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Experience : 2 – 5 years

Key Competencies

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Google AdWords, PPC, Pay Per Click, Bing and Yahoo Gemini, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Optimization (SMO), Email Marketing (Only on Mail champ) Google Analytics, SEO Analysis, SMO, Lead Generation, Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Research, Website Promotion, Google Analytics, Content Optimization, Email Marketing, Google Adsence, Doubleclick, Link Building

  • Generate leads via using different digital marketing techniques.
  • Engaging to customers by Content Marketing.
  • Managing the organic ranks of the website.
  • Managing Social Media Marketing Promoting and sharing content, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Google Plus.
  • Increase traffic on websites immediately via reddit, stumble, delicious etc.
  • Hands on experiences with Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Adwords
  • Managed Social Media Marketing.
  • Expert in developing strategy to get traffic and quick SERP ranks.
  • Expert in online earning methods such as AdSense, infolinks, and other affiliated marketing systems.
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