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Golang or Go is an open-source programming language introduced by Google developers – Ken Thompson, Robert Griesemer, and Rob Pike. The primary intent of using golang for Android development is to make life simpler for developers and help them efficient and reliable software. Initially, the language was released in 2007 to enhance programming productivity in specific development areas. Syntactically, the language is similar to C and comprises of features like garbage collection, CSP-style, structural typing, memory safety, and more. The language offers numerous advantages over other existing programming languages, and hence, is the preferred choice for developers.

We at AIS Technolabs offer the best golang Android development services to offer you streamlined and progressive applications. No matter what your ultimate requirement is, we offer customized Android apps to all industries and niches. We are a top golang Android development company delivering distinct apps on efficient norms.

We are an award-winning golang Android development company offering cost-effective solutions coupled with rich, advanced technologies. Our team of highly skilled golang developers excels in programming and provides rich apps that deliver an astounding experience. Our golang experts can convert your ideas into awesome experiences to let you stand out above others.

golang android development

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Benefits of
Golang Programming Language
Delivering Outstanding Outcomes

We are a team of experts delivering exceptional golang Android development services. Golang is a language developed by Google developers, and hence, it offers functionalities and results, which no other language can serve you. We are industry experts and can help you reap all the benefits of the golang language.


This is a highly efficient language that easily handles heavy loads. It is because it does not have an interpreter. The programs directly change into machine codes. It is very easy to convert codes into executable files using the Go compiler.


Compiling golang is very easy. It utilizes native machine codes that sideline the requirement to turn on CLR or JVM for beginning the Golang web application. As compared to other programming languages, this is easily comparable and easy to use.


This is a key feature of Golang. By using this, it is possible to manage memory automatically. With the use of a garbage collector, it is possible to make improvements in program performance by creating concurrency more efficient.


Golang is simple and easy to comprehend language. In only a few pages, it can glean the complete specifications of this language. It brings forth a well-designed structure type system. This language favors composition over others.


With its inbuilt feature of scalability by default, Golang helps to manage multiple tasks easily. This means you can deliver HTML pages to distinct web browsers conveniently and without experiencing any fuss.

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Outstanding and High-Performing Android Apps
Using the Power of Go

Golang is an ideal choice to create performance-based Android applications. With the precise use of this language, it is possible to create incredible apps. Our expert golang developers consider Go as the preferred choice for developing advanced Android apps for modern users.

    The Golang script comes with full support. It compiles the most open-source environment. This language efficiently supports robust and fast cross-development platforms across UNIX, BSD, Windows, and Linux versions along with Androids.


    The software used in Go is of high quality. This language utilized the modern and latest innovations along with other advanced integrated features and inbuilt strategies. Using Go makes sure that the quality of other products and software is also enhanced.


    One critical feature of Go is automatic memory management. With this amazing feature, Golang helps developers to develop simple interfaces and manage the memory with complete control.

golang for android development

    With the use of Go, it is possible to check all errors in Android apps. It is because the app comes with a compiler, which can be used to check for errors within the software application. Golang converts the programs into machine codes and eventually result in executable files.

  • Rich Library Source

    There is a highly functional online services available for the Go language. It is possible to access rich standards and library sources as needed.

  • Testing Support

    Go comes with Unit Testing support in a language. With its use, developers can easily write their Unit tests along with code through a simple and flawless mechanism. It also offers support to comprehend code coverage by benchmark tests and define example codes to create code documentation.

The Power of Golang Mantra to
Your Android Apps and Make them Win over the Competition

Golang programming language gives a modern base to the coding paradigms. This language has already gained popularity and is one of the most sorted solutions available. We are expert golang developers that can serve you with a range of Golang services.

Develop Concurrent Apps

Develop Concurrent Apps

Multi-threading is efficient and fast in Golang. Golang offers streamlined architecture and light-weight threads that augment the overall development process of concurrent apps.

Software Development

Software Development

Golang allows the process of development to speed up. This restricts cost, and hence, we can deliver your rich Android apps and software at cost-effective norms. It ultimately benefits businesses using Go language for their numerous projects.

Cross Platform Development

Cross-Platform Development

The scripts in Golang support cross-compilation. As a result, it makes the app development for cross platforms faster, compelling, and relaxed.

Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps

Since it is an open-source programming language, so it holds an exceptional rapport with the cloud. We have a team of software development with proficient who have already developed complex and outstanding apps using Golang technology.

Full Cycle Services

Full-Cycle Services

We offer full-cycle software development services from custom websites to enterprise-level systems. We develop, design, migrate, integrate, maintain, and deploy the software for mobile and online platforms.

Full Stack Golang

Full-Stack Golang

We are a full-stack golang development company holding expertise in back and front-end technologies. We are efficient in using Golang to develop and maintain a range of software, including network, database, server, web apps, back-end architecture, command-line apps, and APIs.


Officially, the language is called Go. But people started calling it Golang because its website name is golang.org. Golang is handy and easy to use label, and hence more people use it.

A. Yes. Golang is used by Google in an extensive range of processes. One good example of this is dl.google.com, which is a download server of Google. In addition to Google, Go is used by other areas and industries seeking highly reliable engineering and efficient big-scale data processing.

The usage of Go is growing worldwide. It is not exclusive to cloud computing space. There are numerous cloud infrastructure projects designed in Go like Kubernetes and Docker.