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Develop the most significant grocery delivery platform famous as Instacart clone application using Instacart clone script with the multifunctional features. Our Instacart script is designed using top-notch features and technologies to handle multi vendors at the same place. Instacart clone provides the grocery delivery services for the individuals who bothers to visit supermarkets.

Our team of Instacart clone application has developed the most compatible Instacart clone script, which helps to start a hassle-free business. Our Instacart clone application is 100% customizable, and it will only be developed as per the client’s requirement.

Exclusive Features of

Instacart clone application

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exclusive features of our Instacart clone script.

Groceries at Doorstep

The orders placed by the purchaser would be delivered to them at their doorsteps, and this is possible using a GPS tracking system.

Live Tracking

The customer can track their order once it gets placed. The map will guide the customer to track the order from the beginning until it reaches the specified address.

Wide Range of Products

There is a wide range of products displayed in the Instacart clone application. Also, ordering from the nearby supermarkets is possible, but only those stores are listed in the app.

Comfortable and Secure
Payment Gateways

Payment can be made in various ways that suit more to the users. There is cash on the delivery system available so that customers can pay by cash at the time of delivery. Also, credit cards and e-wallets systems are integrated for the payments.

Promo and Referral Codes

Admin or the owner of the supermarkets can give different offers by promo codes. Special discount offers can also be availed.

Push Notification

This feature is a real-time feature. It notifies the users regarding the orders, tracking, and products. Simultaneously also notifies the drivers for the delivery.


The client has the right to provide feedback using comments or ratings. Rating and reviews assist and strike as a helping hand in providing the authenticity in quality of supply.

Add to Basket

Allow the customers to buy groceries and place an order through the Instacart clone application. This feature lets the client make payments and buy the items with secured payment options.

Licensed Source Code

Admins are availed with licensed source code so that they do not need to wait for any modifications or changes they need. The code is yours so you can change whatever things you need to.

Sign in / Register

Simple login and register option using any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more. Once the user gets logged in, then they can order multiple times.

Search History

Users can search for particular products or particular vendors. Also, browse from the past orders is possible using the search option.

Newsletter Management

Admin is allowed to send mail to the registered customers regarding the promotional offers or any other information.

Working of
Instacart Clone Application

Purchasers sign in and get register to the Instacart clone application. Once they get registered, they are allowed to place an order of the products they wish to buy. They can even add products to cart option. In the cart, options products can be added/removed according to the user’s choice. The delivery boy then goes to the store to pick up the order of the user and delivers it to the mentioned address of the purchaser. On a basic, there are differently 3 portions of Instacart script, mainly customers, admin, and stores.


he customers are informed on their cell phones through notification regarding the live status of the order, trackings, or for the payment options. They receive the things physically they ordered. Also, they can pay for the order the way they are comfortable.


Instacart clone script allows the store owners to accept the order and target more customers bringing their shop online. The script is integrated with elite features for store manager which helps to run business hassle-free.


Admin can handle the overall app through an admin panel in a click. They have the right to access for adding /removing the products, handling the payment gateways, applying the promotional codes, etc.

Advantages of
Instacart Clone Platform

The advantage of choosing AIS Technolabs for the development of Instacart clone script is there is already base ready. The website clone architecture that is used in developing cutting edge clone scripts is scalable, robust and also it can be developed as per the requirements of the client.

Instacart clone script easily allows developing a website at a cheaper cost than Instacart. Better Instacart clone script possess basic features that allow you to compare the shores with the prototype, but it is not enough for the website from which you plan to make money.

So, we provide a base platform of Instacart clone script, which makes all your requirements fulfilled. It is highly customizable and expandable.

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Grocery Store Delivery Application

In today’s era, where people run after achieving their goals and maintaining personal and professional relations, they cannot spare time for the day to day activities like buying groceries or other household chores. For this Instacart like the app is the best aid which will provide the facility of ordering and getting things at their doorstep. This type of service-oriented business is sure to achieve massive fame as nowadays everyone is turning towards these services as this gives them a sense of relief and time is saved. As an entrepreneur investing money in such an app, we are bound to achieve growth and success over a period of time.

Best Instacart Script
for Online Groceries

When any business is targeting one specific group of customers, it becomes necessary to have a tailored fit application so that it can be designed such that clients’ requirements are fulfilled and it is possible with our Instacart script.

Choose Encrypted websites for E-commerce websites
When we start a service-oriented business, the most vital part of the business is its website or app, which consists of a significant part of the cost, and we have separate Instacart script for both.

On-going maintenance
Most important is after sales and service in which we hold expertise as we believe in providing our clients with maximum satisfaction for the money which he has invested. We believe in providing support from start to end.

Revenue Model
Every business is undertaken to earn profits. Our script model will help in earning maximize profits with minimum expenditure.

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