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Runs the Taxi Online Business Smoothly and Successfully

Take your taxi business online with the best Lyft Clone Script. With increasing problems of traffic on every street, everyone would prefer hiring a taxi rather than driving by themselves. To overcome this problem taxi app is the best way to accomplish their goals and objectives. Our experts aimed at ensuring that the owners of the taxi industry can provide the best possible taxi solutions to their customers at their preference and convenience. As a result, when the business owners buy the Lyft Clone Script from us, they will be able to offer their users a rich and reliable platform where they can find a ride for themselves always and on-time as per the schedule and in a user-friendly manner. AIS Technolabs offers Lyft Clone comprising all essential features and will allow the clients to run a successful on-demand taxi booking application with not much effort.

Get Feature-Rich
Lyft Clone Script
For Taxi Booking Business

GPS Tracking

Our Lyft clone script is integrated with a GPS to locate the cab in real-time. It helps users to find a cab that is close to them. Moreover, users can select cabs according to their preference and budget.


We provide purely to use and time-saving Lyft Clone Script. Users can customize it according to their preference and as per their service flow. It is one of the simplest ways to mold the application as per the convenience of users. This can save lots of time.

Robust Functionality

The Lyft Clone Script from AIS Technolabs will help to catch up on the market as they are pretty easy to create applications in very less time. These applications are robust and excel on par with the original application in case of functionality.

Fully Automated

We offer a fully automated Lyft Clone Script that comprises numerous coolest features that will make the customers attract the application. Our clone script consumes less time in the development perspective and offers one of the best behaviors of application that needs to be altered.

E-Wallet System

Our script also has a wallet system that helps the customers to add money in there and use it to pay fare after a ride. The user can manually type the destination point to book a cab and need to confirm the ride so that cab will arrive at the user’s place, similar to the Lyft Clone Script.

Clean User Interface

AIS Technolabs provides a clone script application cloned from the Lyft application. It has an excellent user interface that allows users to access services effortlessly. Since it is a clone script of Lyft, it also has some features similar to Lyft.

Multiple User Handling

We offer a cloud-based mobile software solution that can easily handle multiple users at a time. Once the user passes authentication credentials, it will redirect the page to the next one, which is the map module.

Complete CRM

With our Lyft Clone, the admin can easily get a hold of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrated into the app, which is used to keep track of the users as well as engage with them according to the company’s discretion.

Resource Tracking

This feature allows owners to track their taxi vehicles from the admin panel. The admin panel makes this process easier to dispatch the vehicles to designated places.

Fare Management

With this option, the taxi business owners can easily set the fare for each service being provided. Even the entrepreneurs can establish the fare by the activate surge pricing, mile, and many more as per their discretion.

View and Update Ride Details

The riders of the app can quickly view the details of the current ride via our Lyft Clone App. The users can also change the destination while in transit and automatically updates the ride details for the driver.

Driver Document Uploads

This facility helps the drivers to upload their essential documents, including vehicle details, driver’s licenses, and other pertaining documents.

What Exactly is

Lyft Clone ?

Since the concept of online taxi booking is on the boom over the last numerous years, the number of people are looking up for noteworthy taxi Booking app solutions that qualify them to be prominent in the Taxi industry.

Lyft Clone is a fantastic taxi booking script that allows our customers to engineer their Taxi Booking Mobile App for on-demand booking requests, live tracking drivers, and other services similar to Uber, Lyft, and many more.

To support various entrepreneurs and startups to kick-start their own Taxi Booking business with the perfect and best Taxi Booking App that allows them to be prominent in their Taxi industry, we at AIS Technolabs have shaped the best Lyft Clone Script.

How Much Does
It Cost For Lyft Clone Script ?

At AIS Technolab we assure our customers to offer affordable pricing for the radio taxi dispatch system and execution of Lyft like applications. While estimating the actual cost of developing, the platform also plays a vital role. Without discussing more on the pricing for Lyft Clone Script, we dare to focus on the analysis of estimation here to offer our clients the best development solutions in their without mismanaging their budget.

The entrepreneurs and startups to kick-start their own Taxi Booking business with the perfect and best Taxi Booking App that allows them to be prominent in their Taxi industry, we at AIS Technolabs have shaped the best Lyft Clone Script. Moreover, the enterprises can initiate the on-demand market of the taxi business as well as has revolutionized the taxi industry with the help of Lyft Clone Script App.

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