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Make Your Own Slot Machine Game

Slot machine-based gambling is a favorite game that has been helping casinos around the globe to garner some reasonable amount of revenue. The traditional and old love for slot machines has not died away, instead with technological advancement the attraction for the game has only increased.

This profit-generating potential of the slot machine based gambling catches the eyes of people in business and entrepreneurs who aim at taking benefit from this growing wave of slot machine games. An initial step towards venturing into this business would be to make your own slot machine. Now, one has the option to go for online gaming through websites or can call for a real-time mobile gaming app.

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Make Your Own Slot Machine Game
Another possibility of starting a business in this domain of gaming is to install physical slot machine setups and get the customized and programmed software installed in them. Considering the popularity of the game and keeping in mind the wide audience reach, going for an app-based or online slot machine is a good idea as far as business profitability is concerned. Since a physical setup slot machine can only target an audience nearby, your location, online system eliminates the geographical boundaries.
Slot Machine Game Software

Setting up a slot machine requires many tasks to be done like slot machine design, slot machine game programming, slot machine algorithm, slot machine source code development, etc. To handle all these needs comprehensively and professionally, a team of coders and programmers is what that business firms/entrepreneurs seek.

Well, those who have technical knowledge have the advantage of doing it by themselves, but considering the sophistication and multiplicity of elements, the aid and advice of IT and development firms become necessary. Since it’s a question of your business, it is better to avoid any unnecessary risk.

AIS Technolabs as a professional and popular game and app development service provider offers flexibility to the clients concerning solutions as per their needs and business feasibility. We offer you the option of hiring our best programmers on a project to project basis, or you can opt for dedicated and comprehensive development solutions.

Slot machine
design and development

To build your own slot machine is not a one day task that can be done and dusted the moment you think about it. Since Rome was not built in a day the thought of building your own slot machine requires some time before it becomes a reality.

Now, in a business sense, the time taken in developing a slot machine is an investment because it ensures paying detailed attention to each aspect of the project. This time taken would help you reap dividends in the face of smooth and seamless gaming experiences at the user end thus, bringing in more popularity and business.

Slot machine design and development begins with an effective slot machine algorithm that describes the flow of task or sequence in which the development cycle would be moving. Next in the line is the source code and programming of your slot machine.

Slot Machine Design and Development

Now, you can opt for an open source code so as to cut down on development cost, however, proper attention is required to be paid towards cyber vulnerabilities. Design of graphics interface at the user end is another stage in development whereby adequate attention and detail is required.

An attractive and eye-catching user end graphic design is always better concerning engaging the users. All these steps followed in step by step manner leads towards the development of a customized and need-based slot machine.

One can get their desired bitcoin slot machine developed by connecting with AIS. We provide you all the possibilities and options that would help you in saving cost on design and development. Dedicated and professional service is something you can expect from us.

Features Of Admin Panel

Coin / token hopper monitoring
Coin / token hopper monitoring
Manage payout System
Deposit & Withdrawal
Manage Animations
Auto Play
Push Notification
Support Complaint Box
Slot Game Master
Reel Master

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Features of Players

Login/ Registration

Reduce the long registration forms to single clicks through the inclusion of social login options on the platform.

Game Types

Hire the slot game developers that have the experience and expertise to develop different types of games for increased engagement.

Slot Table

Easy joining of the slot tables that allows the players to enjoy betting and wins to make them come to your platform from time to time.

Auto Play

Auto-play feature which reduces the game inputs and allows users to choose the computer to play in lieu of them.

Join Daily Tournaments

Increase customer retention through daily tournaments and organize regular contests on the site for easy wins and increased engagement.


Now winning would not be a difficult task for your players. We give you a bonus included game script that increases the chances of winning more money over the platform.

Create private virtual slot tables

Creating private virtual slot tables that help players to add their friends and family to increase fun on your platform and making them return to your platform.

Easy deposit and withdrawal

Easy deposition and withdrawal of the money through a secure channel provided by a trusted 3rd party payment integration provider.

Uncover Treasures

Make gaming more interesting by adding treasures within the game and increase retention through surprise wins and gaming opportunities.

Win Virtual Jackpots

Virtual jackpots that are placed in the games that increase the engagement on the platform allowing players to win more money.

Premium Access Slots

Provide access to the players that are willing to pay more on the premium slot tables and games that also assure them more return on their bet as the risk increases.

Main Features


Inclusion of zig-zag and straight paylines that crosses one symbol on each reel of the slot machine or different types of combinations of the symbols.


Addition of wilds in the gaming platform that replace the slot symbols by a winning combination, a surprise benefit for the players to win a bet.

Free Spins

Free spin to engage your gamers on your platform to increase their winning chances on their platform for more real money without having to wager anything.


Advanced volatility factor that makes the gaming experience more worthwhile for the players, deciding the wins and losses on the betting platform.

Scatter Pays

Scatter symbol development services are triggered when additional features of the game are triggered. It increases the chances of winning more money and increases engagement over the platform.


Advanced algorithm that helps you manage the money that is flowing on your platform. It gives your players an opportunity to win with a chance of 0-99%.

RTP (Return to Player percentage)

Return to player is an advanced algorithm which divides the winnings on a specific bet. Our robust algorithm offers 0 to 99 percent chances of a return on your bet.

Cascading Reels

Cascading reel feature of the video slot machine, it replaces the winning symbol with the other new symbols to give a player a chance to win back to back.

Expanding Scatters

Expanding scatters require a player to hit the winning payline and get a payout. They can appear anywhere in the game and trigger in a free spin round.

Multiplayer Symbols

Inclusion of a multiplayer symbol helps players to click it to connect with their friends and family and play games for improved experience.

Bonus Games

Bonus games are another addition you cannot miss out on. It keeps your players engaged and retains them over a period of time.

Re-triggering Free Spins

Retriggering features is an essential part of a slot game as it gives the players a chance to set off another round. It works in free spin mode only and gives a wider opportunity to a player for wins.

Gamble Features

Custom gamble features that allow you to increase the chances of win for your players. The chance of winning and losing the game is defined 50-50 in our advanced algorithm.

Pay Tables

Create a comprehensive pay table as a referential list for the payouts. It brings more transparency in the entire process and allows you to increase engagement in the platform.

Progressive Jackpots

You can increase your chances of winning in every game by using progressive jackpots and gambling grand prizes, but you don’t have to bet.

Themed Slots

Return to player is an advanced algorithm that divides the win on a particular bet. Our robust algorithm gives 0 to 99% chances of return on the bet.

AIS Technolabs

AT AIS we are known for providing customized game and app development solutions. To offer solutions in sync with business needs is what we strive to deliver each time a client puts forward its development needs. In the domain of gaming and software development, we have been operating on a defined methodology with a principle of the smooth and effective coding process. To offer our clients better than ever experience we evolve strategies and coding techniques continuously.

Our team at AIS houses globally recognized and experienced coders who are capable of providing customized coding solutions as per the requirements of the client.

We at AIS, commit to offering you the following benefits as your software and development service provider Company:

  • Source code development as per clients need
  • The flexibility of getting your solutions developed
  • Proper slot machine algorithm is at the place
  • Additional services and assistance at a nominal service cost
  • Clients to have an equal say in all the stages of development and design
  • User experience to be kept in mind while developing the UI
  • Ease of payment acceptance and release (to users when they win)
  • 24×7 technical support
  • We adhere to Cybersecurity protocols and guidelines
  • We also provide software installation services for physical setup slot machines

If you are looking for your own slot machine or slot machine programming, slot machine code development, open source code app for slot machine game development, clone app or clone script based app development then you can connect with us on our official website. To register your inquiry, visit our official website www.aistechnolabs.com.