Micro Jobs Script

Are you looking to connect workers and employers from any part of the world and create a potential online marketplace for them? Or are you running your business and looking to pay only for the work that brings conversions online? If so, creating your first micro jobs script is the perfect choice for you. Whether you are an employer who wants a task to be completed or a worker who wants to earn money by completing simple tasks, micro job sites are becoming a lot more popular today Students, housewives, senior citizens or anyone and everyone are now looking to land a suitable gig and build their preferred lifestyle.
It is the best platform to connect buyers (who need tasks done) and sellers (who are willing and capable to complete the task). The big picture always remains the same. This means, you can make a good profit in this business model which means, you have more than many reasons to create your own micro script today. Even though there are big names such as Fiverr, Airbnb and others that offer similar platforms, our focus has always been on building your script purely based on constant and trustworthy values.
While thinking of micro jobs site script there is no other than AIS Technolabs, who could serve your business needs better. We, at AIS Technolabs, offer fast and secure business solutions to bring out the full potential of desktops and mobile devices in order to improve your business process. Whether you are building an app from scratch or re-inventing your already existing software, we do our best to leave our mark.
Listings management

As much as connecting the job seekers and employers is important, managing the job listings is even more crucial for a smooth running system. Therefore, we build a manage listings section, where you can communicate with sellers or job applicants, access their response, filter their responses to find the one you need, and also find the basic billing information.You can easily archive and retrieve a conversation. In addition to these, we give you an option to route messages to your email inbox so that you can get to things at any time. For employers, if you wish to renew or change the duration of a job posting apart from the auto-close option, we provide a manual option to change the setting flexibly.

Social media integration
We offer many powerful ways through which your micro jobs script platform can be integrated with social media. Social sharing buttons, social logins and social proof are just the starting point. We also offer video in the mix component wherein sellers can include their social videos promoting their portfolio and work on your microjobs website.

Easy Collaboration With Micro Jobs Site Script

Within our powerful micro jobs site script, buyers and sellers are offered a conversation inbox wherein each can easily reach out to the other through instant messaging and request to connect; exchanging reports, files and samples are also fairly easier. In case, a buyer needs any extra services they can easily coordinate with the sellers and request to add them or accept a task matching their requirements. In addition to these, we offer an inbuilt calendar to integrate to-do lists for both buyers and sellers so they can plan and work strategically.
Simple account creation
Whether you are a seller or buyer, we build easy account creation so you can get down to business almost immediately. Once an account is created, users would have to fill in some important information. We make sure to keep this straight so that your business is always ahead of time.
Smooth tracking system
Whether it is a buyer or a seller, each needs to track information, records, status etc. Keeping this in mind, we’ve built a secure dashboard to maintain records and track the status of each other through a single click.
User experience as our focal point
With a clear design and an apt number of steps, users can choose a suitable provider in order to get their job done. Buyers can easily find related services or orders with an inbuilt search tool. The reason for focusing on simplicity is to offer the users with a simple and straightforward system in today’s busy routine and this is a result of our team’s countless hours of efforts and research.
Payment method setting
Apart from cash, checks, debit and credit cards, we will help you integrate different payment methods such as charge cards, bank transfers, mobile payments, money orders, PayPal and many more. With completely customizable options, you can add, delete or edit existing and additional payment method settings anytime a new business need arises.
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