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HTML5 is a user interface technology, which not only brings new techniques helping developers in solving the technical problems quickly but also become an emerging approach for web development. If you are looking for basic as well as advanced HTML5 developments, then you are at the right place. We, at AIS Technolabs, offer both trendy and conventional strategies for the HTML5 web development. The websites and Apps built are incredibly secure, efficient, fast, and also provides scalability. The HTML5 development services offered by us act as a bonus for our valued clients.

AIS Technolabs is the reputed HTML5 Web Development Company that provides HTML5 web application development services and delivers secure, cross-platform, and sustainable web solutions for the venture. As a HTML5 Application Development Company, We leverage the latest and best framework of HTML5 such as PhoneGap, SproutCore, AngularJS, and Ember.js for building innovative and ingenious HTML5 web solutions companionable with various platforms. Some other technologies used by our skilled team at HTML5 Application Development Company are SilverLight, MYSQL, JQuery, Python, Joomla, Apache Server, PHP, Java, and many more.

As a HTML5 Development Company, we provide simple, powerful, and responsive HTML5 design and advanced services, apart from a number of HTML5 sites you own or your business point of view. We as a leading HTML5 Development Company, ensure that we provide you a perfect product and outstanding development service is delivered from our side. Moreover, our HTML5 Web Development Company provides fast and reliable support with 100% satisfaction to the clients. We offer an optimal solution for your industry as a trusted HTML5 Web Development Company and help you in reaching a great height in today’s digital world with the help of HTML5 website development services.

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As a HTML5 Development Company, we understand there are many things to be considered along with HTML5 web development solutions. So, below are the reach and unique features delivered by our HTML5 Development Company to make a robust HTML website.








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HTML5, the latest version of HyperText markup language proves to be the best for the web designing and development industry. Many new features of HTML5 web app development permit you to make more interactive websites. Here are some essential benefits of HTML5 website development services:


The HTML5 website development services offer clean code that is easier for the developer, and it also helps in improving visibility on the search engine. Moreover, HTML5 website development leads to high ranking whenever the content is easily understandable by the search engines.


In the previous version of HTML, the developers of HTML are forced to use third-party plugins for playing audio and video such as SilverLight, Adobe flash player, etc. It became confusing and was more prone to errors. But after the HTML5, the problem is solved as HTML5 web app development supports audio and video.


It is the most important benefit of HTML5 web app development services. HTML5 web app development services offer cross-compatibility among various web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, and chrome.


Nowadays, the website needs to be mobile friendly with the growing needs of the mobile market. HTML5 web app development allows you to develop apps and sites for different mobile devices.


Improved accessibility is one of the main advantages of HTML5 web development services. In HTML5 website development, the readers can easily read the contents and understand the tags without any problem.


HTML5 web application development uses offline application cache for local storing web application content and code. So, these apps can be accessed offline without having any internet connection.

HTML5 Web Application Development

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To Our Esteemed Clients

AIS Technolabs as a leading HTML5 Application Development Company offers various HTML5 web application development services that you have been searching for accomplishing it. We involve skilled, experienced, and professional personnel for providing best services for HTML5 web application development. Our capabilities and services include:

Website development

Our HTML5 Application Development Company provides secure, scalable, and high-quality custom HTML5 services for the development of the website. You can trust our HTML5 Application Development Company, no matter whatever your requirements are.

Apps testing

Our experts at HTML5 app development company, do proper testing for your HTML/HTML5 apps. The testing carried out by our HTML5 app development company is based on various parameters for ensuring bug-free apps.


We as a renowned HTML5 app development company also provide HTML5 portability services according to your requirements.

PSD to HTML/HTML5 conversion

You can give any design or format for a PSD file, and we will convert it into highly designed HTML5 & CSS markup. We will code your PSD file into Google-friendly, high performance, and pixel perfect HTML markups as a leading HTML5 app development company.

Mobile Apps

We offer various HTML5 services for the development of mobile applications as a trusted HTML5 app development company. It helps in serving better for mobile users.

Apps support and maintenance

Along with the app development, we also provide full HTML support and maintenance services to our esteemed clients.

UI design and prototyping

According to your business requirement, we have a skilled team of professionals for providing HTML5 UI design as well as prototyping.

Shed light on our working procedure as a

HTML5 Web Development Company

The working process of our HTML5 web development company is effortless and effective. We try hard to meet the expectations of clients and also make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. The whole process of HTML5 development involves the following steps:

    Firstly, share your needs properly for the development of apps for your enterprise.


    In this stage, our skilled and expert developer will thoroughly review the requirements of your project. Also, we provide you a quote as well as fix the time for delivering the whole project.


    As the name suggests, all the development process occurs in this phase. A professional project manager will be allotted to your specified project. Hence, by noticing all the requirements, the development process begins.


    We have an expert team of Quality Assurance professionals. During this stage, testing is done. Our Quality Assurance team helps in testing the site on all devices, platforms, and modern browsers. In short, the compatibility of the site is checked on various parameters.


    This is the last as well as the final stage of the whole development procedure of making HTML5 web applications. After an accurate Quality assurance test, we finally deliver you the project.

We, AIS Technolabs provide you the best approach by providing you secure, fast, and responsive web solutions. With the advancement in technology and devices, it is mandatory that your apps or site perform well on multi-platforms without any trouble. Get in touch with AIS Technolabs and our expert team for inquiries, project quotation, or want to chat. Please fill the required details mentioned below, and we will respond to you within one business day.


The whole process begins whenever you contact us with your preferred requirements. Firstly, we analyze your needs and then revert back to you. After further discussions, the development process starts.

The time limit of any web application generally depends on the requirement. You can tell your preferred time limit so that we will be able to attempt to assemble the website in the given deadline.

Yes, you can choose the developer of your own choice. We provide you the selected programmers’ resume, and you can select from the preferred programmer for your project. You can hire dedicated resources on a full or part time basis for exceptional HTML5 development services.