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Get Your iPad eBook Published Through One Of The Best ibooks publishing agency

If you are looking for a reliable ipad ebook publisher, you can depend on AIS Technolabs.

They have been into the publishing of the e books on the Apple devices for long.

You will be able to read the ebook on the iPhones and the iPads. These devices are very popular and the number of users of the Apple products is increasing day by day. It does not matter whether you are the author or the publisher. We work for both.When we publish the books flawlessly on the Apple devices, it will be available to millions of readers all around the globe for reading.

Publishing eBooks on iPad?

People are preferring the e-format of the books more than ever. They do not need to purchase the bulky books. If someone wants to read a book while travelling, he need not carry it. Just opening the Apple device will make the book ready for reading before his eyes. The e-books and e learning solutions now have the potential of better earning than the traditional printed books. We are ready to publish the e-books for your benefits. You can have a looks at some of our published e-books also.

When you go for the publishing of the eBooks with using iPad, you will get the benefits
  • You can use a common channel for communicating with your readers.
  • You can easily locate your readers in the future for selling your books to them.
  • The readers find it very convenient to buy the books.
  • Downloading of the books is also quite simple.
  • Since the iPad has larger displays, the user finds it easy to read the books on an iPad.
  • There are certain inbuilt apps which also makes it comfortable for the reader to read the ebooks.
  • The ebooks are downloaded the maximum from the Apple store.
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Connect With The World Through Our Services

The first and the foremost that you have to do is to locate an iPad Book Publisher, who can satisfactorily publish your e-books. At AIS, Technolabs we can provide you with the best e-publishing solutions. We have been doing the ebook publishing for the writer and publishers all around the globe. The Internet market is huge and with the help of an IT solutions provider company like ours; you can unleash the potential of this huge market. There are huge numbers of readers who prefer to use the advantages of the web to read books on different topics rather than buying physical hard copies of the items.

Get More Benefits Than Direct Publishing

You can go for direct publishing of your books through Apple on your iPad. You can get the iTunes app for the producer by downloading and make the samples of the books yourself. You can also come to us for your ebook distribution. We, at AIS Technolabs, will do the spadework for you. The process becomes far simpler. You are allowed access to large distribution networks. You can enjoy a large number of services through the epublishing activity. We have our in house experts of publishers who will guide you through every step to get your book published.We will ensure that your book will gain sufficient attention.

Added Services of Add on Features

We offer all the related services at a very competitive rate. So you need not be worried about keeping a huge budget for epublishing. We will give you added services of add on features that will aid in the further marketing of your ebook.

It can be for services like more of publicity and editorial support. We will allow you to include unique features of certain inclusions such as the inclusion of audio clips and high-quality pictures in the books. We can arrange for easy control of your content and editing if you may so require. We can also provide customized services with relation to your ebook publishing. We will do it for you accordingly as you spell out your needs.

Get Excellent Pricing & Royalties

Working out the pricing and royalties is one of the most complex jobs that have to be done. There are certain online bookstores that sell the epublished books. We make the tie ups with best online retailers that can fetch you the best royalties that will depend on the sale of books.

Get The Emarketing Done by The Right Agency

Marketing your epublished books is very vital for you to get a return out of it. Through the marketing activities, people come to learn about your books and get inclined to buy them. We offer you a wide variety of these marketing services to maximize your book sales. These are expert services which can accelerate the growth of sales of your ebook. The first thing for the marketing activity will depend on the book cover plan. This will create the first impression on the reader’s mind when they see the ebook. We will help you creating a compelling book cover design from the inputs of our excellent designers. We will also help you in placing relevant images and designs in the book to enhance its appeal.

Avail our services for iPad ebook publishing and enjoy a new experience of book publishing in the digital mode.

We will Give you The Best Ebook Publishing Services

It is very important for you to choose the best ebook publisher. Getting the right one can make your task lighter. The epublisher will take up the full responsibility of the publishing and allied activities, and you will not have any headache with it at all.