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One of the most fun and challenging online games is Keno. This is similar to the lottery, but the prize is comparatively bigger. Every time a contestant wins, he or she gets the ticket number and the prize money. The game never ends since you are the only one who is playing, and thus, there is no disappointment since you do not have to repeat the whole process once you win. Also, the winning number is always added to your account.

We at AIS Technolabs creates cost-effective Keno gaming software that mesmerizes every player to have a few fun-filled hours. Our gaming designers follow an established, transparent process to ensure that a highly polished project is delivered. We learn your project vision and help you to fill out the details before writing the project scope. We will then send you all the work along with the cost and timelines to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Our team will also contact you to provide you up-to-date information and ensure you can monitor your precious idea’s development into a world-class product. Before the project is implemented, you undergo several quality controls. Our team is always there to support you and ensure that we supply you with a fantastic product that you will be proud of.


    Keno software supports various payment gateways and can be integrated easily with the chosen one.


    Simple UI is one of the key features of our Keno game software. This also ensures easy accessibility by one and all.


    Keno software, which is designed by us, can be easily integrated into current systems.


    Detailed market research before the production of every software helps us to deliver the latest features.


    Our Keno software can be customized as per need of the user. We design our software in such a way that it fulfills all your requirements.


    We ensure that all our gaming software is in line with the rules and regulations of the country where it is operational.


    The Keno casino software provided by us supports multilingual interactions.


    We use most advanced tools to develop the state of the art Keno software.


Explore the possibilities of Keno games


Our Keno software provides consistent and accurate results, offering players the chance to win often and profitably.


Versatility is the other name of our produced keno software. Our Keno software works on a wide range of platforms and is easily adaptable to a different range of devices.


With a one-time purchase, you get lifetime access to Keno game software. Also, the cost of purchase is such that owners can easily afford it.


In today’s world, post-sales service is one of the essential aspects of any business entity to survive. We provide all kinds of post-sales support to ensure that our Keno software works smoothly.


We provide 24×7 technical support for all our Keno software. Our dedicated professional team is capable enough to solve all kinds of technical problems.


The Keno casino software provided by us are upgradable and can be used in future versions as well.


With our state of the art technology services, our Keno  software are one of the most reliable predictors of outcome.


Our Keno game software is straightforward to use and widely used by different players across the world.

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Keno Casino Software

We offer cutting edge design solutions and immersive technologies for Keno software.


We use state of the modern technology for developing our gaming solutions. All our Keno software is manufactured using the latest tools and contemporary design techniques.


Our Keno casino software has a simple user interface. We design the layout, keeping in mind our customer base and customize it as per their needs.


Schedule of the delivery of different modules of Keno software shared with the customer. We make it a point to deliver the product as per the defined timeline.


Being a Keno game software company, our pricing structure is very transparent. All our gaming solutions provide satisfaction for our customers because of our focus on transparency.


We provide complete post-sales support for our Keno software.

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We provide our gaming solutions across the world. We build the design of the answers as per the local demands.

We keep the story simple and logically meaningful. We create compelling visual elements, such as graphics and animations, and essentially deliver the product as per the need and demands of the customer.

The timeline of development for each product depends on the type of product. We make sure we meet the deadlines and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

We do provide 24/7 technical and maintenance support for all our customers across all geographical regions.