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Game Development Scholarship Program For Australia, USA & Canada

Game development is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a lot of creativity, enthusiasm, and ability to think out of the box to become a mobile game developer. With new mobile devices getting introduced in the market everyday, the job of a game developer is becoming complex and challenging day by day.

There are many talented students out there, who have the potential of becoming an expert game developer, but due to some financial constraints, are not able to pursue training in this field. AI Technolabs has come up with game development scholarship program to motivate these talented students and help them launch their career in this field.

Develop a game and win game development scholarship

Go through the details of how this game development scholarship program can help you in achieving your career goals.


By winning this scholarship, you get recognized within your professional connections. You can proudly declare the winning of scholarship which would add a significant attribute to your career.

Get Financial Support

The scholarship amount of USD 5000 would be of great help to you when you are paying off expensive tuition fees for the course you have enrolled or planning to enroll.

University Preference

Universities would always like to have bright and high caliber students enrolled with them. After winning the scholarship, you can get selected by top universities seamlessly.

Stay Ahead

Winning a scholarship is itself a great achievement and would help you in staying ahead of other students. Adding this in your resume can enhance your career in future.

What is this scholarship all about?

This scholarship is for students acquiring training in game development. The students would get USD 5000 as a reward to help them in paying off the expenses relating to their tuition fees and living. Besides the monetary reward, the students also get a certificate on completion of this program.

What is the eligibility criteria for applying for this scholarship?

You can apply for this scholarship if you fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria –

  • You should be either a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, USA or Canada
  • You should be enrolled or planning to enroll with an accredited university/college for a full-time course in game development
  • Minimum GPA achieved should be 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • You should be currently pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in computer engineering, computer science which includes either one of them – B.Tech., M.Tech, M. Sc, or M.S. in IT.
How to Apply for Game Development Scholarship Program?

To apply for the game development scholarship program, you need to develop a game (Android or iOS) that is innovative and send the details to [email protected].

Besides that, you also need to submit the below-mentioned details to apply for this scholarship program –

  • First and Last Name
  • Email id
  • Contact Information
  • Current Resume
  • Your Story
  • Link to your game/mobile app development portfolio (if any)
  • Two reference letters by your work colleagues, coaches, professors, or any professional connection stating your career, accomplishments volunteered, work ethics, values, and character. These reference letters should not come from family members or friends and can also be submitted separately.

Please note : Contacting through our phone numbers or email ids available on our website would not help you. On the contrary, it may have a negative effect on your application. Send all your queries relating to this scholarship program only on [email protected].

Terms and Conditions
  • AIS Technolabs holds the right to verify the details submitted by the students like name, student ID number, college/university name, course they are pursuing, etc.
  • The scholarship would be awarded based on the UI and UX of the game developed.
  • The last date of submitting your application would be 15th May of every year. The results would be declared by 31st May of every year on AIS Technolabs website.
  • Scholarship amount of USD 5000 is a one-time reward.
  • AIS Technolabs holds the right to publish the scholarship winners’ photograph and award details.
  • If the information submitted by any student found to be false or plagiarised, the application of that student would be rejected on an immediate basis.
  • AIS Technolabs doesn’t share or sell any of the content submitted by the students to any third party, company or person.
What is the selection procedure in this scholarship program?

A panel of judges who are also experts in game development would review the games developed by the students. Based on the UI and UX of the game, the students would be shortlisted. Our directors would then review the shortlisted students and based on their experience and judgment, the winners of this scholarship program would be declared.

Some Important Facts About Game Development Scholarship

Your work portfolio should highlight your design abilities and creative potential. Send your banner or image file in the following file formats :

  • The world of technology is progressing at a fast pace and to face the challenges in this field, the students need to update themselves with the latest changes in this competitive market so that they get hired as game developers in the renowned company. This scholarship program would help in achieving your career goals.
  • More than before, the companies need game developers who can think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas relating to game development.

At AIS Technolabs, we very well understand the challenges the students would face while working practically with professional companies and thus prepare them for that competitive scenario through this scholarship program.

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