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Today, videos are an important source of great content. Videos can be a great advertising tool, communication tool for personal and professional use, as well as in education, marketing and many more. The use of videos online has increased, and the popularity has recently soared, and these facts are hard to miss. Users turn to Netflix, Hulu, and other popular Video streaming sources for entertainment and a wide resource of great movies and videos. At the same time, this has increased the demand for clones. For this reason, we bring you the best Netflix clone script that’s deemed to be a better choice for every kind of user.

About us :

We at, AIS Technolabs, are a leading name for offering reliable services for software and app development, web design, custom web and mobile app development, cloud-based applications design and development services in India, and offer services locally as well as globally. We are ISO 27001:2013 AND ISO 9001 Certified company and are voted among the top 10 fastest growing app development companies in India. We are recognized by three key values that keep us growing and reflect in the work we do:

netflix clone script

Timely :
Time limitations and tough deadline constraints are not an issue with us as our developer team relentlessly keeps working to meet and exceed your expectations.

Transparent :

We operate with a strong feedback loop and a culture of open communication that has never failed us and strongly built our long standing associations with our clients and the brands we’ve worked with so far. We are always transparent and aim for a long-standing association through trust and transparent communication, whether in spoken or written form.

Tangible :

We understand that important factors such as profit and loss, the number of clients, the market share or the number of successful products you produce very much determines your success. Therefore, our work is also based on measuring all of these important factors while building products for you to give you a black and white picture and avoid any confusion while building your Netflix clone.

Netflix clone PHP :

We offer the best Netflix clone PHP scripts that enable proper functioning of dynamic and interactive web pages on your software. Therefore, allowing you to run your applications across different platforms with high speed and increased efficiency. For running a Netflix clone PHP script that is home to a large collection of movies and videos, we see that you get powerful library support which is crucial for these kinds of applications.

Source code Netflix :

In addition to this, we also give you the access to the source code Netflix so that you are in control to fix, improve and extend the code and functionalities as you need. As the sources Netflix, Hulu and more come up with new features and product updates, having access to the full source code Netflix helps you from falling behind and catching up to the race with your Netflix script. Our teams of developers are available to help you make the best use of open source software for business as well as individual use purposes. Therefore, when you’re looking to build a Netflix clone, AIS Technolabs is always the right place to go.

Features :

Advanced Video content management system:

Now, you can manage your video website and be in full control with the help of advanced video content management system. Whether you are the movie site owner or a movie lover, you can access from the multitude of videos easily and efficiently because we give you an advanced search option to find your favourite movie easily in just a few clicks.

Easy social sharing :

Social sharing lies at the heart of building your brand and extending your reach with more number of users. To put it simply, it is the easiest and the most cost-effective part of your online marketing efforts. For this reason, we give you an easy social sharing option as well as keep additional options open for new social media platforms to reach a newer audience with easy social sharing buttons.

Highly Customizable Menu :

One of the top features we’ve built is the easy categorization and highly customizable menu to suit your video streaming purposes. If you are a parent looking to categorize videos for educating your child and set up certain restrictions, we introduce easy categorization and parental control options.

Quick embedding :

We also offer quick embedding option through which you can add external content and videos to your site using links, tweets and many more options. Whether you want to embed audio, video, images or any other form of content from the external sources, we can enable the quick embed option that turns any content into an embed with or without plug-ins.

Notifications :

With the push notifications option, you can stay informed about all the admin notifications as well as enable user notifications through email, SMS, and alerts in just a click.

Easy to install, register and highly responsive

In addition to all the above, we haven’t failed to miss the basics while building your Netflix clone. We make it easy to install, register with highly responsive design during each advanced search function so that you can host a vast number of movie lovers on your site.

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