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People love to play the lottery because of its unpredictability and ability to surprise. With the advent of mobile and internet technology, more and more people are getting attracted to online lottery games. Online lottery games provide convenience. As a result, an increasing number of people are preferring online lottery games rather than standing in line to purchase physical tickets—the new age lotto software helps to play the game at your convenience.

We at AIS Technolabs provide you the best solutions for online lotto software. Our online lottery software explores unique business models that remove the constraints related to real lottery. Our online lottery systems are genuinely leveraging the user experience and provide a new dimension to accessibility. We have got multiple years of experience in producing market-defining games. Known for our success on the global market, we are developing state-of-the-art matches for our consumers and enabling them to succeed on a long-term basis.


We have a team of expert developers who carry out and complete consumer response analysis along with the study of all necessary technical aspects. Our mechanical support systems satisfy all kinds of gaming needs of our esteemed customers. We’ve created a lot of popular games that have generated excitement among millions of game lovers worldwide. With the help of our business associates, we explore untapped markets and provide unique solutions for different online lotteries beyond physical boundaries.

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Creating Best Lotto Software Canada Is What We Do

Our Lotto software in Canada is among the best in the market. We have got a unique set of ingenious apps that are designed to create unique UI. Our compelling design also helps to drive loyalty towards our produced lotto software in Canada. We have the provision to purchase more than 20 leading online lotteries using our online platform. Our lottery platforms can be accessed across different devices, be it a mobile, website, or physical installation. We provide our clients with a unique product along with all services which help to make their online lottery business a huge success.

Live Data
Multilingual Support
Flexible Ticket Purchase
Multi Draws
Draw Management
Marketing Tools Integration
Unique Voucher Codes
Comprehensive Reporting

We maximize the satisfaction of players by providing them live data. Also, our lotto software is having the provision of support and instruction in different languages. By offering four different ways to play the game be it single entry, multi-draw, subscription or as a syndicate member, we provide ultimate satisfaction to players. This unique option of playing the game through different modes help to increase revenue for operators. Muti draw play helps the user to play the same game across the week which proves them a better chance to win the game and bigger revenue for the operator. The integration of marketing tools is also available in our solutions which helps to produce a comprehensive report. Features like draw management and voucher codes of our gaming solution are a big draw among game lovers.

AIS Technolabs- The Best Lotto Software In Canada

Why choose us

Lotto software provided by us is built with the motto of the ultimate user experience and best returns to the operator. Our unique set of solutions and gaming products are exclusive and produced by following the most comprehensive production process.

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    Certified developers-We are licensed and certified to provide Lotto software in Canada. We have produced hundreds of Lotto software across Canada.

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    Global reach– Our gaming solutions have a forum for purchasing lottery tickets for the biggest and most thrilling official lotteries in the world, irrespective of the position of the customer. This helps us to become the best lottery software provider in Canada.

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    High uptime– We ensure that our lotto software Canada is up and running all the time. In case of a problem, we provide the quickest solution so that there is zero downtime.

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    Best quality solution-Quality control is an essential part of an effective manufacturing process. Our lotto software in Canada is ardently tested to ensure the product is of the best quality.

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    Custom branding– We build the most advanced form of lotto software with different themes for each game as per the requirement of the client. Also, white label solutions can be branded by the customer with their logo and identity.


Leverage The True Potential Of Lotto Software In Canada

Provide your users with the best lotto software in Canada with our cutting-edge technologies. Our vast experience in delivering market-defining gaming solutions is the key to leverage unprecedented revenue growth, huge conversions, and market-leading profit margins. Our gaming solutions can easily be integrated with your existing systems providing you an all in one solution.

Exclusive Features Of Our Lotto Software

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Subscription Model

Online Lotto games provided by us are having the unique option of taking subscriptions from 4 weeks to 1 year. This way, the customers can get a discounted entry price, and you can earn a larger revenue.

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Data Security

We offer a smooth and secure lotto gaming experience serving thousands of happy players. Our game developers use best in class digital security certificates along with SSL encryption to provide you the most reliable solution.

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Unique Benefits To Players

Our Lotto software has the provision to purchase multiple tickets. This unique proposition of combined jackpots helps to make larger profits for the operator by increasing participation.

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Integration With Any Terminal

As a leading Lotto software in Canada, one of our focus areas of operation is flexibility. Our gaming solutions can be integrated with any terminal, and operators can install this game at any place of their choice.

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Single Draw Entry

Single entry is the most attractive feature for the new players. Our Lotto software has the most comfortable single draw entry. It has got a unique feature using which the player can choose the number manually or can select from the random numbers. This helps to get more new players.

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Sign Up Bonus

Our Lotto software also offers cashback on signing up. This joining bonus helps to attract new users.

AIS Technolabs

Top Notch Lottery Solution Provider

We have a very talented group of designers and developers who work hard to provide creative solutions. We are not satisfied with anything short of the ideal. With a high degree of professionalism with strict time-limitation and an optimum balance of experience and enthusiasm, we deliver the best gaming solutions. Our lotto software in Canada has been developed as a completely customizable solution that helps to provide ultimate playing experience to the user.

Our software designers are following a proven, transparent process so that they can produce a highly polished project. AIS Technolabs has got a massive amount of experience in developing online lottery solutions and is one of the most trusted online lottery software providers. Our team has ingeniously designed and built a state of the art platform that enables individuals from around the world to compete in the best online lotteries.


Our lotto software solutions are integrated with multiple payment gateways. As a result, the user can make the payment without any difficulty.

Our online lottery solutions are available across mobile, web, and physical installations. Our mobile apps are designed in such a way that the user can leverage all features of the game.

Yes, our online lottery solutions support live streaming of the results.

We provide a complete lotto development solution, including management and hosting services.

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