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Video sharing has grown exponentially in recent years and has become the most trending application among social media users. Users across all demographic profiles use these platforms to express themselves and get entertained by their fellow members. The video-sharing industry has not seen any degrowth, and several players are trying to develop their mobile applications.

AIS Technolabs, a leading mobile app developer, designs and builds innovative applications for sharing music videos. Our creative music app development strategy enables instant video sharing services for your customers. As a renowned name in the app development industry, we provide comprehensive services for creating a user-friendly and highly interactive video-sharing app.

We always create research before any app development so that the application we create has trending features and stays at the top of the Play Store. Our Musically clone script is available for both Android and iPhone.

AIS Technolabs has experienced professionals who use highly flexible methods to provide you with incredible music & video application development services on demand. We confirm that our developed mobile applications are easy to use and attractive to your users. Our developed video-sharing app keeps users busy for hours and stuck with our Musically clone file. We provide the most advanced app with state-of-the-art features that will keep your users in line with the latest trends.

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Salient Features Of Our

Musically Clone App

Customized Audio Selection

On our musically clone app, users can pick their favorite audio clips or even upload their tracks to create a customized video and audio dubsmash post. The audio tracks can be genuinely customized as per the requirement of the customer.

Easy To Use Audio Dubbed Video

Users can record their custom dubbed video performances very quickly using our musically clone app. We design our app with easy to use features to make it user friendly.

Multiple Stickers And Filters

Users can use specific filters, texts, stickers, and more to share media and music-based videos on their profiles.

Social Sharing

We design our musically clone app so that users can share their videos with unique stickers on their social channels under different categories to make the contents distinct.

Own A Unique Channel

Users can start their unique channels tailored to their particular requirements. Users can build their channels for public viewing or only between friends based on your musically clone app’s privacy configuration.

Updated News Feed

The user can view the content of the relevant profiles or channels based on the view history. In our developed applications, the news feed can be updated continuously with news items, including trending messages from around the world and more.

Easy Profile Search

On our musically clone app, the user can check out the various profiles with ease. The profile can be searched based on preference, channels they follow, and various other parameters.

Share, Like, Or Comment On Posts.

Users can check their favorite posts from different users and chosen channels and share, like, or comment on them as per their choice.

Creation Of Groups

We design our musically clone so that app users can create unique groups with other users. The participants of the groups can send and receive messages and also can exchange photos and videos.

Sharing As Attachment

Users can share pictures and music dubbed videos via their profile or channel with specific users or groups.

Continuous Monitoring

We preserve the app’s security level by reporting suspicious users, profiles or networks and suspicious content posted on your application.

Additional Features

Our musically clone app is loaded with features where users can adjust their profile settings, view user stats, invite family and friends, post questions to the app manager, and more.

Ais Technolabs The Most Experienced

Mobile App Developer

AIS Technolabs is a team of experienced developers, skilled designers, and proficient marketers. We are the market leaders in the field of any mobile application development. We work on continuous bases to deliver the projects on time. We have developed multiple mobile apps for different markets, matching the exact requirement of the client.

We deliver high-quality products with 100 percent customer satisfaction. We strive to serve the best mobile applications available to our customers. In terms of delivering a high-quality product with world-class UI / UX, we differentiate ourselves from other mobile apps development companies. We are different from all other app development companies because of our unbeaten combination of quality & innovation. We understand and transform your needs into careful, user-centric, fully developed mobile apps that are appreciated by the target customers.

We have the best app development team in the market, with a combination of designers, developers, testers, and marketing experts. AIS Technolabs is working with many renowned customers to create award-winning applications and web applications and user-friendly apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Why Select Our
Musically Clone App

Fully Customized Solutions

Our musical clone script is fully customizable, and you can change it as per your requirement with ease. We can integrate several unique video-based features in your platforms like applications for video selfie, applications for video dubbing and live streaming applications, and others. You can change any feature as per your requirement and as per the demand of the local market.

In-app Purchase

Our customers can also earn revenue from our Musically clone app by integrating in-app purchase features. They can charge the user for accessing special features incorporated into the app. We also integrate different payment gateways with your app for easy acceptance and withdrawal of the payment.


You will receive the safest app on the market, which passes many tests to prevent unforeseen hacking or service interruptions.

We incorporate the latest secure technologies so that all user information remains safe with you.

Our expert designers and developers develop the solutions as per the guidelines issued by the leading platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can join the Musically clone app?

There is no limitation on the number of users who can join our Musically clone app. However, you can always customize and limit the maximum number of users as per your requirement.

Do I own the source code post-installation of my app?

Yes, you own the complete source code post-delivery. We will launch our musically clone app on all major platforms as well as the customers’ server. So you can make the necessary changes in the future.

Do I need to make a one-time payment for the development of the app?

Yes. You need to make only a one-time payment inclusive of all charges. There are no hidden charges associated with our costing. We share the detailed cost sheet with the client before the beginning of the project.

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