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Everyone loves a good discount and this is one of the major reasons why websites like Groupon are so popular. A Groupon clone eliminates most of the hard work associated with creating such a website from scratch. At AIS Technolabs, we have perfected the art of creating the best Groupon clone script in the market. Fully functional, yet flexible, the script saves several man-hours of hard work by putting together a full collection of software solutions. The Groupon script makes website development easy for all interactive collective buying website requirements.

The best part about a Groupon template is that you can have custom features without spending too much of extra time. Our superb developers at AIS Technolabs make sure that everything is perfect before rollout. The Groupon clone software is extremely sturdy and can weather huge traffic without breaking a sweat. Also, the entire process can save up a lot of money as well. Since the template is ready for rollout, most of the manual processes are taken care of anyhow.


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Quick Assembly

This is a no-brainer with any good template as the basic features are all written into the source code. Nevertheless, it is a huge advantage for the clients as well as the developers. The time saved on assembly time can be reallocated and better spent on marketing and customizing the product. Get the best Groupon clone script PHP as host.


Rapid Troubleshooting

Since the entire platform is built on a template that the developers are intimately familiar with, the troubleshooting process is much faster than usual. The most troublesome bugs can be singled out quickly and dealt with before they leave a lasting effect on the platform. Get the best out of a Groupon clone template today.


Open Source

Our open source Groupon clone is something that is remarkably easy to customize. As such, we encourage other people to take up our clone and improve on it. This way, the script that we put together always keeps evolving over time. There are a number of clones that are simply not updated enough because they were developed by a single team. The outside perspective that we get enables us to create truly lasting solutions.


Custom Solution

Just because the Grouponclone is pre-made, this does not mean that the solutions cannot be customized. If anything, a clone script is much easier to customize because the basic features remain the same. The rest are all just details that can be taken care of. Get the most powerful Grouponclone to create custom software solutions today.


WordPress Compatible

Using a Content Management System such as WordPress makes it much easier to maintain the software even after rollout. The Groupon clone script WordPress support that we provide makes web designing and development simple and feasible. The best part is that it is also highly compatible with third-party plugin software.


Advanced Dashboard

Managing multiple vendor accounts can be quite a challenging feat and having a dashboard does make a difference. The advanced dashboard for each vendor account makes tracking all activities automatic, and simple. It also allows the Groupon clone to display and engage in website survey and analytics for individuals.


Advertising Revenue

The script allows for banner and captcha advertisements in order to quickly generate a lot of revenue. The advertisement revenue is by no means the primary source of income, but any revenue is better than none. The Groupon clone script created by our developers at AISTehnolabs makes ad revenue collection a simple task.


Super UI and UX

Building a fancy User Interface is meaningless, but this is what a lot of customer want. However, most often, clients really want a super UI that can support UX concepts. Layering in the UI based on solid UX principles makes the website look attractive and lets the admins improve the script through careful inspection of responsive designs.




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Clone AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs has long been the leading development company that provides clone websites and clone scripts for popular websites. We have some of the most impressive clients who have wanted a Groupon script as an instant ticket to success. All we need to do is to let our customers listen to our happy clients and let them decide on what to do.

The primary advantage of choosing AIS Technolabs for your clone script projects is our huge experience in the field and the top-notch customer care service that we provide. Our system of flexibility and hard work shows clearly in software solutions that we create as they adhere to the exact same principles. Join AIS Technolabs for the smoothest experience in developing award-winning websites without spending an unreasonable amount of time and money.


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