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IPTV Software is a video broadcast technology that delivers the video content over the computer networks. IPTV technology always uses converged IP networks that allow other services like computer data exchange, VoIP, or internet access from the same network.

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other ITC trends fits perfectly into IPTV Software. Our developing IPTV solutions offer on-demand videos, live TV streaming, and much more with the highest quality and great user experience.

Our experienced IPTV Developer provides the unique solutions that will use the minimum bit-rate so that the admin can serve the maximum audience with the lowest possible bandwidth requirements.

IPTV Developer

IPTV Software What We Offer

We are a top-notch provider of IPTV Software well known for our precision and absolute business management solutions. We know our client’s needs, motto, and concerns, so we are highly committed to helping our clients realize their full potential. With our IPTV Software Development either in single or multiple-office configurations, the owners can make the entire process affordable, easy to set up, and simple to maintain and customize over time. We add transparency between the teams as well as stakeholders, helping them to work together better, thus improving the overall performance.

Features of IPTV Software Development

We are experts in developing IPTV Software as per Client specifications. IPTV Software Development can enable businesses to spread awareness about the upcoming events and new launches among a huge Internet-using audience. Some essential features are discussed below:


With IPTV Software Development, the admin can add pay per view, subscriptions, and ad insertion with targeting on the users. They can also add the billing system and integrated with payment systems, third party, as well as generate payment reports.


Streaming or video servers are fully responsible for pushing the content over IP through standardized protocols. The streaming server is integrated with the middleware, head-end, Automatic Content Preparatory Mode, CA, and much more.


Our highly skilled specialists give timely technical support to our valued clients whenever they require. They are always ready to solve all the occurred issues and answer their questions.


IPTV component is capable of carrying all the business logic and responsible for managing interfacing all solution components as well as players like Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, set-top box, Integrated Access Device, Billing Content Management, DRM, and much more.


Our Company provides HLS protocol adaptive streaming support to our clients. The IPTV technology gives a perfect image along with the highest possible quality that is auto-tuned according to the internet speed.


We provide complete customizable design along with the domain name and logo insertion to our clients. The clients can easily add or modify the control settings as per their needs.

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IPTV Development: We Give You the Best Solution


Our team of skilled developers can provide modified IPTV Development services for individuals or businesses seeking to create and brand their own streaming channels or applications. We follow the best industry practices in order to improve product quality.

Depending on the requirements, we suggest solutions, which are modified and customized for each client. We offer end-to-end IPTV app solutions for benefitting the client’s business and offering them a competitive advantage. We can offer live TV streaming, games, etc. with superb quality and best-in-class user experience using our IPTV Development solutions.

Our Dedicated Developers that Can offer the best solution to the clients that can serve the maximum users with lower bandwidth requirements. Our strength is converting an idea into a full-fledged workable and usable Software solution. We discuss the business requirement with the Client to recognize what they want to achieve through the Software, then design and develop Software solutions tailored to the Client’s business needs.

At AIS Technolabs, our IPTV developers get involved in the entire project lifecycle, including project management, systems analysis, and design, development, deployment, implementation, hosting, training, and maintenance. Even, our IPTV Developer can create personalized channels for cooking channels, Faith-based networks, music networks, and many more.