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Offshore Software Product Development

Get Your Software App Prepared Through Offshore Development
When you are carrying out a business, there are many areas that need to be catered to. When you want to be free from worries, of the best options that you can follow is Offshore Outsourcing for saving your time. It will not only help you in meeting the requirements of your business but that you are freed from the botherations about the development of the project.
Get your customized pages
Through our offshore website development outsourcing services, we can help you in the creation of the websites as per your choice. We will also make the customized apps for you. We have immense expertise in the creation of the corporate web pages, e-commerce pages, and processing system for credit payments, gateway construction and shopping carts.
We have put own dedicated set of programmers who are ready to give their services all round the clock for the development of the project. Our team has a rich experience in the delivery of top class products. All these products are handed over as per the time frames as desired by the clients without delay.
It helps in concentration in other jobs

It is seen that many of the developed countries outsource their IT projects to the offshore outsourcing India companies. This makes their executives in different departments like the HR, Admin, and marketing free. They can easily focus on other jobs. There are many such jobs which are repetitive in nature. These jobs can easily be outsourced as they do not create much value addition.

These jobs are duly undertaken by the offshore software development company like that of AIS Technolabs. We make sure that the products we produce for our clients are scalable in nature and as per the requirements that can be easily scaled up or down. This can help you to adapt with any changes that may take place in the business scenario.

Range of services we offer

At AIS Technolabs, we can help you in working out on any of the following projects. We work on general web pages as well as mobile apps. Following are our areas of service:

  • Software solution for PHP shopping cart
  • Credit card payment processing for E-commerce
  • Software development at Offshore mode
  • Online shopping through E-commerce
  • All solutions related to Multimedia
  • Customize designs of web pages
  • Customization of app development
  • Development of apps for other different apps in separate platforms like Android, Windows and iOS,
  • Preparation of Graphical designs
  • Creation of solution of print design
  • Managing of the designs related to corporate identity.
  • Creation of games for different software platforms
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It helps in concentration in other jobs
Custom Games Development
We build customized gaming apps for our valued clients, incorporating all the features they want in them. We have the competence to add more features to already developed games if that’s what our clients want.
Game Development Enhancements
Given the extensive experience of our game developers, AIS Technolabs adds latest integrations and enhancements to your existing game apps. And our additions will put your right on top in app store.
We create excellence in the shape of Android games designed by us.
Business-Oriented Gaming Applications
We create excellence in the shape of Android games designed by us.
3d And 2d Games Development
We develop both 2D and 3D games which are highly scalable.
Maintenance and Testing
We don’t just create apps; we also put them to test in our lab so that the end-result does not fail to meet the standard desired by our valuable clients.
Join hands with leaders
As the leaders in BB PlayBook game design and creation, we promise high quality services to clients. Get in touch with us today, for the best experience!
Why would you select AIS Technolabs for your outsourcing exercises
The following are the reasons why you should choose AIS Technolabs for your outsourcing needs
  • We have the high levels of expertise to carry out complex projects with ease
  • We have the best technical team to carry out your jobs.
  • Make your software scalable and flexible and use these features as per your business requirements
  • You can easily concentrate on the core activities. The non-core part will be done by us.
  • All software designs can be obtained on end to end basis.
  • The app development can be done at lower rates within the stipulated time frame.
  • You can easily avoid the business risks through this process.
  • The overhead costs can be turned into variable costs.
  • We offer the best support and maintenance to our clients.
  • The development of the project will be done at quite a low cost.
Features of our services
When you outsource your IT projects, the results you get have the following features:
  • Our services rendered to you will help in the further growth of your business
  • All our projects will be completed as per the given time frames
  • We offer the best support and maintenance to our clients.
  • All software designs can be obtained on end to end basis.
  • The qualities of our services will be impeccable
The main advantage that you will gain through the outsourcing of your IT projects to us is that you can enjoy the full benefits of the process with only a percentage of the cost.
What are the types of projects that may be outsourced?
  • These projects are not related to the major business activities of the client company
  • The project has highly rich content matter
  • The jobs are of repetitive types
  • The value of these jobs are relatively lesser
  • The jobs can easily be sent over the web