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Hire Vue.js developers from AIS Technolabs to get custom-made high-quality development solutions for businesses and individuals. Our development leverages Vue.js technologies, including Vue CLI, Gridsome, Vuetify, Vue Design System, Vuex, Nuxt JS, VuePress, etc. We create a streamlined, user-friendly experience for your users that is both responsive and visually appealing.

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Hire Dedicated Vue.js Developers Within 24 Hours

vineet k

Vineet K

Vue.js Developer

Vineet K is a skilled and experienced Vue.js developer. He has 4 years long experience of developing applications with Vue.js. He can write user-side logic with JavaScript and builds user-facing web applications.

star Expert in
  • CSS3
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Also Worked With

  • Firebase |
  • Docker |
  • Figma |
  • Invision
4 Years
mayur m

Mayur M

Vue.js Developer

Mayur M is a senior Vue.js developer holding 6 years long development experience. He can design and develop user-centric applications, write scalable JavaScript codes, etc. He can test and optimize applications for better performance.

star Expert in
  • Quasar
  • Vuetify
  • CSS

Also Worked With

  • Babel |
  • Webpack |
  • Jest |
  • Mocha
6 Years
vikas l

Vikas L

Vue.js Developer

Vikas L has 8 years long experience working with Vue.js technologies. He develops user-centric applications and software. He is familiar with automated JavaScript testing, development tools, API designing, code writing, and bug fixing.

star Expert in
  • CSS
  • Vuex
  • HTML

Also Worked With

  • Socket.io |
  • iView |
  • Element UI |
  • Nuxt.js
8 Years

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High-Quality Vue.js Development Services To Develop Customer-Centric Web Apps

We are a leading Vue.js development company providing cutting-edge development services. With AIS Technolabs, you can expect cross-platform and industry specific Vue.js development tailored to meet your expectations. Explore our service criteria to gather more details.

  • Vue.js App Development

    You can hire Vue.js developers to create dynamic and interactive custom applications. Our developers build apps within single code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tools like Vue CLI, Vuex, Gridsome, etc.

  • Vue.js Web Application Development

    Our developers create a front-end interface that interacts with the user and communicates with the back-end server. While developing web applications, they focus on data binding, routing, and component-based architecture.

  • Vue.js Third-Party Integration

    Our Vue.js developers quickly integrate Vue.js with other frameworks, libraries, and services to fetch and revert data. They use API keys for integration and add extra functionalities to your application.

  • Vue.js Interactive UI Development

    They write templates in HTML and JavaScript using Vue.js UI frameworks and run them on browsers directly. They use two-way data binding, component-based architecture, and virtual DOM for UI/UX development.

  • Vue.js Component Development

    Our developers build simple to complex components with animation transactions and other interactive features. These components can be integrated into existing applications, offering customization and flexibility.

  • Vue.js Single Page App Development

    We create server-side and client-side single-page applications using Vue CLI, Webpack, Vue.js single file components, etc. They incorporate modern features and beautiful design elements and enhance search capabilities.

  • Real-Time Vue.js App Development

    We build highly-interactive applications with real-time updates, allowing users to participate in collaborative experiences with the app. We use the Vue CLI command tool to scaffold projects and Webpack templates to ensure browser compatibility.

  • Vue.js App Performance Enhancement

    You can hire dedicated Vue.js developers for application performance enhancement. They eliminate duplicate rendering, optimize event handling, remove slow components, and optimize the application to pace up its performance.

  • Vue.js Migration & Upgradation Services

    We enable you to switch from your current tech stack and assist you with the transition. Our dedicated developers improve your current website and upgrade the version for better functionalities.

  • Vue.js Technical Support & Maintenance

    We have an expert team to provide technical support after the project deployment. Our experts diagnose, resolve and prevent troubleshooting and coding errors and bugs restricting app performance and workflow.

Why Hire Vue.js Developers From AIS Technolabs?

Hire dedicated Vue.js developers from AIS Technolabs to create cutting-edge and data-driven applications. Our development team incorporates applications with the latest technologies and features while upholding the highest quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can work with our developers, analyze their skills, and work strategies to make your decision. You can clear the payment within 15 days. We will refund the money within 15 days for the dedicated project.

We have an internal monitoring system in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the Vue.js developers you've recruited. Additionally, we maintain precise work logs to monitor their daily output.

Vue.js is among the most accessible framework options because it is lightweight. It is a flexible, contemporary, and forward-thinking JavaScript language that helps cut down development time. Furthermore, the framework is adaptable and scalable and possesses excellent integration capabilities.

AIS Technolabs provides a range of hiring engagement models. You can choose Vue.js developers for hire on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. You can minimize or maximize members in your development team anytime, according to your requirements.

Our Vue.js developers are proficient in all areas of application and web development. They possess many technical skills, including JavaScript, C#, HTML/CSS, and jQuery. They have extensive knowledge of database management and the implementation of frameworks and plugins.

It may not happen because we have 100+ developers with an average experience of 3+ years. Our experts screen candidates thoroughly to ensure their capabilities. In case of inefficiency, you can ask us to change your developer anytime during the process.

The cost of employing full-stack, back-end, and front developer for Vue.js varies according to several factors. These factors include the project type, required technology, experience and expertise, developer's location, etc. You can discuss the project requirements to get the budget estimation.

Web app development time depends on the embedded project functionalities. We give you an estimated timeframe after knowing your requirements. You can also propose a deadline. Our developers will meet the deadline and keep you updated on the work progress.

Discuss your project requirements with our team to hire Vue.js developers in India. We will help you select the best candidate. After finishing the hiring process, we will send a confirmation contract once we meet your expectations. After signing the NDA, you can start working with our developers.

We offer NDA, data, code, and IP protection after deploying your project. We have a strict privacy policy securing your personal and project details. Our company team adheres to the policy and keeps your confidential information secure from all external threats.

We have an expert team to provide technical support and maintenance services after project deployment. Our experts diagnose and resolve troubleshooting errors, bugs, and coding errors restricting app performance and workflow.

Each contract has different terms and conditions depending on your project requirements and involved technologies. You can exit the contract anytime after following the terms and conditions mentioned in the NDA.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

How To Find Skilled Developers: Tips To Screen, Interview & Hire Dedicated Vue.js Developers

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that helps create responsive and powerful web applications. It is versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use technology and helps build complex applications. However, hiring Vue.js developers is a tedious task. You must stay careful while filtering and hiring talent to handle your project. In this blog, we have given suggestions to make the hiring process easy for you. Follow these tips to hire Vue.js developers effortlessly.

Key Tips To Evaluate Project Specifications Before Hiring Vue.js Developers

Define Your Project Requirements

Define the scope of your project, including your project type, size, complexity, and the skills you are looking for in your Vue.js developer. Conduct market research and analyze your competitors to understand their strategies. Also, gather information about core concepts and features of Vue.js technologies. While hiring developers, you should know how you want them to work.

Decide Project Budget

Development costs vary according to required technologies, time, and project requirements. You should know what you want and how much you are willing to invest in project development. Contact multiple companies, discuss your project technology, and ask for budget estimation. Compare their prices and decide your budget to move ahead with the hiring process.

Choose Reliable Platforms Or Organizations

The market is full of companies offering Vue.js development services, but many deliver below-average quality apps that don't run properly. To find a reliable company, connect with multiple companies, check their ratings online, and speak to their executive team. Hire companies who assist you throughout the process, including app development, integration, optimization, and maintenance.

Screen Talent Carefully

Ask your company to send pre-vetted Vue.js developers according to your requested specifications. Go through the list of candidates and select the ones you want to interview. Read their portfolios and CVs carefully and prioritize developers having experience working with Vue.js technologies. Ask for references and connect with their previous clients to take updates about their services.

Conduct Interviews

Conduct interviews and propose technical assignments to verify selected candidates' capabilities. Hire a Vue.js programmer who has a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and can work with front-end frameworks and libraries. Also, the candidate should be comfortable working with other related technologies, including Node.js, REST APIs, GraphQL, etc.

  • Contact AIS Technolabs to get high-end Vue.js development services.

Test Their Expertise

Take a 15-day risk-free trial to analyze the capabilities of hired developers. Evaluate their work strategies, communication skills, dedication, and availability. Your developers should be able to communicate effectively, understand your project requirements, and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Also, ensure they are available to work on your project according to your convenience.

Negotiate The NDA Terms

Negotiate terms and conditions before signing the NDA. Discuss the budget, project technology, and development tools, propose milestones, and choose the deadline. Also, put a condition asking for technical support, maintenance, data, code, NDA, and IP protection. Read your contract carefully and understand each condition properly before signing the contract.

Required Technical Skills To Look For While Screening Vue.js Developers

Knowledge Of JavaScript

JavaScript is the base of Vue.js app development, and it is a must-have technical skill for any Vue.js developer. AIS Technolabs Vue.js development team has in-depth knowledge of JavaScript core concepts, including object-oriented programming, event handling, and asynchronous programming.

Proficiency In CSS & HTML

HTML helps structure the web app, and CSS defines the presentation of HTML documents. AIS Technolabs Vue.js developers are familiar with both languages and can write HTML tags and use HTML markups, CSS layouts, Flexbox, and CSS Grid for development.

Experience Working With GitHub

Git works as a version control system and enables developers to track changes in coding files. AIS Technolabs development team efficiently uses Git to simplify the process, write new codes and make changes in existing code.

Familiarity With Vue CLI

Vue CLI simplifies configuration and allows customization. Vue CLI 3 has adapted a plugin-based architecture that enables developers to create plugins and presets according to requirements. You should hire a front-end developer for Vue.js development who is familiar with Vue CLI features and functionalities.

Understanding Of Vue Router

Vue Router is a router that helps create routes for Vue.js applications and establish navigation between them. Your developer should have experience setting up and configuring Vue Router. Prefer hiring candidates who are aware of its features like navigation guards, nested routes, and dynamic routing.

Ability To Work With Development Tools

Development tools like Bit, StoryBook, Vue Dev-tools, and Webpack cut off development time and make it hassle-free. AIS Technolabs developers use these tools to share UI components, speed up the process, integrate third-party plugins, etc.

Experience In Writing Unit Tests

Testing is an inseparable part of the Vue.js development process. Your candidate should have expertise in writing unit and end-to-end tests to ensure app security, quality, and performance. Hire a Vue.js developer familiar with testing frameworks like Jest, Mocha, and Cypress.

Technical Questions To Ask While Conducting Interview Of Vue.js Developers

  • 1 What are Mixins in Vue.js?

    Mixins help distribute reusable functionalities between Vue components. It also extends the functionalities of existing components. Your developer must know about Mixins and should be able to define its concept and usage properly.

  • 2 What are Props in Vue?

    Props allow data sharing between different app parts and keep components modular. While interviewing Vue.js developers, ask this question to ensure the candidate's knowledge about Props. Reconsider hiring the candidate if you don't get a viable answer.

  • 3Define Directives in Vue.js.

    Directives refer to the reusable chunks of logic or code that experts can use in HTML templates. They help manipulate HTML in various ways. It is an important concept for any developer to know. Avoid hiring a candidate who fails to answer the question.

  • 4 Define Filters In Vue.js

    Filters in Vue.js are JavaScript functions that are used to change the data output to the browser. It is a basic functionality that helps in text formatting. Hire a Vue.js programmer who answers the question well and can explain the concept effortlessly.

  • 5 Can you name some of the most useful Vue.js development tools?

    Vue CLI, Nuxt JS, VuePress, Gridsome, and Vue Design System are some of the most useful Vue.js development tools. Choose Vue.js developers for hire who are familiar with these tools and understand their functionalities and usage.

Additional Interview Questions To Verify Candidate's Technical Expertise

  • What are Slots?
  • Describe Attribute Bindings in Vue.
  • Can you create two-way bindings?
  • Name some hook functions in Vue.js Directives.
  • What is the difference between static and dynamic props?

Advantages Of Using Vue.js Technologies For Web Development

1. Easy To Use & Adapt

Vue.js has a small learning curve that makes it easy to learn and use. Vue.js has a simple and intuitive syntax that reduces development time and the chances of technical errors occurring during web app development. Moreover, Vue introduces additional markup to the HTML code enabling developers to extend functionalities according to project requirements.

2. Lightweight

Vue.js is less resource-intensive, has a faster rendering speed, and loads quickly to ensure a smooth user experience. Vue framework weighs around 20 Kb in size. It is easy to install and doesn't consume much space. The small size is an advantage that increases loading speed and enhances app performance.

3. Component-Based Architecture

Vue.js is built using component-based Architecture that promotes reusability and modularity. It allows developers to create complex applications by combining and reusing small components. It focuses on design decomposition into individual functions or logical components that display a communication interface comprising events, methods, and properties.

4. Two-Way Data Binding

Through two-way data binding, Vue.js automatically reflects changes made in the data model of the user interface. The functionality makes it easier to manage the application state and reduces the required amount of boilerplate code. With the help of these features, developers can track data and update related components.

5. Flexibility & Scalability

Vue.js help create single-page applications, complex user interfaces, and server-side rendering. Developers can easily integrate Vue.js with other libraries and frameworks. Apart from it, Vue.js is highly scalable and efficient enough to handle large-scale projects. Developers can gradually add features during and after project development according to requirements.

6. Secure Code Writing

Developers can redraft Vue.js frameworks to enhance performance. They can also use progressive features to access code databases without rewriting and work on all components to write and secure codes. They can store codes in separate files to get easy access. Vue.js allows developers to follow security practices to ensure code protection and eliminate external errors hindering app functionality.

7. Advanced Functionalities

Vue.js frameworks offer a multitude of tools that help enhance app functionality. Its rich GUI enables easy project development, deployment, and management. Developers can use the command-line interface to change the configuration. Vue.js features help identify errors and fix them to ensure seamless performance.

AIS Technolabs is a reliable organization for taking Vue.js development services. Our skilled Vue.js developers offer end-to-end customized solutions. We engage with high-end cutting-edge security practices and use effective strategies to propel the development process. Our Agile methodologies ensure qualitative end results.

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