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A stack in software development consists of both front end and back end, and developers with this title work on both the components interchangeably.

What does it mean to work in full-stack software development ?

As the name sounds, full stack software development means developers who know how to work on the entire stack and are deeply familiar with multiple languages, platforms, and even industries as they journey through different areas throughout their career. In software development, the technical or the developer team would have to work on the entire stack moving through different layers at any given point of time. While big companies hire developers with more focused skills in each of these layers, technology start-ups and mid-size companies are keen for hiring full stack software development experts to build versatility in their teams.

In layer 1 within the server, network and hosting environment, a full stack software developer work alongside the full stack designer team, understanding the environment and identifying what can break or go wrong and why. They are meant to see the logic and connect it to the real world and answer important questions like ‘how can the application scale, given the hardware constraints?’

In the next 2 layers, that is, Data Modeling and Business Logic, the full stack software developer, should be able to build a strange code in case the business logic and data model are flawed. Similarly, in the API or Action layer, they need to write clear, consistent and simple to use interfaces from scratch. A lot of what happens from here in the upcoming layers is focused upon the design, layout and the visual elements of the application. From here, full-stack software developers are expected to show mastery of HTML5/CSS, JavaScript and other upcoming languages. They work alongside graphic designers and artists to work on the design. After all, implementing a good visual is the key to any application.

In the final layer, they are expected to understand and connect the customer and business needs. Therefore, this also requires one to possess the business acumen needed to see the big picture and bring all the other components running smoothly.

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