space. Also, if you need, we can add on some more features to take it a step ahead of your competition.