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Khan Academy Clone Script

Khan Academy Software

Online mentoring has excellent value and has a high demand in the current times. To impart cutting-edge training and to mark a presence amongst the other rising online education platforms, AIS Technolabs’ Khan Academy clone script has been built with accuracy and competence to confront the modern-day learning challenges.

The Khan Academy software is an e-learning management system that enhances the educational experience, letting the student take ownership. The software also enables peer-to-peer teaching where each student gets educated interactively based on exploration. It is an optimal solution for online training that benefits both the users and the web host, resulting in a steady functional experience with its comprehensive list of features.

Khan Academy Clone Script

The unique modules and attributes of this software bring more value to the process of learning. The software is compatible with all modern day technology advancement, and is a highly streamlined script created to offer a hassle-free online training experience for the user. As the software is developed by industry-veterans, it is developed keeping in mind future use, so that it sustains for a long time in the market and offers a viable business opportunity.

How does
Khan Academy Clone
help students learn e learning management system?

Khan Academy Clone

The Khan Academy script of e-learning allows students to move through subject areas at their own pace and interest. A feature to replay the video or content will enable them to go through something that they do not understand again.

The eLearning reduces students’ stress of in-person confrontation when introduced to the material. Therefore they find it easier to learn at their own pace without fearing being judged by any external person.

It helps students review their understanding of the content as and when they want without feeling embarrassed about the same.

The content of the Khan Academy script instills excitement, and a sense of wonder and this sense of wonder is the highest goal that motivates students to learn better.

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Features of the
Khan Academy clone Software

The Khan Academy source code and underlying software platform is sophisticated and has tools that show the completion of a module or course. The dashboard displays mastery in subject areas and areas not mastered for a particular subject with the help of badges. It provides real-time data analytics to identify specific areas of difficulty for each student to the teachers/coaches.

The Khan Academy website is secure to sign in, and the Khan Academy website template is even easier to comprehend and use. It encourages mixing of ages and peer to peer mentoring.

This e learning solutions has abundant multi-functional features which have been integrated after studying numerous online educational websites.

  • Attractive user interface with responsive design to support all the mobile devices
  • Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google apps)
  • Integrated Video conference, virtual classroom
  • E-Portfolio
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Gamified Learning
  • Virtual Programming lab
khan academy source code

AIS Technolabs Advantage

AIS Technolabs’ Khan Academy clone is advantageous in several ways. It is equipped with instructional videos, exercises and a learning dashboard that gives its users the power to study at the pace they wish, both inside and outside the classroom. We aim to enable coaches of all kinds to understand better what their children or students are up to and how best to help them.

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