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Google Ads For Hotels

Creating Innovative Google Ad That Brings Visitors To Your Hotel

In the travel industry, digital technology and transformation were never more critical than today. The number of online searches for hotels has grown manifold over the years. However, the bigger question is: Can people locate your hotel easily online despite the increased competition in the searches? Is your brand noticeable to potential customers when they need it the most? A well-organized campaign by Adwords for hotels will push your company to the next level and increase direct reservations. Our Adwords for hotel solutions enables you to reach out to the maximum number of audiences to optimize your ROI and achieve your business objectives.

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Google Ads For Hotels

Explore The Best Hotel Google Ads Services

According to a recent survey, hotel-related queries increased by almost 50 percent on Google. In the past few years, conversion rates for Google advertising have also increased significantly. Sites such as Google offer many solutions to help you achieve a competitive edge over your rivals in a cost-effective manner. Google ads for hotels is an immediate vehicle that can add up and compound these benefits over a period of time in terms of advantages.

Google Ads for hotels campaign can be very successful as a tailored, observable, and cost-effective solution when properly managed by expert professionals. With our experienced and technically sound Adwords for hotel experts, you could easily get the maximum out of your ad spending on Google.

Why Use Google Ads For Hotels?

In the travel marketplace online, Google has a special standing. To help customers look for and schedule their future journeys, Google Adwords for hotels has developed different travel booking and itinerary management tools. It also offers hotel ads in Google that offer maximum visibility and help your business boost the conversion rates.

Google ads hotel campaign is a paid service that enables guests to start the process of booking immediately. As an advertiser, you’ll only pay if a click or a booking is made by your ad, and your ad will only appear when travelers are looking for a hotel that fits your description. As part of the online marketing for your hotels, you should try out Google ads for hotels as it can provide you with quicker results. Your direct bookings will grow steadily each month with proper planning.

Increases Lead Quickly

Since hotel Google ads are cross-device compatible and appear both in general and in particular searches, the traffic would increase dramatically. This will boost your hotel’s leads tremendously.

Suitable for all kind of Organizations

Adwords for hotels offers a flexible budget model. You can pick and choose your daily and campaign spent according to your requirements. This gives you a lot of versatility in comparison with other marketing platforms.

High Return On Investment

Google ads for hotels will provide you high-quality leads that have filtered results according to their travel time and exact expectations.It’s more profitable for a hotel and will provide you more return on investment.

Transparent Result

Google ads for hotels will provide you a detailed analysis and report of the campaign on a real-time basis. This will help you to judge the output of your campaign and modify it accordingly.

High-Quality Traffic

With Google ads hotel campaigns, as users click on your hotel ad, they will be taken straight to the booking page of your hotel. So, without any third party involved, they are more likely to choose your hotels.

Brand Awareness

The Google ads hotel campaign not only increases your website traffic but also boosts your brand awareness. It gives you a lot of visibility on the top search engine of the world and serves as a great branding platform.

Target Right Audience

Adwords for hotels enable you to target your ads based on multiple criteria. This leads to a more precise targeting of your ads as well as better quality of leads for your hotels.

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Our Services For Google Ads For Hotels

With a large user base and market share, Google has played a big role in the rising industry of online marketing for hotels. The majority of the travelers are shifting to Google to address their travel research queries and questions. As a result, millions of hotel searches are happening on Google on a regular basis. Intelligent brands consider Google ads for hotels as an important channel and an immense opportunity for them and get immensely benefited from it.

For the hotel industry, AIS Technolabs offers the best custom Google ads hotel campaign solutions. Our fully automated process and customizable reporting features are used by hotel brands across the world to handle advertising campaigns for hundreds of thousands of hotel properties.

Hotel Industry-Specific Keyword Research

We are working with you to get a thorough understanding of your hotel. We also do hotel industry-specific keyword research that provides you unique advantages over your competitors.

Budget Analysis

We use data from current marketing campaigns to notify the structure and budget of your Google Ads account. With us, you will get the best budget analysis for your hotel Google ads.

Competitors Ads Review

We study the competitive insights for hotel ads in Google Ads to decide what rivals are competing with you for the same keywords. Our Google ads experts for hotels will devise the right strategy based on this study.

Hotel Specific Landing Page Creation

It’s really important for your search and display ads, but there’s another element of Google ads for hotels that many people neglect: the landing page. It is important to remember that if you grab the attention of a lead, they still need to go to your landing page before they convert. We design and develop a target-specific landing page for your hotel.

Landing Page Optimization

With our AdWords management business, the designers and content authors have a great deal of experience developing landing pages for hotels that are designed to maximize conversions. We use A / B checks to find the best titles, copies, and more to ensure that your Google ads hotel campaigns get the best results.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up

We first set up your Google ads hotel campaign with ad groups, product feeds, keywords, and more. We then create advertisements to draw the target audience as well as the landing page to get the conversion process completed.

Google Ad Copy Creation

Our expert copywriting and content development team delivers the best punchlines and description for the Google ads for hotels. We make sure to make the ad copy attractive enough to achieve maximum leads for your hotel.

Conversion Tracking

You will want to see whether clicks on your ad have led a client to take some action while you run your hotel Google Ads. Our conversion tracking mechanism enables you to study the output of the campaign on a real-time basis.

Keyword Bid Adjustments

You can choose the amount of money you are willing to pay on the hotel ads on the Google ads platform while selecting each keyword. We optimize the bid amount on a regular basis to reach out to potential customers who search for that keyword and click your ad.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Google AdWords’ Conversion Optimizer handles bids and attempts to push conversions for less. As an experienced hotel Google ads partner, we optimize our efforts for the best output for your hotels.

Why Select Ais Technolabs For The Google Ad Campaign?

AIS Technolabs enjoys the experience of people who have run multiple Google ad campaigns for hotels. AIS Technolabs ensures Google advertising campaigns that can be customized to suit the hotel’s unique needs. We will work with you to find out the best combination of marketing tools from Google that will suit your objectives.

Our team builds effective plans for the Google ads for hotels that can get you, regular customers. We don’t just want to run your Google advertising campaigns, we want to hear your thoughts and work with you to expand your hotel more quickly. We will provide you the reports about your campaign at the interval that you want and you will have access to our topnotch team round the clock across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various criteria that affect the success of your campaigns. We make sure to optimize your campaign in such a way that you get the maximum leads within your budget.

With us, you can access your Google ads account easily. This will help you to see all running campaigns and their budget and output.

Yes. We do provide services for already created Google ads campaigns. We just need the admin access of your existing account to modify and optimize it according to the present need.

Once we set up the Google ad campaign for your hotel, you will start getting the leads immediately. The best part of the Google ads campaign is that it provides quality results in less amount of time.