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HTML5 Game Development Company

HTML5 is an efficient mark-up language for software, web app, and mobile app development. This framework has numerous tags and rich capabilities that allow developers to build digital miracles.

If you wish to invest in an advanced gaming platform backed by this impeccable language, hire a worldwide renowned HTML5 development company like AIS Technolabs.

We have years of expertise and experience; we house the best HTML5 game developers who can help you build engaging gaming experiences for desktop and mobile platforms. Our custom-tailored solutions offer a fully-entertaining gaming app enriched with smooth gameplay, high-quality graphics, and exciting storylines.

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HTML5 Game Development Company

HTML5 Game Development Services Offered by AIS Technolabs

HTML5 is an advanced game development language optimizing the development time. As a trusted and well-established HTML5 game development company, we use this language and develop highly interactive and eye-striking HTML5 web games.

We deliver customized HTML5 game development services to precisely serve our game requisites. Our developers associate with you in real-time and develop enterprise-grade gaming apps that are responsive and robust.

We offer many HTML5 app development services to bring the best outcomes to your table. Have a look!

Get Feature-Rich HTML Games in Your Favorite Genre

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Multiplayer Game Development

If you want your game to be enjoyed by multiple players simultaneously, come to us. We develop multi-layer games capable of handling innumerable customers. From Ejabberd and SmartFox to WebSockets API, we develop real-time games in all.

3D and 2D Game Development

Hire our reliable HTML5 app development service to get interactive cross-platform 3D and 2D games. Our proficient team uses WebGL and JavaScript API to develop games in distinct genres and addictive gameplay.

Sports Game Development

From basketball, and volleyball to soccer, cricket, tennis, baseball, and all other kinds of sports games are developed by our professionals in HTML5. We excel in developing the trending fantasy sports game as well.

Action Game Development

Our action-packed HTML5 games use martial arts, weapons, fists, and other means to keep users engaged and test their reaction time. We can add even more exciting features to increase user engagement as per clients’ needs.

Educational Game Development

We develop custom-based learning games in HTML5 for audiences of different age groups. Our educational games are focused on making learning easy and fun for kids and adults alike. Based on various grades and pedagogical concepts, we develop the games.

iOS Game Development

We develop immersive and playable HTML5 games for the iOS platform that really impress the avid gamers around the world. Our games, backed by the HTML5 framework, are easy to maintain and update seamlessly.

Android Game Development

Using our expertise in HTMl5 game development, we develop incredible Android games in all fields with cross-platform compatibility, outstanding design, features, etc. It is based on the open standard to evolve according to needs and interests.

HTML5 Real Money Game Development

With the craze for real money games increasing, we can develop the best game in this industry within a budget and in little time. Your users will love the gameplay and earn significant cash.

Puzzle & Strategy Game

We offer brilliant puzzle and strategy game app development services that take the player’s gaming experience to the next level. We create various levels with exciting features so that gamers can choose their preferred level.

Mobile Game Development

Get yourself a customer-centric mobile gaming app in HTML5 and other web technologies. Each app is developed using technological and professional expertise and focuses on your potential target audience. These games are easy to manage and upgrade.

Games Updates & Maintenance

We offer extensive maintenance and support services. Our experts provide regular updates for your HTML5 app and website to ensure that it runs optimally and is always free from technical challenges and errors.

Sports and Simulation Games

We can offer you various sports and simulation games featuring exceptional functionality and eye-striking graphics. Our HTML5 games are flexible, and you can customize different functionalities as per your choice. These games are adaptive and work on any platform without changing codes.

Benefits of Game Development in HTML5


We develop game that are compliant to all screen size, resolution, requirement, and aspect ratio. Gamers can paly this game on smart gadgets and web browsers seamlessly. Regardless of code, you can deploy it on any platform.

Quick Development Process

HTML5 allows fast game app development. From compilation and debugging to updates, everything is done in real-time and at a fast pace. With all the useful features and functionalities, also HTML5 enables rapid development.

Easy Deployability

Users can view games in HTML5 in all browsers and share them easily using a link. Developers are required to code once, and you can deploy it across various platforms. No need to install or configure game packages.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The HTML5 game development focuses on the gameplay so that it adapts easily to distinct screen sizes. The users can access the game across multiple devices without installing or downloading additional plugins.


A single HTML5 code is apt to target distinct operating systems. With a few adjustments, it is possible to modify the screen size, and this makes HTML5 a cost-efficient language.

Easy to Maintain and Update

HTML5 uses a single code base, which makes it easy to update and maintain. The upgrades are displayed on all leading devices and portals as soon as the developer introduces updates on the server.

Get HTML5 Games with Eye-Striking Graphics from Experts

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