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There is a tough competition in the market to maintain a drug store as many shops are being opened due to the demand for medicines and healthcare services. Many drug store stores have already gone online to capture a bigger market and retain existing customers.

An app is an ideal digital alternative as new-age consumers prefer to purchase from the comfort of the home. A pharmacy company can run an instant medicine delivery app with all the required features.

It also gives the customers satisfaction and saves time. The customers can help browse for medicines, and purchase more easily at any time. This is easy to handle since there are no longer long queues at the counter!

Launch your app with our medical app development solutions and help the potential customers to use the technology to buy medicines online from your app and website. We specialize in online medicine delivery app development services.


AIS Technolabs, a well-known medical app development company, can help you make a safe, quicker, and best application. Our medical app developers help you to move forward with your trusted online medical app development services. AIS Technolabs provides medical application development services for individual medical shops, pharmaceutical chains, and startups in the field of online medicine delivery. Our medical application development services will help you to easily manage the delivery of pharmaceutical business with the best of the returns.

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AIS Technolabs is a team of trusted medical app developers who helps to ensure a convenient, quicker, and efficient method for the pharmaceutical business.

We are committed to strengthening the health sector and looking to take your company a step forward. We have a mix of experienced and skilled medical app developers, who innovatively design the app to meet all customer requirements. Our app saves both customers and pharmacists time and money.

AIS Technolabs has years of app development experience, and our dedicated development team offers customers a fully integrated application. We offer a wide range of online medicine delivery app development solutions and can customize it based on your business need.

Hire us for the best solutions for managing the online pharmaceutical business and make it a huge success.

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Single Store Model

Sell your pharmaceutical store products using our instant medicine delivery app and explore a digital channel for sales. The great thing about an uber like medicine delivery app is that it saves time, because patients now don’t have to wait for a long timeline, and sellers don’t have to struggle with the crowd. Using our online medical delivery app, customers can order the medicines according to their schedule and helps you to build a long term customer relationship.

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aggregator model

Aggregator Model

You can also use our medicine delivery app as an aggregator. You can tie-up with different medicine shops across cities and help them to manage their business online.

The individual shop owners can control their orders from their respective panels. This helps them to explore a new channel and increase revenue for your business.

Direct Model

Use our online medical delivery app to reach your customers directly and increase your margins.

It also helps to improve the delivery timeline by eliminating middlemen. You can also use subscription packages to the customers for repeat purchases.

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pharmacy website development

Which are the technologies used by us for pharmacy website development?
We use all the latest tools and technologies like Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Laravel to deliver website versions of medicine delivery services.

development of an instant medicine delivery app

What is the time needed for the development of an instant medicine delivery app?
The development timeline for the online medicine delivery app depends upon the complexity and required features of the app. In case you want to go for a customized online medical delivery app, it will have a longer delivery time, whereas the standard medicine delivery app can be built within a few weeks. We always share a detailed timeline of the delivery with the customer.

development of an instant medicine delivery app

What is the cost of the development of an instant medicine delivery app?
The cost of creating a medicine delivery app depends on your needs and specifications, which varies from feature to feature. If you’re looking for an instant medicine delivery that’s ready to go, then costs can be small, but if you’re looking for a personalized app, you need a reasonable budget. It also depends on the sophistication and functionality you’d like your app to have. For more info, please contact us.

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How can you earn money from the medicine delivery app?
The online medical delivery apps can earn money from the commissions received from the partner medicine store. The amount depends upon the order placed through their delivery app. You can also make money from the delivery or convenience charges. The other model can be charging for paid listings and sponsored advertising by the partner pharmacy shop for improved access.