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American football or Rugby is a game played between two teams with 15 players in each, played on a rectangular field, with the object being to run with an oval ball across the opponent’s goal line or kick it through the upper portion of the goal posts.

There are few games that are quite as exciting or as controversial as the game of rugby can be. Rugby is a team sport that nations stand behind. It is one the most intense experiences in any sports fans life to witness a rugby world cup event. True die hard supporters of Rugby, show their support for their favourite team with a bit of rugby betting.

Besides the regular rugby union games as well as rugby league games, there are also exciting offshoots of this game, like international rugby sevens, a variety of the game that only features seven players in each team but still played over a regulation size rugby field. This makes for a very exciting and exhilarating viewing experience. There are also northern hemisphere games and southern hemisphere games and tournaments such as the Tri Nations in the southern hemisphere and the Six Nations in the northern hemisphere.

Why to go for online betting?

There are a lot of advantages to betting online when compared to betting in the shops. Online betting enables players the opportunity of in-play betting and cashing out early as well as betting on the exchanges, opportunities not available when betting in a shop.

Online betting exchanges operate a little differently than typical betting in the shop; instead of holding the cash to bet against customers themselves, online betting exchanges act like a financial market in which punters bet both for and against an event outcome. So if you are thinking of getting an online rugby betting software and cashing on it, our company is the best in the pool of companies that offer good sports betting software.

What is in-play betting?


In-play betting or live-betting is the practice of betting on an event while it’s underway.Players can effectively capitalize on in-play betting odds by betting online or through betting apps.

Why choose AIS for your software development needs?

Our company AIS Technolabs can help you build one of the best football prediction software. Our software accompanies events with statistics and live streams to enhance the experience, and empower players to make bets on a wide range of markets. Meanwhile, odds are updated moment-by-moment as the event progresses which means online punters can sometimes cash out early allowing them to withdraw (or cash out) their bet for a fixed sum, if they believe that the bet is likely to fail later in the event, or if they’ve given up on it and want to take back losses.

Tailored offering

We assist clients in implementing our football prediction software, while our betting module can be adjusted as per the target market. One of the key advantages in our platform stands in the reduced time to market for requested features. Further on, our software is highly scalable; we have the technical ability to add new markets without any development required

Our Software Features

  • Real-Time Live Odds
  • Risk Management Service
  • Live monitoring and trading
  • Results
  • Ticket Handling
  • Retail – Four TV display options
  • Full responsive web solution
  • Available on web, mobile, retail and terminal channels
  • Multiple language support
  • Single, combo and system betting available
  • Customizable

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