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The advent of the internet has made the lives of people easier, more comfortable and more enriching. It has changed how humans interact, learn, communicate, entertain themselves and transact with other people and businesses. The most dramatic of all changes has been seen in the sectors pertaining to commerce and finance. Almost all organizations within the retail and finance segments provide an online interface for people to buy goods and services. AIS Technolabs has created a food delivery application, which can clone FoodPanda and similar services, with superior customizability and the ability to choose functionalities of the system.

What is Online Food Delivery?

Online food delivery is a concept where various companies deliver food to customers who book food online, in the process liaising between restaurants and consumers. While the internet has become ubiquitous, smaller organizations such as restaurants do not have the necessary infrastructure to host online-based services, which includes logistics as well as e-commerce functionalities. Online food delivery services bridge the gap between restaurants and their consumers, giving each of them various benefits.

The FoodPanda app code developed by AIS Technolabs provides budding organizations with a gateway to the online food retail industry, with a large number of features which enables small restaurants, fast-food joints and street food vendors to receive orders online and dispatch them with greater transparency and efficiency, which improves the bottom-line profitability of these organizations.

What are the benefits of Food Panda Clone App?

The FoodPanda clone script and the accompanying FoodPanda clone app developed by AIS Technolabs has multiple benefits for both restaurateurs as well as consumers.

For Restaurateurs

Online Ordering

Services such as FoodPanda allow restaurants to have an online ordering platform which helps them to increase the number of orders. With online ordering they get a greater reach for their restaurants and improve their customer satisfaction.

Better Transparency

With online ordering, restaurants have greater transparency as to what food is being ordered, who is ordering it and what is the status of the inventory directly from a single interface. All of these things coming together allow restaurants to offer improved services to their customers, as well as enhance the reach of the organization.

Low Table Occupancy Rates

For any restaurant, it is imperative to have tables filled and emptied as fast as possible. This churning of customers is key to the profitability of a restaurant. Too many empty tables is bad for business, while customers waiting for a long time at a table blocks it and does not allow other people to enjoy the services. With online ordering, the restaurant can directly provide their services to the preferred location of the customer. This means greater availability of tables for in-house patrons while improved customer satisfaction for those who are ordering online.

Increased Reach

Most small and medium restaurants have one single establishment which is often too low to engage patrons from all over the city. Moreover, these restaurants are locked by their locality, and hence it is not profitable for them to advertise their shops outside of the locality. Online ordering breaks these geographic boundaries, and customers from all over the city have the opportunity to order their food from any particular restaurant of their choice.

For Consumers

Increased Options

Consumers have a large number of advantages while ordering food online. The online world opens up a world of possibilities and consumers can not only choose their restaurant or cuisine of choice, but can also choose the time when they want the order to be delivered as well as the location for the same. Online options also increase various ways in which the payment can be made, including cash, credit and debit cards or through online wallet accounts.

Direct-to-Home Delivery

For most consumers, eating out has become a hassle, with difficulty in finding tables or booths as well as difficulty in finding parking spots in restaurants of their choice. Online food delivery systems allow consumers to order the food directly to their homes, without any hassles whatsoever.

Greater Transparency

Online ordering systems provide greater transparency while ordering food online. Patrons and consumers can request for additional options directly from the platform, and even inform about food choices such as allergic preferences to certain food.


The online food ordering industry has matured enough that most people are now familiar with the process and the benefits. For budding organizations, this is a viable business opportunity and online food ordering solutions such as the FoodPanda clone script from AIS Technolabs lets these organizations have a customized and ready-built solution to serve their business needs.

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