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The FMCG digital marketing has gained importance in the last few years. The total marketing budget for FMCG digital marketing was raised from 10% to 60% by the businesses. The changing habits of consumers encouraged the FMCG companies to propagate their marketing strategies.

In order to keep you ahead of your competitors, an extensive and strategic FMCG digital marketing campaign is required. There comes the role of AIS Technolabs where we believe that each website is unique and hence each FMCG SEO campaign. We accept all the digital marketing challenges related to the FMCG industry no matter whether they are big or small. We also focus on reaching untapped and core potential audiences and try to engage them in your products and services through our interactive strategies. Our FMCG online marketing campaign includes:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media marketing

  • Search engine marketing

  • Branding and rebranding

  • Reputation management

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FMCG SEO Strategies by AIS Technolabs

With our digital media strategies for fmcg seo, we help various platforms to meet a number of marketing objectives including creating awareness, building brands and interacting with consumers. We cultivate brand loyalty amongst your consumers.

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We Build Strong FMCG online marketing communities

For a long time, the FMCG brands were revolving around a one-way promotion of their products. But the latest FMCG online marketing trends are shifting the focus to the user-centric content that brings brand value.

We create informative content that drives conversation amongst your consumers which help us to build strong communities.

In the FMCG market, it is important to have a strong community with a loyal consumer base.

With our strong content, we help you to strengthen your brand’s community power through a number of interactive content marketing strategies.

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We strengthen social media presence

The social media networks are undeniably one of the biggest platforms for digital marketing. With the help of advanced tools for social media analytics, we target your audience. We refine our marketing strategy that drive conversions. We get deeper insights into consumer behavior and utilize them for planning our next marketing move. We understand the needs of your consumers by advertising your products on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

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We encourage brand loyalty

We at AIS Technolabs, aim towards establishing a constant presence in the minds of consumers. With the help of shareable content, meaningful interaction and helpful information, we help your brand to stay relevant all the time. This also helps consumers to recall your brand at the time of buying. We have a clear edge over traditional marketing when it comes to facilitating user engagement with your campaign.

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We conduct influence marketing

Influence marketing is one of the most important trends in FMCG. By merging with the best influencer, we leverage your brand by reaching millions of followers of the influencer. This increases the consumer awareness of your products. This kind of marketing is also very useful for FMCG brand as the consumers are more likely to follow the influencer whom they trust.

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We take help of email marketing

Our email marketing campaign keeps your consumers updated with your latest products, promotions and discounts. We send automated emails to your consumers based on specific parameters. This will constantly engage them and keep them interested in your brand.

We Run Campaigns In Regional Languages

The growth of regional content writing services is a major key factor that influences FMCG sales. The regional language users are only going to grow and they are the best sources to target for FMCG products. With our FMCG SEO, we offer a huge opportunity to leverage your brand to attract a new wave of consumers.

Most businesses spend a huge amount of money on marketing. This expense can be reduced if the traditional methods of marketing are combined with digital marketing methods in the right proportion. This saves your most awaited fmcg online marketing budget and helps you to spend the money in the areas you want to target your products.

We at AIS Technolabs have helped hundreds of clients who wanted their website to list on top of search engine results. We are proud to say that we have successfully performed FMCG digital marketing for all these clients and have given them the best return on their investment. Just like them, if you want to see your business website on top of SERPs to maximize your business profit, then contact us today.

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