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Match3 Game is a huge craze among players of all ages. It involves matching 3 or more colors or shapes to score big points and unlock colorful and wild prices. This game is highly fascinating. However, developing an efficient Match3 source code is a huge challenge. AIS Technolabs, a leading game development company, excels in developing the best Match3 game source code with stunning and addictive online match three games.

Our game features various levels, addictive puzzles, attractive graphics, melodious music, and lots of bonuses to keep you engrossed. Call us now to know about the best Match3 game source code trending these days.

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Match 3 Source Code

Rich Match 3 Game Source Code Lets You Enjoy Huge Earnings and Players an Immersive Gaming Experience

Among the various games online, Match3 source code is the most prevailing because of its universal acceptability feature. Players find this game brain racking and exciting. The matching puzzles hidden behind the background frame are identifiable by only well-trained eyes and this makes the game more exciting.

Our team of talented game designers and artists create and develop exceptional match3 game source code to create fascinating games, which are visually appealing, playfully captivating and audibly riveting. We are leading match 3 game developers who are committed to create rich games, which are pleasure to play.

Pre-Built Features of Match 3 Game

Game Levels
Multiple Boosters
Entertaining Obstacles
Fruits and Fruit Mixes
Solid Modifiers
Level Extension
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A Wide Array of Incredible Admin Features Make the Game Truly Awesome

Signup / Login

Admin can create a customized process for signup and keep track of all details of the players including language, profile picture, name, and other details.

Manage Dashboard

We have created a user-friendly admin dashboard for the admin that permits convenient management of messages, data, gamers, and other events from a single central location.

User Management

The admin can carry an in-depth check of the data of the users such as registration details, gaming reports, and other information.

Game Management

We curate a rich Match3 game source code with advanced development features that allow the admin to manage numerous gaming aspects such as gaming reports, gameplay duration, blinds, and others.

Manage Boosters

Optimize the performance of your game and create a feature-rich game infused with numerous distinct options and actions. It offers mobile gamers an unmatched experience.

Reports and Analytics

Track all events, tools, of the game by capturing data for statistical analysis. This feature lets you generate insights to make well-informed decisions to the game.

We, at AIS Technolabs, Strive to Offer an Optimum Gaming Solution for Innovative Online Games

2D/3D Game

Integrate 3D advancement to gaming projects to create the next big thing! We are experts available to assist you in developing mysterious and adventurous 3D games comprising unbeatable excitement and thrill. Our games are backed by professional expertise and facilitate excitement at every step.

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Tons of Benefits You Get When You Choose Us for Match3 Game

Readymade Script
Save Time
Complete ownership
Pay in Installment
Node js
Socket io

We Developed Match3 Games for All Platforms

Desktop Version

Desktop Version

Starting a gaming website is possible in no time and with limited money by partnering with us. We take into account basic to advanced features like risk management, player management, real money deposits, and everything else.

Web Version

Web Version

Our game source code is the best for the web and involves a one-time free. It is a customizable solution, which is created in an exclusive manner to keep engaging and pleasing the players.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

The fully responsive and feature-rich version of our gaming software allows you to create unique tournaments for the players. The games can be played using real money and cryptocurrency and are the best for both Android and iOS platforms.

Upgradation and Customization Service

Getting game development by us costs a one-time fee, but they can serve you with long-lasting benefits. It is because of the wonderful upgradation and customization services offered by us. Our offerings are delineated on CI/CD procedures and let you gain new upgrades and incredible customization capabilities for the Match3 source code. You can upgrade themes, animation, sound, graphics, and other functionalities of the game as per your and the player’s choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The main aim of Match3 games is to form chains, groups, or lines of three or more of the same elements. You only have to line up the tiles or colors and achieve three-in-a-row. When it happens, it leads to a chain reaction of numerous matching tiles, before the lines or matches disappear.

A. The development process may take from one month to a few months depending on various factors. The time exceeds when numerous features, modules, programs, and functionalities have to be fed. If you want a basic game, you will get it in month duration.

A. The cost depends on a lot of factors such as features you wish to integrate, the version you want like 2D or 3D, software used, and development platform. You can contact us to know more about our pricing packages as per your requirement.

A. Match3 games have been popular since the 2000s and will remain popular throughout. They are popularly known as casual games and comprise a series of games. They are one of the most extensively played games around the world.