Handicapping Software for Horse Racing

Get hold of the world’s leading handicapping software solution that gives you the ultimate edge against raw data and provides you crucial insights.

Handicapping horse races are one of the most exciting segments of the sport. There is a huge fan base which loves to place their bets on handicapping races. However, they resort to luck.

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With the emergence of data analytics and real-time data processing capabilities, we can create data-driven software solutions that collaborate the data and provide you with a complete report on the races around the world. It comes with tools to manage the bets, users account management.

Our developers help you to create amazing, feature-rich horse racing betting mobile and software solutions with state-of-the-art features. We develop user-friendly and easy to navigate applications that are equipped with all the tools for running a horse racing betting business.

Best Horse Racing Handicapping Software Provider

Software solutions have to be on-point to provide your business the well-deserved value. It is very important for the development team to have a deep understanding of your domain and stronghold on the leading technologies and tools. This gives you an absolute best chance to meet your business needs and give you the needed flexibility and scalability.

Horse handicapping software solutions are no different. You need technical experts that can help you in building data-driven betting software that provides you all the necessary features to operate a business successfully. At AIS Technolabs, we are the experts that provide comprehensive software solutions, featuristic, modern tools and more to fit your business needs.

Our softwares incorporates all the leading races that happen in the world, you can create an event, invite people around for placing their bets, see the statistical reports, enjoy risk management tools and more. We have strategically crafted the best horse racing solution for you.

Most Exquisite Features of Our Horse Handicapping Software

Horse handicapping software is very essential for the fast-paced and competitive world. They help you get a sharper edge in the market and allow you to enhance your reach in the global landscape. However, for a software to be all that you need, it has to meet your specific needs. It should have all the tools and features that would fit your requirements.

Quick Launch

The quick launch feature of the software brings more ease in the user experience by providing access to all the necessary tools required. This makes the software more user-friendly and time-efficient.

Comprehensive Horse Racing Data

Resourceful reports that include past and present horse racing data to provide you next to accurate predictions, boosting your knowledge of the handicapping race.

Different Racing Tracks And Races

We include data from all the geographical locations and all the types of races that help you in making the report more resourceful. This includes data from the USA, UK, Australia and more.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways that are secure and offer you diverse solutions to pay online. This includes debit/credit card, e-wallets, UPIs, and other options.

Real-Time Betting

Real-time betting allows you to use real-time insights and place your bets. This increases the chances of winning, and improves customer experience with your enterprise.

Horse Racing Live Streaming

Live stream the premium races on your platform from anywhere in the world and engage more users on your platform. This allows you to keep your users entertained.

Benefits of Horse Handicapping Software

If you are looking for a handicapping software for horse racing, we can help you. We are AIS Technolabs, the best betting softwaredevelopment company that provides white-labeled and custom-software solutions. Our pre-built software solutions come with all the necessary tools that make your experience worthwhile. The ease of customization allows you to choose our white-labeled solutions and make the necessary changes to fit your needs. Here are some amazing benefits of choosing AIS Technolabs’ best horse handicapping software.

Our Exceptional Horse Handicapping Software

AIS Technolabs is a leading horse racing betting software developer. We provide you with custom softwares that helps you in managing your business challenges better and increase your revenue. Our software solutions are built on high-end technology, the code quality, features and functionality of the software solutions make us a one stop solution for all your needs. We provide you enterprise mobility solutions, mobile-based applications help you in tracking all the operations that are happening on the business front. With a range of white label solutions to meet your needs, we provide you customization services that can help you in reducing the cost of digital transformation.

Technology Stack

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AmazonS3SSH Access

Why Choose Us?

Custom software development for building the best horse racing handicapping software requires some humongous capabilities. You need technology experts that understand the domain and know how to leverage the available technology to build tailor-made solutions. Also, building a software solution is merely a start, you need people that can take your business forward by providing you scalability and flexibility to adapt to the changing business scenarios. Here is how we do it at AIS Technolabs.

whitelabel solution
Expert developers

Hire developers with more than 7 years of experience in building high-end software solutions with modern features, tools, and technology.

turnkey solution
Scalable Solutions

Scalable solutions that offer you flexibility to increase the functionality of the software, helping in meeting your growing business needs.

whitelabel solution
On-demand Customizations

On-demand customizations of white-labeled solutions, hire developers that have the experience in betting software development.

turnkey solution
Enhanced Security

Enhanced security, robust solutions, no security breaches, buy the best white-labled solutions or get custom development services.

whitelabel solution
Cost-effective Solutions

Futuristic software solutions that help you in meeting your business needs that also don’t burn a hole in your pockets.

turnkey solution
Timely Delivery

We make sure the software solutions are delivered in the decided timeline which ensures there are no cost elevations.

turnkey solution
24 X 7 Support

24X7 support in case there are any issues with the software solutions. Call, chat, mail all throughout the year to seek any help.

turnkey solution
Maximized Profits

Maximized profit with futuristic and technology driven solutions that helps you manage your business better and reach a wider audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, we provide third party APIs integration into the horse handicapping software. We provide expert and secure integration which helps you in increasing the capabilities of the current software without having to worry about the quality of the software and functionality.

A. Yes, you have access to the advanced analytics, you can also get more tools added to the analytical panel in case you need something specific for your business to meet your growing needs.

A. Yes, our handicapping software has a collaborative report on all the races that happen on the global landscape. People can also place various types of bets on these races.

A. Yes, there would be a detailed admin dashboard. It would provide you with a complete analytical report and help you in keeping track of all the activities happening over your platforms. Also, you can customize the dashboard as per your growing business needs.

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