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React Native Developer

3-4 Years


Salary : 35000 - 55000 INR PM

Openings : 3

Posted : 11-05-2024

Employment Type : Full-Time
Industry : It Service Based Industry
Job Description :
  • Ability to build apps and websites that are extremely sensitive.
  • Bug-finding and bug-fixing abilities.
  • By eliminating the restriction, you can increase the efficiency of a close-to-native program.
  • Ability to retain easily understandable code.
  • Create automation checks to make it easier to test the software.
  • The opportunity to use native APIs for tight integration through all frameworks.
  • The opportunity to turn a React Web App into a React Native App entirely.
  • React native is being used to create new user-facing functionality.
  • Creating interchangeable front-end modules and repositories for potential use
  • Creating high-quality programming from prototypes and wireframes
  • Elements are optimized for optimal efficiency on a wide range of web-capable platforms and browsers.
Education Requirements : Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or similar.
Skills :
  • Object-Oriented Programming skills.
  • Complete understanding of JavaScript and the ability to articulate script that is both optimized and functional.
  • Ability to write well enough and easily understandable JavaScript code.
  • Knowing of third-party requirements and troubleshooting any dependency problems that might arise.
  • Knowledge of native build software such as Xcode, Gradle, and others.
  • Offline storage, REST APIs, and the document request model are all things you should know.
No of Openings : 3
Experience Requirements : 3-4 Years

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