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Ludo is a highly popular game on AppStore and PlayStore right now, but you require a great amount of technical experience and in-depth game industry knowledge to offer an application that meets the modern-day gaming needs.

The craze and excitement of Ludo is seen in every age group of people. If you are looking for Ludo game source code for Android, Windows and iOS devices, hire AIS Technolabs allowing you to launch a chartbusting Ludo game application for global user engagement.

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AIS Technolabs is a globally top recognized gaming app development company that aces the development of ludo games. We have built more than 150+ games for our global clientele, including US, Canada, Australia, UK and other parts of Europe. With our technical prowess and out-of-the-box thinking, we have delivered the world some of the most popular multiplayer and single player gaming applications with online and offline accessibility.

Also, we offer you a powerful ludo game unity source code that is built in high-quality to offer a feature-rich gaming experience to your users. Using these high-end quality tools and advanced technology, we turn the current gaming trends into something unique, powerful and a media rich UI.

Mode of Ludo Games

Computer Mode

Ludo king source code allows users to get into a fierce match of ludo against computers through online accessibility for one-on-one or multiplayer ludo matches.

Local Mode

Allow your users to play Ludo on your application offline with 6 players with an easy pass n’ play option.

Multiplayer Online Mode

Ludo multiplayer source code allows players to get into an out-of-the-box gaming experience with people from all parts of the world through internet accessibility.

Multi-player Private Mode

We also provide you with ludo multiplayer source code for multiplayer private mode gaming, allowing your users to play ludo games offline with their close group like with their Facebook friends.

Pre-built Features of Ludo Game

  • Play Online Head-to-head Match

    Ludo game unity source code with astounding features and graphics to allow head-to-head matches between players.

  • Profile Management

    Easy profile management settings allowing users to integrate their social media accounts, provide their information and manage their profile well on the gaming application.

  • Dashboard Management

    iOS and android ludo game source code with essential admin features and tools to manage your game through dedicated admin for dashboard.

  • Leaderboard

    Ludo multiplayer source code with real-time leader board updation facility allowing users to track their progress and share on social media their wins.

  • Game Play Setting

    Ludo king source code with game play settings allowing users to make changes in their gaming environment for better engagement.

  • Audio Setting

    Bring more ease in gaming by allowing your users to manage the audio of the game improving user experience on the app.

  • Theme Setting

    Ludo game source code with multiple themes allowing your users to change their gaming environment as per their preference.

  • Invite And Play With Your Buddies

    Allow your users to invite their friends for a fierce and fun ludo match using messaging applications and social media.

  • Push Notification

    Interact with your users using push notifications allowing you to keep them engaged with your app and higher retention.

  • Online / Offline Mode

    iOS and Android ludo game source code allowing your users to get play ludo online or offline allowing you to capture a wider market.

  • Player Management

    Automatic player management on your application, for real-time online and offline game room generation and game play.

  • Create Private Rooms

    Ludo game source code in Android and iOS script allowing your users to create private game rooms to play with their close group.

  • Coin Management

    Ludo source code with an in-built coin management system automatically updating your user’s coin as per wins or losses. Also, they can buy more coins from you.

  • Agent Management

    Agent management game play at the admin dashboard for multiple agent commission management in a single go without increasing your efforts.

  • Daily Bonuses And Free Coins

    Lure more users on your platform with exciting offers such as daily bonuses and free coins on watching ads or something else.

  • Authorized Ludo Script

    Our game development team uses the universally accepted authorized ludo script for global app acceptance and leaving no window for mistakes.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Our built ludo king source code comes with multi-language support allowing your users to interact with apps in the popular native languages around the world including English, French, German, Spanish etc.

  • In-Built Game Engine

    In-built game engine to improve the app performance with respect to speed and real-time app response for better user experience and engagement.

  • Progressive Web App

    Ludo game source code in android, iOS and windows for progressive web applications making it easy for your users to access your app and play games online and offline without actually downloading the app.

  • Full Statistics Tracking

    Allow your users to track their game history, including their loss, wins, biggest wins, coins earned, money spent etc. for better transparency between app and user.

Why Choose Us for Ludo Game Source Code?

Award winning

We are an award-winning gaming app development company known for their native, cross and hybrid application development.


We provide you round the clock support for your gaming application, making it easy for you to resolve any bugs on your application.

time zone
Time Zone

We work round the clock that makes it easy for you to bypass any problems with respect to communication due to time zone differences.

How is The Source Code Operating The Game Play?

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    We make sure all the game rules are coded correctly, so that users do not face any problems.

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    The objective of the game is to get all the four tokens to the home, which is at the center of the board. In the sequence of their reaching home, the players are provided their ranks.

  • circle-icon

    The pawn moves automatically. In case the pawns are not available, the dice moves to the next player.

  • circle-icon

    Pawn killed by the pawn of another player automatically is redirected in the reverse path to their particular houses.

  • circle-icon

    Coins are automatically credited in the user account as per their ranking.

  • circle-icon

    Users can enable or disable music and sound by going to settings.

  • circle-icon

    Intelligent logic that makes the game more interesting. For example, exclusion of 3 sixes in a row, to keep the interest going.

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    Ludo game unity source code helps in adding interesting game elements like dice rolling at the bottom to make the user experience engaging.

  • circle-icon

    If any user exits the game, before completing the game, by default in the 2 player game the other player is declared winner. Also, in the multiplayer ludo source code makes sure that the games with 3 or 4 players goes on without any hindrance after one player exits the gameplay.

Customization and Upgradation

We are one of the best Ludo King developer companies that allows you to scale your products as per your growing needs. For continuous retention of users, you have to constantly make informed and well-calculated changes to improve your app experience and woo gamers from all parts of the world with the intuitiveness of the app. Here are the two things that will get you there.


Easy customization of ludo game source code making it easy for you to penetrate the market with uniqueness, scalability and out-of-the-box app features, without compromising the application performance and user experience of the application.


Ludo source code that is built to match your growing needs to upscale the product as per the new market trends, app R&D, and user demands for keeping your users engaged all throughout your business lifecycle.

Our Expertise in Game Development

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Our Game Development Process

understanding requirements

  • Get in touch with our client to know

  • Understand client’s needs

  • Comprehend the client’s business and its current process


  • Start developing the app

  • Develop main functions and sections

  • Get it reviewed from the client


  • It’s time to deploy the app to App Store

  • Hand-over to client and deploy to client’s server

  • Finally, the app is ready to use for users

proposing solution

  • Proposing Solution

  • Suggesting the best solution in terms

  • Finalizing the suggested solution

  • Preparing blueprint structure


  • Start testing the app

  • Fixing bugs if found any to make the app smoother

  • Get final review from client’s end

support maintenance

  • Support Team

  • Maintenance

  • Review

Technology Stack

Programming Language
Node.js Angular jsUnity 3d
Mongo DBfirebase
AmazonS3SSH Access

Benefits You get When You Choose Our Ludo Source Code

Save Your Time

For any kind of new add-ons, customization, upgradation, or migration work, it helps you reduce time of development, deployment and integration.

Own Your Code

Owning your code gives you complete authority over your product to sell it, seek new partners or make further customizations in the product.

Pay in Installment

With AIS Technolabs, we give you a chance to pay for the product development and deployment in easy installments making it easy for your business.

Node js

Get a pre-built Ludo King Source for diverse platforms built on Node.JS for real-time gaming experience and best front-end functionality.


Own ludo source code built on Socket IO ensuring better package data transfer between devices and internet for better functionality and experience.


Ludo game source code in android, Windows and iOS devices, built using docker technology that makes synchronization between different features smooth and ensures the best gaming experience.


Use of Gitlab CI /CD technique allowing our developers to develop applications and making changes swiftly by continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you share with us your game app idea, our team closely determines what features need to be added, how many developers you will need and how many hours it will take to implement it. Cost of Ludo Game = Total Number of hours X Total Number of developers X cost of developer per hour.

Yes, we provide you support post development. We have a dedicated team of custom support professionals round the clock that can be contacted for any issues faced with respect to functionality or app misbehaviour for iteration.

Yes, as per your project requirement you can choose to hire our expert resources as per your requirements. We offer you to hire our resources on an hourly, weekly and yearly basis to complete your development. designing and deployment work. Also, you can hire them for customization and upgradation.

We are a full-grown game app development company where you can get native, cross and hybrid app development, allowing you to develop either separate applications or a single code-based application respectively as per your needs.

Ludo is a very popular game and people love it around the globe. If you wish to develop an app like Ludo you can choose to go for a native app development or cross-platform app development. For both you can choose to go with Ludo game clone script. It would help you reduce your development efforts and cost.

Building an app like Ludo can cost you somewhere around $25,000 to $1,00,000. It all depends on the features and functionality of the application. To reduce the development cost significantly you can go with Ludo clone script or off-shore development.

Ludo game would have different game modes and other general features such as:
  • Play online head to head
  • Create private tables
  • Invite and play with your buddies
  • Cash/Cashless game
  • Rookie or Practice mode
  • Online/Offline mode
  • Coin Management
  • Daily bounces & Free Coins
  • Game history
  • Chat with the players
  • Auto move system

Our unique clone script development services can help you build a ludo game clone. Depending on your project we would be able to give you a free cost estimation. Contact our technology experts to know more about our services.

Ludo game clone script is a product that can be used as a base of full-fledged ludo application. You can use the product and customize it easily to meet your product needs.

Ludo game clone source code serves as a fundamental component of the application that allows developers to easily customize the product. While buying a ludo clone product, it is necessary for you to own the source code of the application to gain complete control over the product.

Ludo game clone app is a clone product with basic functionality of the ludo gaming application. It helps you in building a full-fledged ludo clone app as it has all the basic features and functionality of the Ludo game.

Readymade ludo game clone software is a software product that has the features and functionalities to manage your ludo game business easily. It is a product that has basic features and allows you to reduce the development cost and time.

Ludo game clone app development refers to building clone products for iOS and Android applications. It allows you to develop a clone app script that functions similar to a ludo game, you can also customize it easily. You can use the product to test new features, build a full-fledged application or sell it as a white label product.

Ludo game clone website development refers to building of ludo web applications. It can be used to build a full-fledged ludo web application. It is easily customizable, and enhances your reach to the web platforms.

Ludo game clone software development refers to building a clone software that has the features and functionalities to manage the ludo game business easily. You can use the product to develop a full-fledged product or use it as a white label product to earn money.

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Yes, there is a huge monetization opportunity in ludo gaming applications. It includes in-app purchases, and in-app advertisements. You can channelize this potential to become a billionaire.

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