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Online Appointment Booking Software

Appointment booking system

The appointment scheduling software solution is a very complex tool to manage bookings, increase your client base and revenues and to grow your business. It is available in various plans and features and is adaptive to different industrial and business sectors like salons, hotel and restaurant, educational institutes and many others. The web appointment scheduling system has many benefits and they are useful to manage the clients, employees, staff and every professional. Manually scheduling appointments can result into understaffing during peak days and overstaffing during non peak days. The only way to prevent such situations for many businesses is to implement an appointment book template into their website or mobile app.
In addition to this, the online appointment booking software is not only useful for large scale business, but small scale businesses can also take benefits from the software. Apart from expanding the market reach through online bookings, this software also enable online business listings allowing business owners to offer round the clock booking without compromising with the operational budget. The benefits of this software are aligned as per the report issued by the National small business association.

Our Online Booking Script

Optimize the time management with our robust online appointment script
If you are tired of setting up manual appointments, then this app is for you. The service booking script offered by AIS ensures that your customers easily and efficiently complete the booking process. It gives the users the details that they will need about the service they would like to schedule. This also enables them to book online in advance.
A handful of tools to guide your digital transformation
Running a business means running lot of things at the same time. Right from status updates to stakeholder tasks, you need to manage everything yourself. It is very easy to lose sight of your priorities and get involved in your data, people and tasks. Our script booking offers a handful of tools that guide you to transform your business digitally.
Features of online appointment software
  • Receive email, push notifications, SMS etc
  • Make your business portable and mobile apps
  • Accept payments and analyze your reports
  • Customize mobile screens
  • White label apps for your clients
  • Make single click buttons to perform actions on calendar
  • Share data and work together
  • Make flawless pre-filling and validating data instantly
  • Schedule routine tasks
  • Prioritize important tasks
  • A software beyond data storage
  • Personalized portals
  • Run your MS access on your filemaker database
  • Connect to wide variety of cloud service with our REST API
  • Manage deals
  • Create multiple apps and share information between them
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Why you should select AIS Technolabs for online appointment software?
If you are having confused moments and forgotten customers then you need not to worry anymore. You can simply track the progress of your deals and get the most from your sales. Here we are offering some excellent features with our appointment software that will make you stand out from your competitors.
Keep your contacts sorted
With our appointment book system, you can keep your contacts in one place. In this way, you can get a bigger picture of all your customers by knowing in which deals they are involved.
Stay on schedule
With our system, you can set deadlines, and plan ahead. Just forget the chaos and uncompleted work. Our software will remind you on what you should be working on right now. Our software also tracks activities which are like a cherry on top for your business.
Analyze and optimize your work
You can make better decisions about what is happening and can improve your work with the analytics offered by our software. You will be able to know from where you are getting good revenue and how you and your team members are doing.
Communicate with your team members
You can instantly communicate with your staff members through instant chats, group chats and voice calls. You can discuss the progress and can take prior decisions with your team members.
Safe & secure
Protecting your information is our high priority. We operate through the HTTPS protocol so that the information can only be exchanged between you and your clients. We provide full encrypted data backups that are located on our servers with a high grade security data center.
Designed for simplicity
Managing the appointments is a complex time. This is why we keep the booking system simple. With no more hassle and time wasting, your clients can easily book an appointment.