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Creating a presence in the digital arena is not an easy task. To garner benefits for your business from the online revenue generation potential requires certain skills and strategies to be put uprightly.

One thing is obvious that no business wants to limit its reach to a particular geographical location and its market base. To get rid of this shackle of geographical constraints online promotion and customer reach comes as a natural option.

Website and mobile and tablet-based apps provide that essential digital touch to your business. These awesome platforms provide a wide market reach to your business and help you in exploring revenue generation options in markets that were earlier beyond your geographical presence.

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To get these solutions developed and to assure their smooth run is something that provides success to your business. Delivering up to the demands and aspirations of your clients and users (for both website and apps) is a crucial part in terms of the success of your business.


Most of the users out there love to browse a quick loading & responding websites and apps so as to avail the services smoothly offered by the firms. Nobody wants to be tucked with a website that takes a minute or two to load.

LAMP stack development comes as preferred and sustainable option for firms to get all these things incorporated in their web development solutions.

LAMP stack programmers and coders are hired by firms to provide LAMP stack programming based web development solutions.

These LAMP stack developers also provide necessary assistance in other aspects related to website development to the firms as well. Firms look up to software development companies for the services of qualified and trained LAMP stack developers to bring them effective software and development solutions.

LAMP stack developers are hired through their respective software and development firms that offer comprehensive software solution packages to clients. These LAMP development also offer their services in freelancer mode as well.

Business firms opt for freelance LAMP stack developers in case they have a limited or constrained budget for their development needs.AIS Technolabs is a well-known name in terms of web and software solution development. We house expert and professional LAMP stack coders who have excellent command in terms of development and are known to handle complex coding solutions in almost all coding languages. We, serve you the best possible solution as per your needs and desire.

Lamp Web Development


The LAMP stack web development workers in a similar way as that of MEAN stack web development. Unlike MEAN stack (that refers to set of JavaScript-based technologies) LAMP is based on Linux to develop dynamic and responsive websites.

The term LAMP in LAMP stack programming is an acronym which spells out as:

L: Linux, operating system

A: Apache, web server

M: MySQL, relational database management system

P: PHP, object-oriented scripting language

The term stack in LAMP stack web development signifies the four layers of L, A, M, and P. LAMP is an open source web development platform which makes it a preferred platform among firms looking for flash web development solutions.

AIS Technolabs offer you LAMP stack based web development services as per your business needs. Custom modification and need-based services is something that we commit you to deliver as a part of our services.

Lamp Software Development

LAMP software development has become a more so preferred and popular development mode these days. There are a number of benefits that LAMP software development offers.

Some of the benefits of LAMP software development are:

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    Scalable solutions in terms of both website and apps

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    Freedom of customization during and post development

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    The LAMP code is platform independent and can work on a range of Operational System

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    Fast and easy development

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    Secure and encrypted solutions


Our Lamp Stack Development Process

understanding requirements

  • Brainstorming

  • Requirement Definition

  • Hypothesis

  • Conceptualization

wireframing and designing

  • Risk Identification / Assumptions

  • SRS Document

  • Milestone


  • Customer Journey

  • Data Analysis


  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • UI/UX Design

  • Usability Testing

proposing solution

  • Screens & Features

  • Tech Stack Define

  • Coding & APIs

  • Quality Assurance

  • Iteration


  • Environment

  • Deployment with Defined Standards

  • Migration

support maintenance

  • Support Team

  • Maintenance

  • Review

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AIS Technolabs

At AIS, we deliver a number of solutions to our clients working in various domains. Working on the code development, source code development and online app development as per the need of the client is what we offer.

Knowledge of coding and development in more than one language and the ability to deliver complex coding solutions in time bound manner makes our developers the right choice for your software and IT needs.

We offer you the following benefits as your LAMP stack development company:

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    Professional LAMP stack developer on board

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    Coding in the script as per the choice of client

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    Open source coding to be done if a client calls for

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    Standardized coding protocols are adhered to

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    Designing needs along with development are catered in sync

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    Smooth connect for the users

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    Clients to be updated from time to time

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    App-based development solutions are also provided

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    Smooth linkage for App-based solutions

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    24×7 technical support

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    Cybersecurity needs are also taken care of

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    Smooth user UI/UX

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    Customized development solutions

Business owners and businesses can get in touch with us if they need solutions for lamp development, code development, open source code apps, game development, clone apps or clone script based apps, or for a mean stack development company.

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