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Raising money or finding contributions for the cause you believe in had a completely different outlook in the past. Reaching out to donors individually was not only challenging but the resources offered were limited. With the availability of limited resources and a pressing need to create miracles on a daily basis, success was hard to come by. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and social media, fundraising and raising awareness has taken a new shape. We create powerful Kickstarter script that helps both individuals and groups seeking funds about people’s plight, education or any chosen charity.

About AIS Technolabs

We are a team of creative experts in the field of innovation and marketing. We are in the business of building solutions for your business needs. Our team of experts is keen to create the best Kickstarter clone as this is one of the most rewarding sectors to work with. For us, there is no better way to make a difference in people’s lives.

kickstart script

Kickstarter clone script

If you are looking to build your own crowdfunding platform or be a medium to pool funds and resources in order to fund a project and support a cause then creating a Kickstarter clone script is the right choice for you. Our Kickstarter clone script comes with many advanced features and a highly responsive interface to serve your purpose in a clear and crispy way.

Kickstarter video script

We know that you want to make your fundraising campaign a great success and the best way to do that is by creating a Kickstarter video script or otherwise called a promotional video. We help you in writing a powerful Kickstarter video script that is compelling, concise and clearly tells your story.

Kickstarter website template

Your website lies at the heart of your fundraising efforts so we strive to create the best Kickstarter website template. We see that your website scales with our project over time. Since your Kickstarter video script is most important part of your campaign we feature your website template with a video section in the most essential place.

Kickstarter clone PHP

Our Kickstarter clone PHP script can be customized as per your requirement. Whether you are a fundraiser, donor or backer from the crowd you can begin by registering your account with valid email address and password and create projects to raise funds from a crowd of investors.

kickstarter video script

Donor Engagement:

While working with fundraising projects we understand the need to successfully engage and nurture the trust and relationships with your donors and supporters alike. Cultivating and working to create such donor engagements may be difficult but surely not impossible. We will help you whether you are advertising yourself, including a call to action in your activities, curating content or even creating urgency. At all times, we’ve got you covered so you can build strong lasting donor engagements.

Ideas and Innovation:

With change come innovation, creativity and incentives for improvement. Therefore, you can create and maintain your ideas and innovation for developing your fundraising projects. We will help you set up an innovation centre so that no idea goes unnoticed.

Designs and Templates:

We build designs that are functional helping users navigate easily and without having to be explained. You can choose from a wide range of templates we’ve built showing the glimpse of your fundraising vision and larger, these templates are mostly practical and still look great.

Mobile friendly:

Unlike the many websites with poor responsiveness, we do our best to create a highly responsive Kickstarter clone script that looks great on different devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile in order to provide a quality user experience to both website and mobile users. In turn, this will help in ranking your fundraising script high in search engines so donors and supporters can easily find you.

Conversions and Optimization:

We build your Kickstarter clone PHP with a clear vision and purpose in mind so that any user who visits your website can turn into a supporter for your cause. In addition to this, we also help in providing you with potential improvements whenever needed for your old processes so you can restructure and eliminate any useless processes or steps. By doing this, you can reach a step closer to your fundraising goal.

Events and Campaign management:

It can seem like a hassle when they aren’t handled smartly. Therefore, we integrate better event management into the Kickstarter fundraising clone to easily create, track and manage events. In addition to this, we see that your sponsorships, attendance, mailings associated with the event, revenue goals and figures, and event expenditure details are maintained and in one place for you to look up when needed.

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