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Ignition poker, though a late entrant, has got a vast audience across the world. Ignition poker enables the player to play against the whole pool of players across the network. It provides the right balance between recreational and commercial players. Ignition poker software offers something unique every time they play, which encourages a lot of players to play the game.

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The ignition poker game has attracted a large set of online casino enthusiasts, leading to a massive desire for private label poker software. We, at AIS Technolabs, provide the world’s best poker software for ignition. Our gaming specialists provide you a captivating and highly usable online ignition poker game to attract online gaming communities across the world.

AIS Technolabs is one of the most trusted ignition poker software developers who use the latest technologies to provide you the poker software with impeccable quality. We emphasize the fundamental principles of the gaming development process, which not only include sophisticated and innovative technologies, but also the highly flexible and elegant design layouts.

Hire the Most Trusted Ignition Poker Software Development

As a leading game developer agency, we can integrate the most advanced features into your gaming solutions. We provide round the clock technical assistance for all your queries. Our experienced developers and designers ensure that you get the ignition casino software as per the latest trends in the market. Whether you are an existing gaming operator or looking to set up an online gaming application, we provide the perfect customized solutions based on your needs. We have got the desired knowledge and expertise to provide the best solutions in the market.

Exciting Features of Our Customized Poker Software for Ignition

AIS Technolabs is one of the leading online poker game solution providers. We deliver the most efficient solutions for all those people who are planning to launch their own poker software for ignition. Our attractive gaming animations, visual treatment, and realistic sound effects help to make your ignition poker game an enjoyable experience. We take care of all customized requirements of clients and produce the most unique solution in a professional way. Our poker software is built on the most secure platform so that the players can play the game without thinking about any other things.

We Ensure Our Ignition poker software Comes With The Most Thrilling User Interface That Helps Get Many Players On Board. Our Ingeniously Developed Software For The Ignition Poker Can Be Created In Different Variations. We, As A Leading Developer For Poker Software For Ignition Design, Our Games In Such A Way That It Can Be Updated At Any Point In Time. This Helps You To Offer The Latest Versions To The Players. We Empower You To Develop A Game Where Multiple Players Can Play It At The Same Time. We Employ Both 2D And 3D Modes In The Gameplay As Per Your Requirement. These Real-life Simulations of Our Gaming Application Help to Bring a Good Number of Gamers across All Demographic Profiles.

Top-Class Features of the Admin Panel Make Our Ignition Poker Software an Outstanding Performer

  • Admin Dashboard

    With a rich dashboard offered by us for the admin, it is absolutely simple to manage distinct game aspects like existing and new events, messages, game related details, and others.

  • Manage Users

    No matter how many users you have, you can manage each of them efficiently using this feature. It lets you easily access user’s details like registration, winning amount, profile, and more. Also, you can generate systematic reports.

  • Game Management

    Our game software renders seamless management capabilities making it a breeze for the admin to manage distinct game aspects like duration, reports, and others.

  • Payment System

    With the most secure payment mechanism integration in our software, you always enjoy a safe and smooth payment system.

  • Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

    Managing your money in your game’s account is extremely simple. You don’t have to perform lengthy operations and can even keep a track of previous details.

  • Chips Management

    We ensure delivering a rich gaming experience. For this, one exclusive feature for the admin is to add and remove chips at any time as per requests by the users.

  • Game Setting

    The admin enjoys having full control to alter game settings and define new policies and rules for the game as per wish.

  • Private Table

    The admin can establish distinguished tables and tournaments for the players from a single focal point of management.

  • Rake / Admin Commission

    Playing with our software is an absolute peace of mind as the admin does not have to worry about earning commission amounts. This amount automatically gets deducted from the winning lot of the players.

  • All Chips Report

    To ensure the admin is able to save most of his time, we have made it convenient to generate and manage details regarding various chips in the game. The record of total and pending chips can also be maintained.

  • Rake Limit

    Setting new rake limits for each table and tournament is permitted to the admin only. Hence, the game is equally entertaining for the admin.


Let Players Enjoy Thorough Entertainment with Exceptionally Laid Features of Our Ignition Poker Software

Get Thrilled with Amazing Additional Features of Our Ignition Poker Software

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Club Management

Keep offering your players something new by regularly creating new clubs and assigning new members to the same. Enjoy splendid management capabilities for each club while your players enjoy a great experience.

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Authorized Poker Script

You never have to worry about using our software as it is a certified gaming solution. Our poker script is licensed to be used in all countries across the world.

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Random Number Generator

Absolute game transparency is maintained by our experts with the use of RNG certification. A winner is always selected randomly and through an automated process resulting in a fair decision.

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Host Unlimited Tables And Players

Our team of skilled developers offers a rich source code using which it is possible to easily host unlimited numbers of players and tables. It is possible to invite players from all parts of the world.

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Live Video

With this exclusive feature, the players can record live videos of their game anytime. It is possible to share the recorded videos on various social networking platforms.

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Multi-Language Support

With various language support, it is possible for the players to play the game in their preferred language.

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Multi-Currency Support

Our experts have built the Poker software that supports multiple currencies. The players can select their preferred payment option and we will integrate that.

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In-Built Game Engine

Our game engine is a highly powerful one that makes it extremely simple to record and manage various game data and logics without third party support.

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Progressive Web App

The PWA integration in our software ensures you have a wonderful time free from interruptions and complexities.

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Agent Module

The game can be enjoyed playing in various modules such as Rake Commission, Child Agent, Master Agent, and Super Admin. A different percentage share can be fixed for each module.

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Global Gaming

We encourage participation of the players from worldwide. Hence, players from different parts of the world can register with us.

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Multiplayer Game

A charismatic gaming time is rendered by our poker game as it lets you play with innumerable players at a time.

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Live Chat

Our poker software for ignition can be integrated with chat features. This helps the players not only to talk with each other but also to chat with the support team in case of any issues.

We Furnish Robust Ignition Poker Software Delivering a Range of Immaculate Benefits

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The poker software for ignition developed by us provides instantaneous action. Our unique poker design helps to redirect the player to a new table as soon as he completes the game. This helps to save a lot of time and effort, and results in better revenue for operators.

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Own Your Code

When you buy our poker game, you get access to all its codes, features, and controls. Moreover, you can make new changes to each and every element as per your choice.

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Pay in Installment

We offer a highly affordable solution to our customers. Payment for the poker game can be made every month in installments.

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Undisclosed Identity

Your player can play our developed ignition poker software in incognito mode. This enables them to play the game without revealing their identity. This encourages a lot of casual players to play the game.

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Percentage Bar

The users can set different percentage bars for each game and challenge. We aim to let our clients enjoy the highest revenue value while their players have a great time!

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Analyzing Old Games

Ignition poker software can be developed in such a way that it helps the player with reports on old games. This helps the players to analyze the old games and decide the future strategy based on the same.

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Node JS

We present you the best gaming software based on advanced Node.js technology. The back-end and front-end system of our game is user-friendly and offers immediate access to all game controls and aspects.

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You enjoy a smooth bi-directional communication and rich gaming time with us as our game is supported with promising Socket.IO technology. The overall experience is highly engaging and entertaining.

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Build with Unity 3D

We have a team of skilled developers who offer most powerful and innovative poker apps and features developed using Unity 3D.

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We ensure offering the most relishing experience to you and for this we follow a strict CI/CD process. Our poker script is updated regularly using this process to maintain the best quality.

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Our experts have efficiently used the Docker technology to let you enjoy a scalable, portable, and secured time while using our software.

Our Ignition Poker Software Gaming Solutions

whitelabel solution
Whitelabel Solution

The Whitelabel is the most effective solution to an online poker game with the ultimate unique offerings. we offer whitelabel solutions for poker gaming.

turnkey solution
Turnkey Solution

Turnkey poker game solutions provides you with the complete package for the poker gaming needs, which Is essential for the robust online poker game.

cryptocurrency solutions
Cryptocurrency Solution

Cryptocurrency poker solution is a distinct product in the field of the gaming arena. In this solution, a secure cryptocurrency payment system will be itegrated with poker game solutions to protect all the fraudulent activities.

We are Masters in Building Build Ignition Software for All Platforms

desktop version
Desktop Version

Grabbing attention of desktop players will be much easier now as we offer you the best poker software solution. Enriched with wonderful features and impeccable capabilities, our game is an ultimate solution for the global players. Be it Windows, Mac, or Linux, the gaming experience is the best!

mobile version
Mobile Version

Our developed Ignition poker software is playable across all versions of mobile devices. We as a developer make sure that the player can play the game anytime and anywhere.

web version
Web Version

Loaded with rich visuals, engaging gameplays, and user-friendly interface makes the web version of our poker software an incomparable treat to the players. Partnering with us not only helps you become a successful game entrepreneur but also ensures you get the best bucks in your pocket.

Our Premium Upgradation and Customization Services are built to Serve Your Pro Gaming Idea

You can continue to mark hits in the competitive gaming arena only when you keep your existing players glued as well as easily attract new players. This is possible when you keep offering them a refreshing treat regularly. As a lending game development company, we offer advanced upgradation and customization services to our customers at economical prices. Our service allows periodic customization of each aspect of the game as well as introducing new upgrades. Game graphics, challenges, gameplay, controls, and more other aspects are renewed regularly to let you maintain your promises to the players.

Our Experts can Address All Kind of Gaming Requirements in the Most Proficient Manner

Why Choose Us for Ignition Poker Software Development?

Trending Features

With innovative and trending features, our software offers the players an entertaining and pleasant experience of playing the game.

Achievement Badges

Our online poker solutions are having achievement badge features. This encourages the players to play more and unlock different achievement badges. This makes sure a high retention rate for your loyal set of players.

Exciting Challenges

In our online gaming solutions, the players can challenge each other. This makes the gameplay experience more exciting and encouraging for the players.

Cross Browser Adaptability

Our ignition casino software supports cross-browser functionality. This enables the player to play the game across any device at any time.

Best Value for Money

We offer the best value for money solutions for game operators. Our online poker solutions provide the best features with optimum pricing. Also, we deliver the solutions quickly so that you get the return within the shortest span of time.

AIS Technolabs Your Gaming Solutions Partner

AIS Technolabs has got the required experience in the delivery of customized poker game development tools, including poker software, mobile apps, and websites. We have vast experience in delivering the best-in-class online gaming applications to operators who want to join the online gaming industry and who want to have a wide pool of users in the least amount of time.

Our committed and professional team has got extensive knowledge in the development of the most innovative and user-friendly applications for gaming. We make sure that all our gaming applications get featured on the app store and play store. Our gaming application boasts of efficiency, innovation, and creative design for the ultimate satisfaction of the players.

We, at AIS Technolabs, provide the most comprehensive range of game development services which consists of conceptualization of the game, designing, and development of the game, the launch of the game, and post-launch technical support.

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The readymade poker solution offered by us is one of the best one available in the entire gaming industry. But still, we assure that our offerings are affordably priced and aligned keeping the current market situation.

Yes, we do offer after delivery support to ensure you are able to run your app and site flawlessly on all platforms.

The time required for project submission after customization depends on various factors like numbers of customizations, technology preference, features and functionalities to alter, and others. Still, we assure to offer the best in the shortest span of time.

We welcome all modes of communication. You can send us an email, visit our office, or contact us through our number mentioned on the website.

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