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Horse Racing Betting Software

An all-in-one horse racing software that helps you in managing your betting business better with the essential tools and data analytics.

Get hold of the industry leading horse racing platform with power-packed tools to manage your gambling business. We provide you white-labled and custom software solutions that help you in integrating technology backed-solutions to your traditional ways of working.

Our software products ensure better business management, incredibly high productivity, and unparalleled transparency in operations. AIS Technolabs is here to take your business to the next level. The white-labeled solutions are easy to customize and offer a user-friendly interface.

Innovative and cutting-edge, our solutions help you drive maximum customers and increase your profitability by offering the benefits of gaming technology and tools in a sophisticated betting environment.

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Horse Racing Betting Software

The Best Horse Betting Software Developers

The world is evolving at a fast pace and the digital revolution has taken over the world. No more irregularities in the work environment, glitches in the operations, unmanaged risks — digital salvation is here. As a leading horse betting racing software company, we provide you custom-built software products that fit your business needs. Our cost-effective technology solutions are superior in security, data management, speed and performance.

AIS Technolabs is a leader in technology and betting software. We provide you the best custom software development services, which allows you to cherry-pick the features that are utmost important for your software. The software products provide you end-to-end digital assistance and help you perform important tasks such as marketing, strategizing, promotions, fund management, customer relationship management, database management, content management and more.

Secure software, mobile app based solutions and indefinite customization possibilities, choose AIS technolabs for the best horse betting software development. We are a cost-effective solution provider for your all needs.


Horse Betting Software

We love technology and the wonders we can build using that. Contact our technology experts today for sharing your unique idea of horse racing betting software and we would like to share our ideas on it. Here are must-have features of a horse betting software that you would get in your product built by us.

Engaging Design

We provide custom UI and UX design services that allow you to build an engaging user interface. Visually stunning elements, user-friendly design, intuitiveness, makes it an amazing solution.

Several Betting Types

We build our software solutions with several betting types, this makes it easy for you to serve multiple customers. Diversity in the betting software also allows you to get the needed edge in the competitive environment.

Live Betting

Live betting software that provides real-time updates to the admin, super admin, bettors, and make horse racing more engaging, and entertaining. Our software products are highly secure and robust to take thousands of concurrent requests at a time.

In-app Advertising

In-app advertising add-on allows you to run in-app ads by strategically collaborating with other businesses for the promotion of their products and services and get a percentage of their profit from the lead generation.

Social Sharing

Social sharing integration which allows your customers or admins to share the content posted on your site with their group on whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Multiple Language Support

Global business plan? Have a product that supports multiple languages allowing your users to change the content language as per their native preferences.

Multiple Digital Currency Support

Our software solution with digital currency support, allowing your players to use various types of money-like assets to make safe, secure and transparent transactions.

Agent System

Agent system that helps admin and super admin perform various activities to manage and operate your business. We provide you a custom dashboard with all the necessary tools, pinned securely to the software.

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Benefits of Horse Racing Betting Software

Horse racing betting software helps you in gaining the needed visibility in the operations. The world of betting is very dynamic every moment counts and you cannot miss out or miss perform at any given time. A secure software would allow you to stay robust at the times of cyber attacks. Furthermore, it gives you the capabilities to run a business on a global level. It reduces the need of human intervention, at AIS Technolabs we incorporate AI, ML based solutions for data collection, management and analysis. Horse racing betting software by us would help you gain an edge in the competition. Here are some amazing benefits of our horse racing software:

Risk prediction tools

A safe and secure gambling software that offers unparalleled experience to your players and offers high-end risk management tools such as caution notification, betting limits, news, etc.

Software Solution

Built by seasoned developers, our horse racing software solutions are highly customizable to meet your growing business needs at all stages of the business lifecycle.

Call Center Solution

You are a priority for us, reach out to us anytime of the day with all your concerns about the software we are only a call away to assist you.

Rapid market access

Give a boost to your betting business with our software solutions that allow you to get a global reach in the competitive environment, our solutions are loaded with marketing tools.

Mobile App

Our horse racing app betting is a feature-rich provider that helps you in breaking the chains get more productive in the management of the business, it features real-time updates, security and more.

Our Exceptional

Horse Racing App Betting

Horse racing app betting is a powerful android and iOS solution that allows you to gain users in the smartphones segment. It is a feature-rich and secure solution which comes with power-packed performance. The mobile application development process is proven to provide results in a competitive environment. We centrally work towards providing you custom solutions that have the scalability to serve you all throughout your business lifecycle.

Mobile apps help you in reaching millions of horse racing enthusiasts and bet through your platform. Secure payment integration, real-time updates, infallible infrastructure and user-friendly design, our horse racing app betting solutions are incomparable.

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As a leader in the technology domain, we believe we are differentiated because we have in-depth industry experience. To build robust solutions for something as dynamic as betting, requires you to have a deep understanding of all the touchpoints at which different user personas interact with the product. Bettors, admins, super admins and more, we understand the innate use of various user personas and endow the product with essential features.

Feature-rich, secure, super customizable, our products are the best in the horse racing betting segment which meet the growing needs of the businesses and allow them to thrive on the technology. We provide complete support post development, believer in long-term relationships we are the best software development company for horse racing software development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, if you have the source code of the software product, we can customize the product to fit your business needs. We can help you add features to the software, make design customizations and more. Connect with our technology expert to know more about our services.

A. Yes, we provide the best backend support, we make sure the product is always up and running, we also provide special product maintenance services.

A. Yes, our software supports all the major racing tracks and it has various types of betting options.

A. Yes, we provide on-demand customizations. Share your project with us now to get a free consultation from the technology experts and a free quotation.