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We welcome you in our team if you have a burning desire to commence an online entertainment business in the form of Smartphone apps. It is also perfect if you already have an idea in your mind or you feel inspired by existing similar apps like JibJab.

AIS Technolabs appreciates your idea to build a JibJab clone because our technical professionals have experienced the power of this amazing mobile application. JibJab is a big player in the field of digital entertainment, having a large team of artists, designers, and technical professionals. They have been trying to make people happy for years with the use of technology and the art of storytelling. The ecards, political and social satires, StoryBots, and music videos are some of the elements of the JibJab app that show the class of this amazing app.

JibJab Clone

What is special about
the Jib Jab app ?

The concept of Jibjab is enough to prove that we can use the advanced technology to entertain the audience. With JibJab, you can play with a lot of funny pieces of stuff like gifs, ecards or music videos. It is real fun when you share your picture and invite your friends to add in ecards or gifs. Further, you can save the image or you can share via email or through your preferred social websites. You are just required to be a subscriber and after that, you can create or share more than 1200 premium ecards. Also, the JibJab app contains more than 1000 Gifs that are absolutely free to view and share. After the integration of iMessage, the users can share GIFs and create funny videos in less than a minute. Still, owners of the app are looking to introduce a number of new features to entertain the users.

apps like jibjab
Benefits of apps like JibJab

Benefits of apps like JibJab


With a talented team of technical experts, JibJab owners are handling projects successfully. Moreover, their idea is working because the people are having real fun by using the app.

You would have the same benefits if you decide to develop something imaginative and funny like Jibjab. By emulating the JibJab application, you just increase your chance to attract more visitors and users.

Finally, apps like JibJab have every feature to entertain the people and a similar concept would have no reason to witness a failure. Thus, we understand that you are inspired to develop a better concept and we promise to deliver you an ideal JibJab like app.

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Why AIS Technolabs to build a

clone of JibJab ?

First of all, we, as an iOS and android application development company, have mastery in the art of developing a messaging app and if you give us an opportunity, our talented developers can develop a clone messaging app just as per your needs. Clearly, the app made by us would have the features of the JibJab app but we let you freely share your ideas as well.

As a unique selling point, you get our assistance in the selling and marketing activities while you are trying to promote your clone JibJab app. We have a separate team of professionals for this purpose.

In addition, our team includes a number of professionals to check the quality of the code to make it bug-free. Furthermore, our experts try to add some extra features that are emerging as new trends. It obviously means you will not have just an ordinary clone app.

The total time of the overall development is decided after our team member and you have initial talks. After that, we try to proceed according to the decided timeframe. Our experts are never late to deliver the project.

Build A Clone Of JibJab

AIS Technolabs provides every reason to smile when you have to cope with the competitive app market because we build every project uniquely and hand over only when we are completely satisfied with the quality standards.

The Cost of the Project

Usually, our customers do not complain about the quality of the application because our experienced professionals make every effort to offer top-rate solutions. Also, they are extremely satisfied after making a deal with us because of the affordability of the solution.
JibJab and similar apps are leading the digital entertainment market and still, there are a lot of opportunities for the newcomers. Obviously, the users may need more entertaining stuff in the near future and it would be a perfect decision if you jump in this field at the right time. In brief, entertaining the people with funny apps is a current trend to follow and it is more convenient with our assistance.