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In the last couple of years, video-on-demand services have taken the market on Strom. People across all age groups and demographic profiles are looking for video-on-demand services. As a result, there are many companies that are investing to create their own on-demand service platform.

AIS Technolabs provides comprehensive solutions for video-on-demand services. Our developed solutions support both web and mobile platforms and can easily be downloaded from the app stores.

Using our video-on-demand services you can easily add, manage, publish, and broadcast your video among a wide range of subscribers. We help you to launch your own video streaming app like Hulu and earn a quick return on your investment. Our experienced and dedicated design and development team provide the optimum solution based on customer demand.

We enable you to launch your one demand gtvideo stream platform like Hulu within the hortest period of time. You can easily engage and monetize our ingeniously developed video streaming app. We are capable enough to develop apps like Hulu matching the exact need and requirements of our customers. Our developed TV apps like Hulu are completely white-labeled and can be branded as per your need.

We Provide The Best In Class Video Streaming Service With Our

Hulu Clone Script

Core Features Of Our Developed

App Like Hulu

Uncompromising video
streaming experience

We help to provide your customers with an interrupted video streaming experience on the web & mobile. The users can also select the video streaming quality as per their requirements.

Responsive solution

Our developed Hulu clone scripts are responsive in nature. The on-demand video lets you access video content through a diverse range of devices like mobiles, pcs, tablets, iPADs, etc.

Advanced video distribution

We provide advanced video distribution service to help you get your OTT video to nearly any platform with the lowest rebuffer rate.

Managing the video content

We give a comprehensive solution for delivering personalized management of video content. Our Hulu clone app allows you to upload, transfer, and maintain your content very easily.

Hassle free web hosting

We provide a trouble-free web interface for easy uploading and managing all of the video content. We ensure that your website has videos available on-demand in just a few minutes.

Efficient distribution of the video

On our TV apps like Hulu Managing and distributing video through your own platform and device is very simple. We have a readymade framework for the creation of a network for video distribution.

Publication of the video

We help to deliver complete end-to-end automated video publishing across multiple platforms. Our developed apps like Hulu in integrated with easy publishing tools.

Integrated analytics tool

Our developed Hulu clone apps are integrated with the analytics tool. The admin can use it to find out the number of views, location details of the subscriber, and most-watched videos, etc.

Video discovery tool

One of the most unique features of our Hulu clone app is a video discovery tool. Users can easily search for any video using it. Also, it will provide suggestions to the users as per their view history. This will help you to engage more with your customers.

Monetization of your platform

Our online video-on-demand apps like Hulu enable you to monetize your video content within the shortest period of time. We make sure you get the best of the returns in the shortest possible time.

Audio streaming

We also enable you to start your own audio streaming service inside the tv apps like Hulu. With our experienced designers, you can now easily launch your own audio channel with on-demand services.

Multi language platform

Our developed tv app like Hulu can be integrated with multiple languages. This will enable the customers to spread their business across any country.

Ais Technolabs Your One Stop

Solution For Mobile App Development

AIS Technolabs provides top of the class mobile applications with all modern and high demand features. We plan, design, and build mobile applications with innovative functionalities to create personalized mobile applications of high quality.

As an experienced mobile app development company, we recognize smartphones and use their functionalities, screen sizes, and technological capabilities for developing user-friendly solutions.

The advanced and easy-to-use applications from AIS Technolabs are suitable for both iOS & Android devices. With our rich branding, web, and online marketing experience we help companies to take advantage of the huge opportunities offered by video streaming apps.

Our experienced and capable mobile application development team builds attractive, functional, and intuitive user interfaces to use the capabilities of mobile devices and their reach. With various operations systems, devices, different display sizes, and unique features, AIS Technolabs has developed several Android apps like Hulu and provides solutions for unique challenges. Our design and development team always deliver you the Hulu clone app solution on time and help you to get the early movers advantage.

Usp Of Our Developed
Hulu Clone App

Customized Solutions

We develop the Hulu clone app as per your exact requirement. Our designers help you in developing a solution with specified content, design, and layout. We make sure your video-on-demand service is developed in accordance with the market demand and your business need.

High-end Security

We develop our video streaming apps like Hulu with topmost security features that prevent any kind of hacking incidence. Our developers ensure secured transactions in your app and complete the safety of your content. All our developed solutions are built with the most advanced technologies and always make sure complete safety and security of your user data.

Seo Friendly Platform

SEO plays a critical role in tv apps like Hulu. Our delivered solutions our SEO optimized with search engine friendly title and description which help you to improve your SEO performance.

We ensure that our delivered Hulu clone app is SEO friendly and easily be found on any online platform. Our developers also integrate necessary keywords in the Hulu clone script, so that you can receive maximum organic traffic from major search engines.


Who will own the source code of the Hulu clone?

We will provide complete ownership of the Hulu clone script to you. You can modify the clone script as per your requirement. This will also help you to add or delete any feature based on the need.

Can the subscription fees be modified

Using our admin panel you can modify the subscription fee of the app like Hulu as per your desire and need. You can also send push notifications to your entire subscriber base by using our module.

Is there any limitation on the number of subscriptions for the tv app like Hulu?

There is no limitation on the number of users on our developed Hulu clone app and you can allow an infinite number of users. You can also put a cap on the number in case you want to limit the user count.

Do you provide upgradation support post launch

Yes. We do provide up-gradation support post-launch. We develop our Hulu clone script in such a way that any upgradation can easily be achieved.

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