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In this mobile age, it is invaluable to have an elegant mobile app running flawlessly across multiple devices and platforms. The Ionic framework helps your business get the authentic look and feel of a cross-platform app. We offer an Ionic software development service to help your company harness the value of this excellent platform.

AIS Technolabs has accomplished the distinction of being the preferred choice among the global clientele as a leading Ionic app development company. Our Ionic App development services rank among the best in the market since we deliver high-quality and smoothly working software solutions.

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Hire Ionic Developers

Hire Cross-platform mobile developer

The Ionic framework has developed a unique role in the application development industry by creating a range of cross-platform applications that are supported by a range of OS such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Since 2014, Ionic has offered scalable and robust development services for hybrid mobile apps for the global market. AIS Technolabs’ Ionic team assists in the design and development of smooth and animated applications for different industries.

Created on the AngularJS foundation, it delivers both agility and speed. Moreover, Ionic takes less training to understand from useful data and greatly supports creating a lower-resource mobile app. Our Ionic developers have unparalleled expertise in AngularJS and can carry all of AngularJS core features to the table to make great native mobile experiences without requiring native SDKs.

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Why Select Ionic App Development For Your Business?

An elegant Ionic app with an abundance of user experience can help to achieve several business objectives. Here are the critical advantages of developing a mobile application with the Ionic framework:

Easy to Adopt

Ionic is a fully free and open-source platform available on GitHub. It is a highly reliable and commonly used platform despite its being open-source. Ionic apps, while being cost-effective, can be tailored to exquisite appearances on various mobile operating systems, which makes it highly adaptable.

Cross-Platform App Development

Ionic enables the creation of high-end user interfaces by using the same code to develop applications for various platforms. The programming languages used by the Ionic framework are easily translated from one operating system to another allowing the application to be used across multiple platforms.

User Interface

The CSS and JavaScript features included in Angular will allow the app built in Ionic to be customized with various buttons, menus, color schemes, etc. The themes are automatically modified by simply adding derivative and UI components when you install them on different platforms.

High Performance

The Ionic framework has significantly enhanced the application efficiency from the day of its launch. Built on top of Angular 4 this architecture has enhanced all developers’ needs in hybrid technology. This also made the apps much simpler and easier to run, no matter what the brand of mobile devices it is running.

Active Community

If one begins the process of creating the app with a new system, even the professional developers may face challenges. Ionic has strong community support. The Ionic app developers and community members also have forums and blog posts available to assist them when necessary.

Developer Friendly

Ionic interconnects a common source of code rather than needing to create a different codebase for iOS, Android, and the web. Working on one codebase saves resources, time, and money. With one source of data, it also confirms the product for the future, something that is a challenge to maintain for native applications.

Based on AngularJS

Ionic expands Angular with a host of stuff to make it really easy to create mobile apps with Angular. Developers can leverage this usability advantage and integrate dynamic features into the creation of mobile apps. The framework’s backend code allows mobile applications to be released without any setbacks in any app store and provides a native feel.

Powerful Extensions

Ionic allows you to meet the challenging business requirement by permitting you to use a number of plugins. These plugins have the power to make your web and mobile apps ready for the future. You can add as many user-friendly functionalities as possible in your app by using these extensions.

Cordova Plugins

Cordova plugins represent the best part of the development of Ionic apps. This feature helps in the use of native device capabilities beyond standard web applications. You can get access to logs, battery, geolocation, camera, and much more with the use of Cordova plugins. All this increases the overall efficiency of your app.

We Provide A Range Of Ionic Development Services

Hire Our Freelance Ionic Developer For The Best Results

AIS Technolabs offers the team a dedicated team of Ionic developers to comply with relevant customer requirements. Hire our contract-based freelance Ionic developers and leverage their experience and skills throughout every corner of the world. Our Ionic app development services provide highly functional, up-to-date, streamlined seamless apps that combine enticing features to suit your business.

AIS Technolabs’ Ionic Software Development team has hands-on experience with a range of web technologies and is capable of developing impressive hybrid mobile apps that are not only browser-based but also include iOS UIWebView and Android WebView.Our process for designing Ionic applications is based on validated methodology and transparency. At most favorable rates, we promise you great results.

Ionic App Consultation

We covered you whether it is managing a flexible development platform for your company or designing unique mobile apps using Ionic. You should be confident that you are committing to only world-class Ionic applications when you employ a dedicated Ionic developer from AIS Technolabs.

UI/UX Design

With an impressive level of functionality for our smart UX / UI projects, our portable application is simple and quick to understand. Our Ionic mobile developers create intuitive UX / UI designs that function like native apps and give your users an exciting experience. We design immersive graphics that give you mobile app incredible looks and a premium feel.

App Development

We can deliver you the most creative and future-prepared scalable Ionic applications that make the application effective for you and provide you the maximum ROI. Hire our experienced Ionic developers to avail of the best application in the market.

Ionic App Integration

We combine mobile applications with intelligent geo-targeting systems, health tracking, augmented reality, etc. Our services for Ionic System Integration include integration with smartwatches, geolocation applications, and all other unique digital devices.

Widget Development

We can create custom widgets with various functionalities like models, CSS, Local Resources, and others. Our dedicated Ionic mobile developers can deliver the best widget for your business.

Ionic Migration Services

Our freelance Ionic developers are having ample experience in providing Ionic migration services. With quality assurance, we help you move flexible applications from one platform to another while enhancing presentation and versatility.

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Why Hire Ionic Mobile Developers From Ais Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs follows a clean and clear process for the creation of Ionic Applications and focuses on every minute detail to achieve the intended benefits for the client. The method has resulted in many successful Ionic Applications that millions of people around the world have downloaded. Our creative Ionic app developers are prepared with all the skills needed to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. We are skilled in serving different verticals in the industry, whether they are start-ups, small businesses, or big businesses.

If you want a unique exposure for your app to attract more clients, then you should hire our Ionic mobile developer having deep expertise and the right abilities. We are a team of experienced developers with a great background in mobile app creation and therefore know what best fits your needs. If you’re searching for the best functionality and features in your Ionic app, then AIS Technolabs is certainly the right option.

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Our Ionic Mobile Developer Hiring Process

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to hire an Ionic App Developer depends on many factors like development platform, the type of app, complexity of the design, number of pages, features and functions, maintenance cost, etc. You can hire our offshore developers on an hourly or fixed cost basis.

You should hire our dedicated Ionic developers to perform the work with the highest optimization. It offers ample benefits like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, higher output, special skill sets, etc.

This is highly dependent on the overall project complexity and the specifications for the functionality. The development of an Ionic hybrid app normally takes between 2-6 weeks to completely build the user interface, frontend, and backend of the application. The more features you want to incorporate in your Ionic app the longer it takes to develop.

We have a dedicated support team to ensure fast and effective resolution of any problems that occur after successfully launching your Ionic app. Our Ionic mobile developers can incorporate any suggested changes or enhancements as desired by you.