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Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Launch customized interactive based fantasy sports software in the market

We are known as the best fantasy sports app development company all over the world. AIS technologies is the blend of professional and dedicated professionals, who put their high efforts to build highly engaging and dynamic solutions. They have decades of experience in the fantasy sports web development industry. Our team offers all types of fantasy sports game development services with the integration of the next level functionalities such as real-time analysis, smart interactive chatbots, as well as secure payment methods.

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Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Fantasy Sports App Developers

At AIS technologies, our team is specialized in delivering customised and top-notch fantasy sports solutions that include both Android -iOS based operating systems with native as well as hybrid. Our fantasy sports app developers are experts with the trending fantasy app development tools and frameworks such as Xamarin, Appcelerator, Titanium, PhoneGap, and React Native.

In the industry, they have decades of experience that allows them to sort the last-minute technical complex challenges also. With our innovative and robust solutions, we ensure that the fantasy mobile applications and websites are enabled to meet the latest standard technical demands as well as match the client’s project idea.

Fantasy Sports Game Development


With our highly experienced and certified fantasy football draft software team and their creative mindset, we launch highly innovative and secure solutions with the integration of advanced functionalities. They put their high efforts and with the right development approach, they integrate modern features that turn the apps and websites into futuristic.

Real-time Analytics

We build fantasy sports game development software with the interaction of the real-time analytics feature that allows users to preview the real-time insights of the particular sport and also help them to take action immediately on the current situation. The real-time analytic feature allows users to make better decisions.

Chatbot integration

Our fantasy sports app developers are well versed with the integration of smart bots. Our team is highly specialized in integrating the bots that engage users by providing them all the essential information related to different games as per their preference. Along with this, chatbots also sort the technical issues out immediately.

In-App Chat

Industry experts offer interactive online fantasy software solutions to your users by integrating in-app chat functionality. It allows players to communicate with their friends as well as community players easily and share their opinions with each other. We focus on integrating next-level in-app chat that allows users to have live chat and also support multimedia content.

Private Group Creation

Allow users to create private groups that enable them to play separately with their friends and family. Our fantasy app developers build solutions in such a way that allows them to create groups and share the passcode only with the members who they want to join in the league.

Player Stats

The fantasy sports app development should have the feature in which it provides the full information about the players such as run scored, current form, and match performance that allows users to choose the right players for their team as per the player profile. The player profile makes the process easier.

Smart Dashboard

Fantasy Sports website development experts design the software with the integration of a smart and intuitive dashboard. The access of the smart dashboard has specific users, they can log in with confidential credentials and have information about the live matches, upcoming matches, and many more.

Multiple Payment System

We designed the solution with the integration of multiple secure payment gateways that allow users to pay the transactions easily and hassle-free. Our fantasy app developers integrate different payment gateways including a custom mobile wallet and also expertise with API integration such as Paypal and Stripe that offers easy payment processings.

Real time Earning Preview

We deliver solutions with real-time earning preview functionality in which users can have a glance at their earning revenue on the screen. With this, they have real-time earning preview access that allows them to know their earnings as per their budget as it helps them to make the right decisions for their match.

Push Notifications

Push notification is a must-have feature in all applications. It helps you to connect with your users by sending them reminders and alerts that gain the attention of the users. With this advanced functionality, you can also send discounts and different offers to the customers that help you to build strong customer relationships.

Our Fantasy Sports App Development Panel

As being the best fantasy sports app and website development company, we are experts in launching custom-based fantasy solutions in the market with creative innovations, technological enhancements, and advanced API integration services. Our fantasy sports app developers have in-depth experience in developing robust and secure fantasy sports solutions with a specific admin and user interface that allows them to streamline the different processes and also meet the latest market demands. We understand your requirements and implement them with the advanced technologies that ensure you increase your profit margins and user engagement.

Admin Login

Our fantasy sports app development services include a custom admin panel through which users can log in to the platform with confidential credentials that allow them to manage the matches and other important aspects to streamline the processing. They have full information related to users as well as different matches.

User Manager

With the login to the admin panel, users can manage the user information and have all the information related to users. The Admin panel allows users to preview the information about the users and know about their past tournaments and also upcoming events. Along with this, all the other activities.

Manage Withdrawal Request

The Admin panel manages the withdrawal request of the users and after approval, only the user account can proceed to credit. Admin users have full authority to manage multiple payment-related issues they are enabled to accept as well as reject the payment processing.

Contest Management

The Admin panel allows managing different contests among users and gives authority to manage contests with different players and others. The Admin panel has to create the different contests with terms and conditions that allow them to streamline the different games. The user also has the right to declare the winner.

Manage Reward Points

With fantasy sports game website development services, admin users are enabled to manage the rewards points. They are able to manage the different reward strategies of the users as per their performance or as per activities on the online platform. It helps you to connect with users for the long term.

League Management

The league management allows admin panel users to create sessions, divisions, and different teams for their league. They also have the authority to distribute the team and decide the information that they want to display on the screen with an easy-to-use feature notification tool.

Match Management

The admin panel has to make all the decisions of the match including the players and the timing as per the available slot. Fantasy sports game development allows the admin panel to manage different types of matches as per the suitability and different terms and conditions preferred.

Revenue Management

The total revenue model is managed by the admin panel. They can manage the funds and profit margins at their convenience without any interference and invest accordingly as per their preferences.

Our Fantasy Sports App User Panel

User Login

Users are enabled to log in on the platforms with their confidential and verified email and password. They can log in and save their password on trusted devices to save their time as well as automate the process.

User Dashboard

With the advanced and interactive fantasy sports applications users can manage the information that they want to share with other users and as per their preference, they can access their important information. Apart from this, they can change the theme and color as per their choice.

Participation History

Fantasy app development service allows users to view their participation history and know all about their previous matches and activities. They can have a track on their revenues as well as again deal in the same match.

Winning History

With fantasy sports website development users can view their winning history and know about the different matches. It helps them to manage their funds and track their performance, which also allows them to make better decisions for the upcoming matches.

Invite and Earn

Users can invite their friends by sharing the link and on the downloading by their friends and family, they can earn extra points that they can use in their upcoming matches. It is the best way to earn money by playing and sharing the experience with others.

Choice of Players and Team

Users have full authority to choose their preferred players and team for their matches. They can select players according to their choice for their upcoming fantasy sports matches that help them to gain maximum profits.

Our Industry Expertise

We have delivered a wide range of solutions to the different industries as per their business needs. Our experts understand our client’s motive in-depth and then design the solutions with the right technologies that ensure them to sort the traditional complex challenges, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profit margins that allow them to stay ahead in the competitive edge.

E-commerce & Shopping

We have delivered a wide range of powerful retail and e-commerce solutions with the integration of advanced functionalities such as secure payment gateways and interactive user interface that delivers next-generation shopping experience.

On Demand Solutions

With our team of experts, we deliver all types of on demand solutions that includes online booking applications that allows users to book their services and appointments easily and without any hassle. Our focus is to build high performance and robust solutions that meet the latest industry demands.

Healthcare Solutions

Our dedicated team have delivered a wide range of online healthcare solutions that offer seamless medical facilities and allow users to book appointments and hospitals as well as are enable to manage different operational backend processings smartly and effortlessly.

Logistics Industry

AIS Technologies main aim is to make the processings easier and faster than ever before. With our smart solutions, we build innovative logistics software that allows us to streamline the different traditional industry complex challenges and boost productivity.

Food and Beverages

We build innovative food ordering applications that allow businesses to grow at a higher rate and boost the profit margins by making the ordering and management process easier and faster. Our food and beverages solutions allow you to build strong customer relationships and also increase brand awareness.

Finance & Banking

Our team builds secure and robust banking and finance software that helps to streamline the finance and banking process with the integration of the latest technologies that deliver next generation banking services. With our banking solutions, you can turn your processings into faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

We are renowned as the best fantasy app development company, who have delivered a wide range of virtual fantasy solutions with our creative mindset and with our tech professionals, who aim to develop secure, high performance, and robust solutions for the users. Our main aim is to allow sports enthusiasts to leverage the advanced technologies such as AR and VR that allows them to experience next generation virtual game sessions.

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