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Technology advancement has resulted in increased transparency and convenience of accessing data promoting the growth of online learning. For this reason, a functional and powerful online course management system has become the need of time.

With course management software you can categorize listed courses and take actions such as study, select, and call for instructors easily and from anywhere and anytime. All such aspects favor the growth of e-learning marketplace. Online class software can be good platform for businessmen to invest their money and earn great profits out of it.

Get Features that are Innovative and Beyond Originals

With the availability of advanced technologies, the knowledge sharing groups are always improving on their offerings and solutions. AIS Technolabs puts forward an excellent and technologically advanced online course management system loaded with an expansive range of cutting-edge features. Such features facilitate learning skills any time and any place.

The coursera clone script developed from AIS Technolabs reflects all the fine aspects in your online learning platforms. This software would let you enjoy the advantages of all top-notch features and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Get Access to Unique Features and Enjoy Convenience at Par!
Download file lessons
Article videos and lessons are presented in this platform that can be downloaded on bespoke systems.
MOOC Affiliate
This software enables webmasters to include resources from other common web spaces to such platform.
Video External Embedded Lessons
There are videos listed on the platform that is externally embedded. So, users can play the videos posted on the other platforms in the same space as well.
Webmasters can conveniently determine the numerous website visits and other vital aspects of this platform through different analytics.
Facebook App Store
You can generate a Facebook store and give links on their official Facebook page.
It enables every user to post valuable comments about the listed articles, videos and lessons.
The course management software makes users make payments in an easier and smarter way.
This unique module lets companies display their ads and earn revenue for listing every advertisement.
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Background Behind AIS Technolabs Developing a Highly Powerful and Functional Course Management Software

Users have begun accessing the required information at their own place with the help of a business model similar to the one from AIS Technolabs. Such courses enhance the popularity of online education as well as online tutorials among millions of people.

We realized the increasing growth in the field of online learning and tutorials, and hence our experts created the world-class online class software similar to coursera script. Our software is perfect to develop an online teaching platform to render an extensive range of courses at ease.

We have introduced a fully-functional and advanced online course management system that serves clients with numerous benefits. It can be accessed from anywhere using the online servers. You don’t have to devote a particular time to read the educational information. Users who subscribe to this resource can directly access the contents and details of the course any time and conveniently learn novel things.

Hence, the course learning management software from AIS Technolabs serves as an innovative online platform which has become popular among users. It explains difficult concepts easily with the support of visual tutorials.

Earn Revenue Using This Incredible Online Course Management System

The online course management system from AIS Technolabs is listed with numerous earning opportunities. You can also use field service management software in distinct ways to earn revenue and sustain a profitable business.
Site Commission
This module permits webmasters to earn great revenue from the linked instructors.
Subscription Fee
With the perfectly designed subscription fee module it is possible to gain money from the users. At the same time, they can subscribe to video and article lessons.
This is an exceptionally designed module that allow companies to earn revenue against promotional ads posted by them.

AIS Technolabs brings you a cost-effective online course management system that can help you turn your business dreams into reality instantly. We bring you solutions that are affordable, that help medium and small enterprises and business entrepreneurs to enter into the niche markets of the profitable internet and web startups.

The course management software from AIS Technolabs can help you establish a fully-functional solution with convenient payment gateways. It is an excellent solution to deliver online software classes that can help you offer a rich experience to the learners.

If you wish to get a personalized copy of the online class software from AIS Technolabs, you just need to give us a call and we will take care of the rest!