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To Develop Your Own Fully Featured Marketplace Website and App

An online marketplace is a platform where businesses and consumers buy and sell products or services, and transactions are mainly processed externally and to develop such platform fast and robust Marketplace Script is used, using the script you can quickly build buy and sell a website platform, B2B trading website, or an online e-commerce marketplace. AIS Technolabs provides a feature-rich best Marketplace Script to help clients gain a robust online marketplace. Our Marketplace Software is a thoroughly tested platform and is very user-friendly; thus, the admin doesn’t need to have a programming background to use it. Our effective marketplace PHP script is integrated with the commission module to provide max profit to the owner of a website. Our Marketplace Script is highly customizable, and the owners can easily administer every segment of it.

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Top-Notch Features of Our Marketplace PHP Script

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Script To builds Online Store

After the massive success of popular online stores, multi-vendor e-commerce platforms are gaining immense popularity and are highly acclaimed by users all over the world. Small, medium and large enterprises are favoring multi vendor marketplace script software, which should be easy to customize. We provide Multi-Vendor Marketplace Script to our customers, which is the best shopping cart built with the help of Open source development.

Our Marketplace Script can be customized to b2b Marketplace Script, and high-growth business can be driven through our end-to-end shopping cart script. Our Online Marketplace Script is fully integrated with crucial shopping cart software features which help store’s owners to make their online store stand out in the competitive market.

With our Marketplace PHP Script, the enterprises can easily set up a suitable platform for selling products and services, which is undoubtedly beneficial to the determined market of online sellers who want to expand their digital portfolio through online marketplace script.

Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace Script gives a social marketplace platform along with an unlimited number of categories of site templates, individual settings for each member to manage products, unlimited buyers and sellers, packages, booking, purchase, and reviews history.

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Highly Potential Marketplace Software Helps the Entrepreneurs to make Informed Decisions

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Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to establish an online marketplace that will link the service providers to the consumers? We at AIS Technolabs are here to provide the best Marketplace Software created through PHP scripts marketplace to our clients based on the nature of their business. With our Marketplace Software created using marketplace PHP script by our experts, business owners can save time and money in designing the website, business analytics, taking care of the payment process, and other support in establishing the business. The offered software developed by our marketplace PHP script, enables our users to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers, including Business-to-consumer and Peer-to-peer (C2C).

We benchmark our software made with the best marketplace script, to build a system with innovative features and a global standards user experience that is familiar to everyone. Our Marketplace Software created by our experts using an online marketplace script is integrated with backend modules that help facilitate the smooth running of the marketplace for the business owner. It includes core modules that will handle invoicing, payouts, refunds, message center, freight charges, shipment tracking, content management system, and so many more.


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With our best marketplace script made software, the installation process is very easy and simple. We provide free installation after the purchase of software.

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The structure code of our online marketplace script clone is well written and can be easily customizable by our clients or with our team.

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We give our customers a 24*7 for the purchased best marketplace script made software for a specific period. If any error or bugs are identified within this period, then we are there to fix it.

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We provide our clients with a white-labeled product. Thus we don’t have any objection if our customers want to make money out of it.

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Along with the Marketplace Script, we provide comprehensive source code without encryption to our clients. This enables our customers to adapt and incorporate features to the software to tweak the style they want.

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Avail the benefits of a self-hosted multi-domain license by paying once.

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