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Transform your Business & Drive More Clients

AIS Technolabs has come forward with another yet exciting advertising service that is sure to help you expand your dental clinic to a level you have not reached before with the old campaigning techniques. Our Google Ads for dentists is a new technique that has emerged in today’s marketing process. We provide you with our whole team of experts who are dedicated to assisting you 24*7 in your marketing campaign. Among our wide range of services that we provide, a few to be noted are Dental Industry-Specific Keyword Research, Budget Analysis, Dental Industry-Specific Competitors Ads Review, Dental Industry Specific Landing Page Creation, Landing Page Optimization.

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Expand your business with Google Adwords for Dentists

AIS Technolabs is always looking forward to helping its clients in enhancing their business. Therefore, our experts provide exceptional Google ads for dentists at an affordable rate, which are sure to attract audiences worldwide, and increase the chances of getting several new patients. These Dentist AdWords will be displayed on various online platforms like Google search engine, YouTube, Play Store, etc. and will be visible on every gadget like a computer, smartphones, and tablets. Our experts are well versed with all the latest technologies that are used to create high quality, attractive Google AdWords for a dentist. The tools used to create Google Ads are SpyFu, Optimizer, Google Ads Editor, Google Keywords Planner, Google Auction Insights, Google Traffic Estimator, etc.

Why are Google Ads for Dentists required?

Marketing through Google Ads for dentists is a new advertising tactic that is being used by dental clinics to promote their services and products online. This helps them to reach more audiences than they can through pamphlets, radio, and TV ads. This is because your ads are shown throughout the internet on various platforms of Google. Google ads for dentists are designed so that they can easily target the right audiences, depending on the keywords that you have chosen to bid on. We even provide you the benefit of tracking your ads’ performance and help you decide the next steps to optimize your digital advertising campaign.

Get Right Traffic

Google provides you with the facility of custom intent audiences. Our experts, with the help of this facility, can easily target authentic audiences who are sure to increase the Conversion Rate. All these promote the improvement of quality traffic to your website.

Get Right Leads for Dentists Business

Google custom intent audiences help to find targeted audiences based on the right keywords. If anyone uses the same keywords to find the services provided by you, then your ads will be displayed in front of them immediately.

Get Higher ROI

Google AdWords for Dentists is a smart investment choice for promoting your clinical services. It has proven many times to attract clients from places where pamphlet advertising has failed to succeed. Thus, it generates higher ROI. This will generate higher scores for your website.

Quick Result

Unlike others, Google AdWords for dentists is displayed in front of the audiences as soon as it is created. Therefore, it starts to generate leads immediately. This will help to get more patients with proven ROI.

Brand Awareness

Google AdWords for dentists is shown on various products of Google, thus creating the scope to reach clients across the globe. This helps to advertise your brand worldwide, which creates an awareness of your brand.

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Our Services for Google AdWords for Dentists

AIS Technolabs is eagerly waiting to join hands with you and provide you with the most satisfactory services that you are looking for. We are present 24*7 to assist you in all ways possible in your internet marketing journey. Our experts provide 100% error-free services within a minimum time that can minimize the persistent cutthroat competition. We also assist our customers with quick and easy solutions to their problems. Some of the services provided by us are Google Ads Campaign Set Up, Dental Industry Specific Google Ad Copy Creation, Conversion Tracking, Keyword Bid Adjustments, Conversion Rate Optimization, etc.

Dental Industry-Specific Keyword Research

Proper long-tailed keywords are the essence of internet marketing through Google AdWords for dentists. Our experts are well experienced, so they know how to choose the right keywords that can help your business survive in this stiff competition.

Budget Analysis

We are a team that can understand your requirements and offer you an optimum budget that is sure to bring you the results that you desire. This budget analysis is based on many factors like your desired revenue, Dentist AdWords, ROI, CPC rates, keywords, etc.

Dental Industry Specific Competitors Ads Review

Our experts provide you with Google Auction Insight services through which you can understand the competitors who are bidding for the same keywords, the traffic, percentage of their total budget spent on internet marketing.

Dental Industry Specific Landing Page Creation

We believe that beauty lies in simplicity. Therefore, our experts are motivated to provide you with simple yet classic, transparent, functional landing pages that are guaranteed to attract your targeted audiences.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are considered as the most important component for one’s business website that brings in the maximum sale. So, our work does not end with the creation of landing pages. We offer landing page optimization services based on timely analysis.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up

We create campaign strategies depending on your objectives, goals and requirements. Through this campaign, you will be able to promote your clinic and its services throughout Google’s network on any device like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Dental Industry Specific Google Ad Copy Creation

We know that it is very challenging for clinics to bid on popular keywords. It is not always possible to create the right keyword for common business. Therefore, our experts provide you the option of selecting keywords for making your business grow.

Conversion Tracking

Our services also include Conversion Tracking. This helps you to know who has visited your website, and actually became customers. We track all those audiences after they interact with your site and keep a record of their movements like purchasing products, calling, booking an appointment, etc.

Keyword Bid Adjustments

Since we keep an in-detailed record of how your Dentist AdWords is performing, hence, we can easily tell you if any keywords adjustments are required in your website to enhance the sales of your services and products. Therefore, it is important for you to edit those keywords as and when necessary.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion means the number of audiences that become your actual customers. It is the main lifeline. Therefore, we provide you with a conversion rate optimization service to maintain the rate of sale and revenue.

Dentist AdWords Services We Provide

AIS Technolabs assist you 24*7 with our services to make your Dentist AdWords campaign a success. Our experts first analyze your website and business requirements. Then they create strategies and ideas depending on the policies, goals, and needs of the dentists. Keeping client’s point of view in mind, they create the most amazing Dentist AdWords, which are sure to reach your audiences. Among our list of campaigns, few are Search campaign for Dental Industries, Display campaign for Dental Industries, Shopping campaign for Dental Industries, Video campaign for Dental Industries, and App campaign for Dental Industries.

Search campaign for Dental Industries

Our experts provide you the facility to promote your dental services by making your text ads visible to your targeted audiences on the search engine result pages.

Display campaign for Dental Industries

The display campaign is considered as the second most popular way of marketing. We provide you with custom services to make your dental clinic visible to over 90% of internet users worldwide.

Shopping campaign for Dental Industries

If you want to promote your products or increase the sale of your merchandise, then a Shopping campaign can become a great help to you. We provide these campaigns based on your specific business needs and budget.

Video campaign for Dental Industries

Our services also include video campaigns for dental industries. This helps the clinic to advertise their services on YouTube.

App campaign for Dental Industries

App campaigns help dental clinics to display their advertisements on all those platforms where app ads are hosted. These ads are visible on all sorts of devices.

Why Choose Us
for Dentist AdWords?

If you are wondering as to why choose AIS Technolabs for Dentist AdWords, then allow us to prove ourselves by providing you the best quality service in this field. Being one of the leading agencies, we respect the time and money that you are investing to create your Dentist AdWords. Therefore, our experts are dedicated to providing you with accurate services and report to you about your progress at every step to maintain transparency without making our clients wait for long hours. Our support group is available 24*7 to assist you in any problems you face or the changes you require. All our services are available at an affordable price range, which can be availed even by small dental clinics.

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Regular Reporting
Cost-effective Solutions
Frequently Asked Questions

AIS Technolabs’ job does not end with the creation of Google ads. We provide you with regular reports describing your ads’ performance. These reports show you the number of leads you have generated to date. If you would like to investigate yourself, then Google provides you with the same opportunity. You only need to sign in to your Google Ads account.

Unlike the other old types of marketing techniques, Dentists AdWords or simply Google Ads are displayed in front of the audiences as soon as they are created. The long-tailed keywords are chosen to bid to attract those audiences who can become potential customers and thus increase the revenue. In this way, it generates leads quickly and thus ensures a better result within minimum time.

We provide you the advantage of hiring us on a weekly, monthly, or project basis. Therefore, you need to pay us according to your hiring model. However, for a single project, you will have to pay the set-up fee as a one-time payment, and the PPC maintenance fee will be charged monthly.