Offshore Infrastructure

Get The Advantages of Best Offshore Developers

For getting the outsourcing work done by a company, you musty ensure the offshore infrastructure & Work Environment of the organization.

If these are right, you can avail the best of the services from the company.

The quality of the job output that you will receive will depend upon the infrastructural facilities and the different sources that are available at the site.

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Get The Best Outputs

Our company in Ahmadabad has one of the best Research & Development Hubs that can be leveraged by you. The best offshore infrastructure that we are possessing is world class in nature. The size of the entire infrastructure is huge. We had only a few staff some years back. Now we have a huge crowd.

We will be shifting to a bigger premise to accommodate our machines. The place will be customized as per the requirement. The workers will be given a cool environment do that they can work for the clients and give 100%. The outputs that will be produced by our workers will simply be amazing.

Highest Levels Of Security

The security that you can enjoy at our infrastructural facilities is unmatchable. At the high-end research and development centers, we ensure the top level of security for all of our projects. There is 24 hr of CCTV to keep a monitoring eye. Also, there are other software installed in the systems and the entire workings of the professionals are kept track of.

When the contract is signed with the client, we sign and stay committed to the non-disclosure of information and maintaining the privacy issues of the client. No information goes out of our developmental premises. All of our employees stay committed to the ethics of the organization regarding non-disclosure of information.

The Major Features Of Our Security System Are

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    All the projects are carried out in highly secured environment

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    There are systems of digital punch cards.

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    CCTV cameras have been installed.

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    All employees abide by the ethics code.

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    No media devices for transfer allowed like pen drives, CDs and laptop.


We Keep Our Employees Happy

We are aware that we serve our clients through the services offered by our employees. For getting the best output from our employees, we need to keep our employees satisfied. Only then would they be able to come out with something great. It is very essential to keep them cheerful at their workplace. When these employees are happy at the workplace, it helps in the retention of these people also. We can arrest the leaving of the best talents from our company. It is seen that our clients come back to us again and again for the expert services as they are satisfied with the services our programmers offer.

What are our Employee Retention Methods

The following are some of the techniques applied by our company to help retain the employees:

ecommerce and shopping
The environment offered are high end
on demand
The workstations allotted individually are of The latest designs and facilities
Our employees are free to voice Their opinions or give any suggestion
health and fitness
They get the chance to work on Multiple platforms on a variety of projects
education and learning
The software used are of The most updated versions
We have large rooms for Discussions and holding conferences
Adequate recreational and refreshment facilities for our employees
real estate
Excellent cabins for The senior executives
Projection facilities are available
Separate server room

Best Customer Support Services

The outsourcing business is highly dependent on the support services for the clients. This is helpful in tracking the progress. We need to be available to provide all necessary support to the client round the clock. The best infrastructural facilities with the expert workforce help in client support and access all through the day.

Major Features Of The Support Services

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    We provide 24/7 support to the clients over the phone

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    Very high speed internet connections to ensure immediate fast connectivity

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    Facilities for Video conferencing

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    Facilities for Instant messengers

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    Our workers get the direct access to the key persons who are behind this project

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    Advanced system of Project Management


Our Offshore Facilities

Our offshore team is just like an additional arm of the team out here. We can provide the best off sore services if you are really looking for it. Our country is a preferred destination as this has a large number of professionals in IT. Due to vast population, we are able to offer our services at much lower rates. The programmers are also highly skilled and can deliver any major project within short period. We can complete all these projects as per the time frame allotted by the clients.

Following Are The Reasons That Companies Are Outsourcing The Projects For Companies Like Us.

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    Cheap services of business outsourcing

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    Bundle of resources in the form of IT professionals

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    The industry standards for security are maintained

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    Timely completion of projects

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    No legal complications

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