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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. by 11362 clients on over 17,600+ projects.

hire dedicated magento developer

If you ever hear of a new development in e-commerce site building, rest assured that you will find AIS Technolabs dedicated Magento programmers right there. They keep one eye constantly on the latest market trends and various aspects of e-commerce which keep on changing with time. They are well conversant with the technology and with unwavering passion they have worked on diverse projects and for different industry verticals with no small success. The projects we have handled are varying in scopes and complexities. It makes us dependable.

hire magento deveoper

hire magento expert & check Work

Hiring Magento developers from AIS Technolabs could prove the most profitable investment on your part. The following checklist shows how we can meet all your specific requirements.

Checkout our Services Portfolio

There were times we made projects out of scratch, and delivered them flawlessly right from the initial conceptual stage to completion. Our offerings include…

Conversions from PSD to Magento

Our developers have what it requires to convert PSD sites to Magento platform.

SEO-friendly Custom Solutions

These incorporate all your needs and sync perfectly with SEO. This is as important as visibility; for what is seen is known.

Theme development

This part of our endeavors have to do with visual appeal of your site. Magento themes provide ample resources for this.

Secure Payment integrations

This is the most important aspect of e-commerce development, having to do with the safety of the transactions that will take place there.

Website development

Stunning appearance, extremely user-friendly, and most interactive...This is what we guarantee to our valued customers. And all this is accomplished within the given time frame.

Responsive Magento sites

This has become necessary for all sites now in view of the fact that customers are increasingly going mobile. We offer to build such sites and make them highly scalable.

Secured and swift shopping experience

Our dedicated Magento developers are great coders and, therefore, are able to build sites which are not only safe but also offer excellent navigation.

Social media integrations

This service of ours is intended towards marketing your e-commerce entity in the most efficient manner.

Uncomplicated search process

This owes a great deal to our functional designs which make it absolutely easy for the visitors to get what they want in hassle-free manner. This is also one of the ways in which you can convert potential customers into real buyers.


AIS Technolabs has rigorously worked to establish our reputation for not building just sites but rather a robust bond of trust, faith and dependence between you and your customers. Our clients have put their trust in us and are immensely rewarded for the same. You find below the reasons why we recommend our own services to you.

Marketing Resources and Tools

These consist in the profound ideas and expertise that our experienced developers have and in their ability to leverage all the technological resources to ensure effective brand promotion.

Single Page Checkout Functionality

It is known that about 70% customers abandon at checkout stage. It shows the need for forcing them not to do so by improving this particular feature of e-commerce site. Experience proves that single page checkout is the answer for it. We deliver it.

Interactive Analytics and Reporting

Along with site building and deployment of a variety of features, our Magento professionals also provide you with perfect analytics and reporting. This enables you to rifle through the product reviews, RSS feeds and recently viewed items and see clearly where there is need for improvement.

Single Admin for Store Management

The latest version of Magento puts the site owners into the position to manage multiple sites from single admin panel.

Your Project

Single admin for store management

With the latest version of this unique ecommerce development platform, store owners will have the chance to manage multiple sites from one admin panel. And our experts will make sure you get this feature.

Reasons to opt for our services

It’s not easy to build a robust bond of trust, faith, and dependence with your clients. However, at AIS Technolabs we have been highly successful in doing that. Our dedicated clients have immense faith in our Magento development experts. Here are some of the reasons that will tell you why.

Marketing resources and tools

Our highly experienced developers have profound ideas of the Magento tools and resources. They know the art of leveraging these resources, thus ensuring better brand promotion.

Single page checkout functionality

By adding single-page checkout features to your ecommerce site, the highly proficient Magento experts working with us will enhance the overall user experience.

Interactive analytics and reporting

Along with site creation and deployment of features, our Magento professionals will also provide you with proper analytics and reporting. You will gain access to product reviews, RSS feeds, and recently-viewed items.

Hire Magento Developers at up to 15% affordable prices.
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